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    Been RPGing for over 35 years, with a wide variety of games. My first love has always been CoC, RuneQuest and their kin.
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    BRP based SF game and Horror on the Orient Express Kicks off Sept 2017
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  1. oberonkestral

    Pretty sneaky, guys

    He is and, without saying anything, it's great!! Chad does brilliant work. --michael
  2. oberonkestral

    [Quest21] General Company News - Good News

    You are correct, Good News Everyone!
  3. oberonkestral

    Cakebread & Walton take on new Partner

    Welcome Mr. Buckland. If Messrs. Cakebread and Walton speak highly of you, then that's good enough for a pint and a pie 'round these parts.
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  5. oberonkestral

    finding PDF handouts after paper purchase

    I believe that Chaosium is part of the Bits & Mortar deal now, so you if you purchase the physical product at your FLGS you can email them and arrange a free PDF of the product. Check out http://www.chaosium.com/blog/chaosium-joins-bits-and-mortar/
  6. oberonkestral

    M-SPACE RPG is launching today

    Thanks g33k and Clarence for demonstrating my complete Spot fumble! --michael
  7. oberonkestral

    M-SPACE RPG is launching today

    Clarence wrote "M-SPACE is now available as a PDF!" WhooHooo! Quick question, if we have purchased the print edition, will we get access to a freebie PDF as is all the rage now? --michael
  8. oberonkestral

    M-SPACE RPG is launching today

    I'll see what they are offering for Canada now and maybe I'll get lucky.....sound of luck roll.... UPDATE: Looks like Lulu has shipping in Canada, as I just purchased the book and received free shipping! Surprised and delighted! Now I have to wait for the mail.....is it here yet?
  9. oberonkestral

    M-SPACE RPG is launching today

    As shipping to Canada from U.S. is INSANE, will the physical product be available from another locale? UK? Sweden? Japan! Yes, it's cheaper S&H from Japan or UK to Canada, go figure. --michael PS Congrats, really looking forward to this one.
  10. oberonkestral

    [M-SPACE] Preview Download & Release Date

    I always appreciate getting a Hi-Res vesion for my tablet and a printer friendly version to be able to print sections for players as needed. More is better for me!
  11. oberonkestral

    Aeon Games

    Sweet to hear Loz. Just a note, the UK based Book Depository is offering the books, some on pre-order, and the exchange rate is better than the U.S. and they offer FREE International shipping. Of course if I can get them straight from Design Mechanism with Canadian fulfillment, that's even better. --michael
  12. oberonkestral

    Aeon Games

    And I think this answers my question about Canadian shipping! I'll have to stick to PDF's and look out for deals out of the UK or maybe Japan. Weird, but I can often get great S&H rates from those countries to Canada and better exchange rates too.
  13. Thanks for the info, that does explain what the product is. I have the Tome of Horrors (physical & PDF) in various versions, but this does sound exciting, but never for d100 based games. That is excellent, thanks! --michael
  14. oberonkestral

    Aeon Games

    If I order via the Design Mechanism site in Canada, does the order still ship from the U.S.? Just looking to see if there is a Canadian warehouse as U.S. to Canada is nuts. I live in Vancouver and to order a game from Seattle usually costs more than the product! --michael
  15. Sounds like a good deal, but the details on the books are a little light on the site. Are there any descriptions of the books, page counts, creature lists, etc.? --michael