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Falangian Diamonds


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I'm looking for all the official published uses of Falangian Diamonds, other than their mention in the Dwarf Scenarios in Elder Secrets. What other appearances have their been? Fan speculation does not count!

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There is the Boxed Text: An Analysis of the Crystals of the Gods in the Elder Secrets Book p39 which is republished in the Guide to Glorantha p17


(only five people recognized the
Falangian Diamond, and none of them correctly described its properties),



Many people were dead wrong about most
of the rocks (one adventurer-type knew nothing, and offered me an outrageous
price for the Falangian Diamond),


Guide p13 has 


diamonds (especially
Falangian Diamonds) and other gemstones
from the mines of the dwarves; 


And lastly there is a mention of Falangian Wine in King of Sartar (revised edition p130)


On his way, in the mountains he met
Gonn Orta the Giant. They became good friends, and in a secret manner they shared a bottle
of Falangian Wine.


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