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Greymane, 1625 and beyond

Incendiary Pig

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Hi all, I am after some information. I am thinking of setting a campaign in Maniria.

My Guide to Glorantha tells me that Greymane is considering his options as to whose side to be on in the upcoming Hero Wars (page 355). RQG goes on to say that Queen Samastina is the new queen of Esrolia in 1625, after securing her freedom from various people, including the Western Barbarians (page 110). Can anyone tell me the fate of Greymane, his sons and the rest of the Manirian tribes? Is he still alive? Did he support the new queen or do otherwise? Any information would be gratefully received.   

Many thanks


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I assumed that they would be victims of Harrek rolling up the battlefield of Pennel, after Harrek dealt with those pesky sunspearing priests that boiled off his armor.

After switching sides in that battle, I doubt anyone around Samastina would trust Greymane farther than he could throw the Block. If he survived that battle and managed to return home, he probably would have retired. But then, if Harrek missed him on the battlefield, he and his wolf pirates probably would sail up the Solanthi River to make ends meet. After spending all that gold in Nochet and plundering the City of Wonders.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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Well, hmmm, theoretically his son who wanted to support the Hendrikings (who maybe initially got him on that side of the battle?) could still serve Samastina faithfully, if he abandoned his father and brother. Other than the little bit of information on the Battle of Pennel, I don't think we know much canonically (?).

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From the Glorantha Sourcebook, pp. 37/38:


    The Sky itself began to change as a result of the ongoing magical wars. In Sea Season 1624, Kallyr Starbrow helped
raise a new blue planet, called the Boat Planet, in the Sky and it began making its way through the Celestial River. ...

    Shortly after the Boat Planet’s rise, a makeshift army, composed of cooperative remnants of the Holy Country led by King Broyan, Wolf Pirates led by Harrek the Berserk, and a Manirian host led by Greymane, marched to fight the Lunar Army. The Lunar lifted their useless siege of Nochet and went eagerly to battle. The two armies met at the ford of Pennel.

    In a long, bloody battle of men and magic, the Lunar Army was defeated in a rout, despite betrayal by the Western Barbarians. ...


    The remnants of the Lunar Army fled, and the Esrolian forces pursued to the Red Earth lands, where they wreaked terrible havoc and vengeance. With Greymane and his sons dead, the surviving Western Barbarians scattered back to Maniria. ...


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6 hours ago, Incendiary Pig said:

Greymane is considering his options as to whose side to be on in the upcoming Hero Wars

As @Oracle noted Greymane, and his sons, are dead.  (Though of course YGMV)  

Queen Hendira is also dead, and the Red Earth Alliance destroyed.  

Esrolia, and by extension, Maniria, is in something of a jockeying for power post-Dragonrise.  On the one hand, ruling Nochet and effectively ruling Northern Esrolia and leading the Old Earth Alliance is Queen Samastina.  On the other hand, ruling Rhigos and leading the Warm Earth Alliance, with close ties to Caladraland, is the Demivierge of Rhigos.  You can see these divisions reflected in the Homelands writeup in RQG.

Now bear in mind that Esrolia is still dominated by 200 Enfranchised (i.e. noble) clans and their Grandmothers, who are realigning themselves towards one or the other of those two leaders.  And they are extending their influences along the Trade Road to Maniria.  

Off in Maniria, there's the Queen of Handra, who has her own ambitions.  And northward there is the Arstola Forest, and the elves have their own agenda (i.e. cover all of Maniria, and more, in wild woodland once again). 


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7 hours ago, jajagappa said:

Well, it was hard to tell them apart after they went through the Harrek meat-grinder! 🙂

Nothing that three simultaneous castings of Heal Body couldn't cure, really... or as many more as bodyguards (and perhaps the occasional wolf pirate) getting into the patty.

More seriously, if any of these three were heroquesters who had established their back door out of the Underworld, even Death by Harrek or having one's mortal remains eaten by trolls doesn't have to be permanent.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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Here's some info I found in my notes: 


The Lion King

Greymane is descended from the ancient Basmoli and could roar 
like a lion in battle. But he inherited his mother's gray locks, 
for she was a daughter of the Prince of the Solanthi Vale. His 
name was inevitable after that. When the Opening brought an end to
the fortunes of the Trader Princes, Greymane was a loyal warrior 
in the service of his princely cousin. He was trusted with the
command of the Prince's troops and he did not fail his cousin. 

When the coastal Maldros revolted against the Solanthi, Greymane 
attempted to subdue them many times. He failed for the Maldros
had Caladran volcano magics and used the Pelushi Volcano to
defend their lands. The Pharaoh had given the Maldros these 
magics for he wanted to control the coast now that the seas were
open. Greymane was angered at the perfidy of one who had been a
friend. The caravans ceased to visit the Solanthi and the Prince
soon retired to Nochet where he had a villa. The Solanthi now followed 
Greymane for he was the closest heir and their best leader. He did not 
crown himself Prince however for he would not abjure Orlanth. But 
Greymane was greatly troubled that the once wealthy Solanthi had now 
become an impoverished backwater. He nursed bitter thoughts against 
the Pharaoh but was unable to take vengeance for the Maldros were 
impregnable and the hostile Ditali prevented him from raiding the 
Holy Country. 

But Greymane soon heard the Ditali were at war with the Holy 
Country. A prophet had appeared among them and demanded the
Caladrans allow the Ditali to worship at the volcanic shrines.
The Caladrans refused and the Ditali attempted to worship there 
by force. But the Pharaoh had sent his army to punish the Ditali.
They were defeated in battle, forced to cede much territory and
were left gravely weakened. Greymane saw his chance for revenge. 

Eight years ago, he mustered the Solanthi for battle. He raided
the still-broken Ditali with such severity that the chiefs there
were forced to swear oaths of friendship to the Solanthi and to
pay tribute to Greymane. In the next year, Greymane mustered the 
Solanthi and then marched to Ditalil and and gathered more 
warriors there. He stunned the Holy Country by raiding down the
Gorphing River and sacked Porthomeka. The plunder greatly
enriched the Solanthi and Greymane had had his revenge.

The Pharaoh was so shocked by Greymane's audacity that he did not 
send an army to punish the Solanthi but used them to watch the
borders of the Holy Country. But Greymane did not raid the Holy 
Country that year for he had turned his attention to the 
Nimistori and began raiding them too. Thus emboldened, the 
Pharaoh sent his army to punish the Solanthi as the Ditali
already had been.

The Army marched deep through the Ditali lands relying on their 
weakness to give the army safe passage. But Greymane was warned 
by the Ditali and rushed to meet the Pharaonic army. He prepared
an ambush which destroyed the might of the Holy County in one
single blow. This battle was known afterwards as the Lion King's
feast. As a result of the defeat, the Pharaoh disappeared never 
to be seen again.

Greymane decided to lead one last raid against the Holy Country. 
He again mustered the Solanthi and the Ditali and raided deep
into Esrolia. He even saw Nochet City. Greymane took great
plunder by avoiding decisive battle.

Lord Greymane is an old man now who rules from his favourite
wife's farm. His sons Hardral and Varstarl are both capable
leaders and magicians.


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