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David Scott

Do you use figures in RQ Poll

Miniatures in RuneQuest  

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  1. 1. Do you use miniatures when using RuneQuest rules (any version)?

    • yes
    • No
  2. 2. If Yes then what scale do you use

    • 28ish mm
    • 15mm
    • Other, including Lego, and abstract markers.
  3. 3. Do you use a "Battle mat"

    • No
    • Yes, hexes
    • Yes, squares
    • Yes, terrain only
    • Yes, blank

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In the distant past (20-30 years ago), we didn’t use miniatures with RuneQuest. I would love to have miniatures for Glorantha though, especially miniatures that reflect the new art styles of RQG.

I’ve been looking at a lot of the minis variously available, but not finding a good pool of consistent starter minis for a group of Sartarites and the Lunars occupying their territory. I’m sure lots of proxying could handle it, but I would love to see a diverse group of Orlanthi and Lunars (maybe Praxians) in 28mm scale.

I can’t wait for Gods War to arrive and I suspect I’ll use the minis for display pieces and some of the more fanciful adventures, but they won’t help a lot with the usual adventures the group is likely to encounter using the Red Cow saga.

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2 hours ago, daskindt said:

a diverse group of Orlanthi and Lunars

A blend of Assyrian, Persian, and ancient Greek work well for Lunars.  Hittites, others from Asia Minor, Etruscans, some Britons/Gallic figures would all do for Orlanthi.  And you can find those in 28mm scale.  Since those are modeled on RW military units, it's harder to find good female characters though.

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On 9/2/2018 at 2:27 PM, soltakss said:

We don't use a battle map, though

In the first session of our new "The Dark Isles" campaign, we used a battle map, thus making a liar of me ...

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A bit late to the discussion, but...

As my regular games are on VTTs I use counters rather than minis most of the time. My priority is for decent art that can be adapted into counters and for encounter maps that don't have the number keys or at least have them in a way that they are easy to remove or cover over.

However, prepping for a convention game I have been giving the issue of minis a little more thought and experimentation. I have ended up choosing 15mm minis. The more compact scale makes things easier to transport and they are cheaper. 15mm also offers a couple of really useful benefits in its own right;

  • You can use a scale of 1:100, which means measuring scale distances is really easy in metric. No multistage maths calculations required.
  • Bison, Zebras, High Lamas... Chariots. RQG is generous with giving players mounts, which adds an extra layer of epicness. 15mm accommodates a PC on a charging bison  or chariot in a way that isn't really practical at 25mm or larger, and I feel that we will (in my case already are) seeing this cropping up more and more in games.


There is a reasonably good selection of 15mm 'Biblical' minis that complement the vibe and artwork of the new rules eddition, including a good selection of chariots. It is true that using wargaming minis mean that there is a lack of minis that directly portray women in the way that there are for the larger scale. But the scale is so small that, apart from beards and moustaches, sensibly dressed armoured women and men are indistinguishable. Minis of civilian types also exist if you know the key words to search for (eg Druids and wailing women).

25mm etc minis allow for more detailed, beautiful sculpts and 15 mm is more fiddly - there is no definitive answer here. And, as ever, Your Gloranthan Minis will Vary. 

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4 hours ago, Gryphaea said:
  • You can use a scale of 1:100, which means measuring scale distances is really easy in metric. No multistage maths calculations required.

That's actually brilliant.  I've always had such a pile of 25mm fantasy minis, it's never occurred to me to use 15s and then straight mm=meters.  (Despite trays full of 15mm Napoleonics on my shelf...)

In case people need references:

Essex: https://www.essexminiatures.co.uk/collections/15mm-ancient-biblical

Old Glory: http://www.timecastmodels.co.uk/og15ancients_5/og15ancients_5.html

Magister Militum: https://www.magistermilitum.com/scale/15-mm.html?cat[]=59628

Including some odd stuff - pegasi, "goat llama"?  https://www.magistermilitum.com/scale.html?cat[0]=61928&p=3&cat[]=59872

Irregular: http://www.irregularminiatures.co.uk/indexes/15mmindex.htm 

Museum Miniatures have a bunch of beautiful figures, complex stuff like 'bronze age oxen with wagon', etc that could be customizable - or, if you want your Orlanthi "woad only" https://www.museumminiatures.co.uk/classical/nude.html 

Nude Male Hoplite

Or baggage train followers for your more 'pedestrian adventurer' look:


Hell, museum minis even have 'captives' sets (no pics, sadly).


I can definitely see painting these to 'gloranthify' them, ie make the mounts zebras, etc.  Alticamels might be a little harder, or just use a 25mm llama.

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