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Announcing the QuestWorlds SRD: the rules-lite and prep-lite RPG engine


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I am reading the SRD and I like it a lot so far.

I have two design questions (for which I apologize if it isn't the place where I should have posted them):

Why Outcome Points (Group Simple Contests), Resource Points (Advanced Group Simple Contests) and Resolution Points (Scored Contests)? I thought a common name would have been better as one of the big problems with QuestWorlds (as HeroQuest before) seem to be one of vocabulary. I think it can puzzle a lot of people or make the system appear more  intricate than it really is.

Why isn't there any Impaired outcome in a Chained Contest and why is a Hurt outcome directly escalating to Injured instead of Impaired?

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59 minutes ago, Nevermet said:

i hope I'm not being a pest, but is there any official word on the status of Cosmic Zap?  I thought I should ask on the (semi-?) official thread about Questworlds.

Related to this, what's the status on the actual core rulebook? Should b we expect it soon or more around 2021?

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