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  1. Keep seeing this on the Call of Cthulhu FB group so I thought I'd address it in a video.
  2. And, I loved it again! Also, thank you guys for answering my question, y'all rock:)
  3. Thank you my friend, I'm glad you found a little inspiration from my announcement:)
  4. When I run any RPG, I use whatever interpretation of the rules works best for my group. I would indeed limit non-movement actions as the player is using their action to load the weapon. I will stress that I believe for the GM in any system, the rules are more of suggestions:)
  5. I believe it would mean you could only fire the weapon accurately every second or third round. I would impose a penalty die if they try to attack more then they are supposed to. This rule is likely to symbolize the longer reload time of more primitive weapons.
  6. My friend Ryan deserves all the praise of an Elder God for running for me!
  7. This cannot be true, I must've failed a sanity check...
  8. What page number are these rules you speak of on?
  9. Calling all to arms and order! Can't wait to hear this one:)
  10. Thank you. If it doesn't work out, I will just wait until the stars align...
  11. Okay then. I am 16, so they won't allow me to join. A site about a game. Won't allow kids. Interesting:)
  12. I'm a little concerned this was uploaded in 2009 and later updated. In 1969.
  13. Awesome, very excited for the follow up episode! For Adventure!
  14. This was the most entertaining thing to watch on all of YouTube, other than TableFlip playing Cards Against Humanity:)
  15. We have seen the last of some brave folk... https://youtu.be/_MZCgIUyDyQ
  16. The brave investigators finally met their match... In their own bloody ranks! https://youtu.be/_MZCgIUyDyQ
  17. The brave, yet foolish, investigators... They finally met their match... Hidden in their own party! https://youtu.be/_MZCgIUyDyQ
  18. You could create a free pdf for ease of use and have it as a download here in the forums? IDK, great work though!
  19. We finished, and so did many players.... https://youtu.be/_MZCgIUyDyQ
  20. Thank you, I will try on Monday morning then:)
  21. Now it won't even come up when I search for it...
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