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THE RIVER TERROR - ...and Other Adventures for Basic Roleplaying


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the-river-terror.jpgHere are the winning entries from the 2009 Chaosium BRP Adventure Contest. Explore mythic Australia, battle for lost New Caledonia, assist Boston police in a kidnapping, and make a strategic strike against the Nazi Occult Bureau in the 1930s! These and other adventures take place in different times and places, for Basic Roleplaying and the Basic Roleplaying Quickstart rules. 168 pages total.

THE ADVENTURES INCLUDE: The Battle for New Caledonia, by Oscar Rios. The River Terror, by William Noble. Save Me an Angel, by R.J. Christensen. OPERATION: Mind Storm, by Jon Hook. The King, The Maiden, and the Mad Man of Las Islas de los Muertos, by Kenneth Spencer. The Guns of Nero’s Rome, by Michael Silverling. The Soul of Ra Mihn Nudal, by Kevin Scrivner. The Twin Circle Defenders, by Bruce Thompson. The Burmese Extravaganza, by Patrice Crespy. Fools Rush In, by Tom Lynch. Incident at Vasir Station, by Greg White.

By many authors. 168 pages. Published by Chaosium October 2009.

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I wrote The Soul of Ra Mihn Nudal. The booklet represents a broad range of genres: pulp, space opera, time travel, weird war, superheros, pirate adventure, fantasy. The layout is an easy to read two-column with decent-sized print. It was a monograph, though, which means Chaosium didn't include illustrations or maps unless the author submitted them with his adventure.

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Hi everyone,

Just passing by to answer this thread at the moment.

I wrote the Burmese Extravaganza. It's about pulp action happening during the shooting of a pulp action silent movie back in the early 20's LA. I am a bit ashamed not having had the time to re-work the maps so they suck a bit but, reading it again, I consider the adventure as pretty cool. Most of the time, I'm not happy with what I've done when I read it again in published format and I don't get this sensation this time, so I guess it's okay.

Oh and, yes, buy it, I've read it all and some adventures rock a big deal, it's really worth it. The Soul of Ra Mihn Nudal is awesome.

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I've finally had a chance to actually sit down and read these scenarios. I'm about three-quarters through the book. I'm generally pleased with how well-written the adventures are, although I wish Chaosium had seen fit to have an editor give them at least a once-over. The second impression is how lethal they are. If this was a HERO System or Savage Worlds supplement it wouldn't be quite so bad. But BRP combat tends to be pretty deadly from the get-go, and some of these modules are real meat grinders. I'm wondering how many adventuring parties will survive long enough to make it to the big finish of each, since RPG player-characters (unlike movie stars in an action flick) don't have plot protection. All-in-all, I'm happy with the book but saddened that it didn't get more buzz at the time of its release.

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