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  1. Did a quick look through of this and realized how much things have changed. Hopefully people will find this of use!
  2. Maybe i'll start a go fund me page just to buy this at that price .... hmm
  3. Might be a good idea but don't know how easily it would be to get Chaosium on board. They are probably more likely to do such a contest via their own website rather than here.
  4. With Chaosium taking over RQ once again I can honestly see MW being used as a template for RQ in the future. Maybe not in the next few years, but eventually.
  5. Although I do enjoy sandbox settings, some of the biggest companies in the industry are making a killing off highly detailed setting books. Look at the number of campaign setting books put out by Paizo for the Inner Seas, although one book may not detail a ton of specific locations, the culmination of books on the setting make it very detailed and very specific on how each realm in the Golarion setting works. Wizards originally did the same thing with both Forgotten Realm and Eberron. They even sourced out Ravenloft and Dragonlance to other companies that put out a good number of books for each setting and they are still wildly available via ebay or other used venues. We have yet to see where 5th is going and maybe they're doing more sandbox this time, but it's still early. Again I'm not saying sandbox is a bad option, it's just not a common one among the larger companies. For the most part you are not dealing with what I can call advanced gamers who can pull together a setting from the deepest parts of their imaginations, like many novels, everything has to be detailed out in order for them to get a picture of what to do and where to go. Sadly this is a majority of gaming consumers. This basic adventuring type, like something to sink their teeth into that they can pull from, specific characters, the name of the most popular tavern in the capital things like that. While I may not use that kind of information in my own campaigns, most people will. I do agree with the need for adventures. Many people like sitting down with preplanned adventures in a setting they are familiar with as they can really build the events in that specific setting. I find however that they need to be familiar with it and just world building via adventures may not be enough for them. Although the sword and sorcery nature of d100 games like Magic World may not involve grand epics where you need to parlay with various kings and princes, many gaming consumers will want to know these things so that they don't have to think them up themselves and also make them more comfortable with the setting as a whole.
  6. There's a healthy culture here of fair-use fan creations, so you never know what might come up in the downloads!
  7. Maybe, but if they put as much effort into it as MoN then it will be ...
  8. I agree, it was more of cultural conditioning effect rather than a power. Maybe building in a racial weakness that can be overcome with a resistance table roll would work.
  9. Something like that, but more like the CoC adventures we all know and love.
  10. It's been quite awhile since I've played or even looked at MoN but from what I remember Nitocros is only important for seeing Nyarlathotep in Egypt. What I would do is go forward with the resurrection anyway. Even if the players know how important the girdle is you could throw in that the cultists have discovered another ritual to bring her back. You're the Keeper, bend the rules and campaign as required to make it fun for everyone. Yourself included!
  11. If you can find a copy, try the Wheel of Time rpg based off the Robert Jordan series. I have a copy and while I've never actually played it, the novel series has a lot of elements you said you wanted to include.
  12. Very cool. Macross has always been a favourite of mine. Looking forward to you getting this all complete and putting it all up for us!
  13. We all know the boys at Chaosium can do adventures so along with a monster book some good advetures would be good. Even combine the two, introduce monsters through adventures. Give us an idea on how they're intended to be used.
  14. I've never had any problems with the saddle-stitched books but you may need to press them between some heavier books for a bit to get them as flat as you'd like. Maybe a couple of RQ6 books would do the trick?
  15. I actually wouldn't mind PODing all these old titles along with all the monographs on OneBookShelf sites. I commonly order POD titles off there despite the quality being a little lower.
  16. Always loved even reading through adventures. Once Eternity Realms is out, adventures is something I'd like to write for the system.
  17. no sorry I don't personally but if you take the churchy reality out of it, Deus Vult could work for you too.
  18. A monster manual would be awesome but so would more details into their included setting
  19. Don't know if it's what you're looking for but the Ravenloft settin maybe? There's a d100 conversion I think in the downloads and on rpg.net
  20. I'll have to keep this in mind for some future projects
  21. The great thing about MW/BRP is that the system is so versatile you can do anything with it including your own rules and adjustments. Something that would be interesting to see in MW would be weapon specific special success and critical tables
  22. I've always liked the faction system from RQ/Legend so if I played MW I'd incorporate that. But otherwise RAW.
  23. I do hope they reprint Classic Runequest. I'd vote on that other forum but for some reason my registration never went through.
  24. It's a Legend based ruleset that is not OGC. It has increased hit points, toughness like rules, a new nature magic and dozens of new spells. It will have a bit of setting info with the "Eternity Realm" which is a place surrounded by impenetrable mountains and about the size of Europe and Asia put together. The idea is the this Eternity Realm is the focal point that connects all other realms (settings).
  25. One thing I tend to do a lot is take a lot of the d20 OGC and adapt it to Legend/BRP. I know it doesn't always fit perfectly together, but there is soooo much material out there that it can often be worth it to use some of those ideas to create a fully realized world.
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