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  1. New Pavis was built by Sartarites. The Sartarites know much about stonemasonry (more than most human cultures but not as much as the Flintnail cult), and it is safe to say that they regularly use stone (at least for the foundational walls) in their buildings. It is likely that widespread stone use comes in the wake of building Boldhome, but in the following century it is pretty standard for Sartarites. Add to that the ongoing influence from Esrolia (always important, but became even more important post-1492), and you have the Sartarite style.
  2. Big healing magic - like Heal Body or Regrow Limb or Restore Characteristic (not to mention Resurrection) requires Fertility or Harmony magic. But Heal Wound is a Rune spell with countless names, known by countless cults, with countless different operating assumptions. Like all common spells, the rules effects are the same (albeit with different Runes used by different cults) so all these different spells are lumped together under the rubric of Heal Wound. And Glorantha is darned dangerous - and RuneQuest is lethal. Even with healing magic, characters will die. Without healing magic, char
  3. The only piece of "canon" that contradicts this is Sartar Kingdom of Heroes' reference to log longhouses. Which I already amended in the Guide to state that: "most Orlanthi reside in sturdy, all-purpose wood, stone, or half-timbered houses (called a "hall" or a "longhouse") appropriate for the weather and resources in the region. A typical stead includes a couple of longhouses, each housing one or more nuclear families and often their livestock; villages typically have more. Other buildings include sheds for animals, hay, and other storage, workshops, and other outbuildings." Given that s
  4. The steads in Dorastor are frontier steads of the Talastari in the Skanthi style. Given the proximity to Dorastor, those steads are fairly hastily bullt (like the sod homestead in the Cherokee Outlet my grandmother was born in). The settlements in Dragon Pass are older (more than a century old) and their rulers far wealthier and cosmopolitan than those of the Bilini (not to mention the Skanthi).
  5. Spending every winter in the Alps changes one's outlook in a different direction. In much of the Italian alps you get plenty of precipitation but still have a lot of mediterranean style architecture (alongside typical Bavarian or Tiroler style buildings). Given that the Heortlings are from Kethaela, I strongly suspect that their buildings look more Esrolian than folk give credit.
  6. For style, look at old houses built around a courtyard in the Vinschgau or other parts of Alto-Adige (I took plenty of pictures of stone and timber houses some 4 or 5 centuries old built around a courtyard in the Vinschgau). Although the western slopes get as much as 175cm of precipitation, the eastern slopes and protected valleys get closer to 75 cm. Roof is slanted and covered with wood, thatch, stone tiles or terracotta tiles.
  7. The normal stead in Dragon Pass looks like this:
  8. Won't make any difference for spirit magic spells like Healing 1+. Heal Wound is a common spell and has every Runic variation (yes even Death cults have spells that allows one to shrug off mere corporeal damage).
  9. I had a much more limited art budget back then!
  10. The Esvularing are viewed by other Orlanthi as people who follow a strange school of thought and have strange traditions. They are not heretics (Theyalan polytheism doesn't really have the concept of heresy or orthodoxy since every temple tends to have a different subcult, a different associated god, etc - there's a awful lot of diversity there). Of course, they are clannish about their magic secrets - as are most other Orlanthi.
  11. 18 POW, 5 Rune Points. Its good to be a Rune Lord.
  12. I suspect the ONLY Thanatari heads that can replenish Rune points are those of Thanatar cultists. Doesn't matter if they are living or breathing - I don't think you can bring a head into an Orlanth ceremony!
  13. Thanatari heads work the same way as always. They can continue to cast Rune spells until they run out of Rune points (making effectively each spell one use), as they cannot replenish Rune Points. BTW, Issaries Spell Trading still works and is very useful.
  14. Temple size does limit the range of spells you have access to. If you want to get the full range of special spells known in common by all variations of the cult, you need to go to a minor temple for at least one major holy day a year. If you want to get the full range of special spells, plus common magic, plus a subcult's special spell or an associate god's special spell, you need to go to a major temple for at least one major holy day a year (and identify which subcult you are participating in). And so on. This is really easy to do with cults like Orlanth and Ernalda, where every clan has a m
  15. A few notes on the Esvularings (Aeolians): BACKGROUND INFO First a few facts. There are about 100,000 Esvulari people in Kethaela. About 30,000 of them are in Bandori County and Marcher County, where they make up about 50% of the population. Another 60,000 of them are in what used to be the Kingdom of Malkonwal, where they made up only about 20% of the population. The remaining 10,000 are scattered in the County of the Isles, in God Forgot, the Left Arm Islands, Hendrikiland, and in Nochet. Lets say there are about 1500 in Nochet. The most important settlements of the Esvularings
  16. The houses in New Pavis are very normal Orlanthi houses adapted to the environment of Pavis County. The homes of notables in Sartar are often built of stone, not timber.
  17. I will be including some canonical maps/plans/layouts of a common Heortling/Kethaelan stead in a 2016 publication. They are NOT what folk generally assume. The most typical Heortling stead is built in a square shape (an Earth Rune). It consists of several buildings built around a central courtyard/garden. The buildings typically include a barn, an entry hall, a place for guests and storage, a "guard room" (usually includes a shrine to the guardian deities), an outer hearth, and a inner hearth (which has the shrines to ancestors and to the personal deities), There are usually smaller huts
  18. I have LONG wanted to write a campaign set in the time of the 30 Year War, which lets us have Rosicrucians and the Invisible College (why might they permit/be responsible for/be unable to stop the horrible endless war?), Athanasius Kircher's strange Egyptology, Wallenstein's astrologers (including Johannes Kepler), the Three Musketeers and schools of dueling, gambling, mercenary companies of all nations and sects trying to survive by fighting for whoever pays (and otherwise "making war pay for war"), all against the backdrop of the Four Horsemen despoiling the center of Europe.
  19. We considered doing it - but in the end, we concluded that to do that required either creating a whole new system of titles using made-up words or using the titles from another RW culture with just as much baggage. And dukes and counts have been in Greg's earliest tales of the West (unlike churches, liturgy, etc - which was all conspicuously absent. One thing to keep in mind about the Malkioni in the Third Age - their civilization is both OLD and NEW. Western culture views itself as ancient, with unbroken lineages going back to the God Time - there are Brithini in Arolanit and Sog Ci
  20. Wow - well I guarantee you that some "American Taliban" has ABSOLUTELY ZERO to do with this. Instead, it is that the key myths of Christianity simply are completely incompatible with Malkionism and its fundamentally humanist world view. Medieval Europe developed in an environment utterly unlike the Gloranthan West and is simply a terrible model for understanding it. I hate the idea of plugging some real world model into a fantasy setting without thinking why that real world culture was what it was and how it is even relevant to the fantasy setting. IMO, that results in sterile, derivative
  21. A new page of Prince of Sartar is up AND now you can pledge your support to keep the comic going by back our Patreon campaign:
  22. Terms like "saint" or "medieval" carry baggage that makes it very different to get the Malkioni (the Buddhist term arhat may be better but is far more obscure). And Church is about as appropriate as referring to the "Church of Shaivism" or the "Allawite Church" or the "Pythagorean Church". I use school (Movement or Way would have been equally good) to avoid carrying any of that baggage over. Revering particularly holy people (those who have experienced Joy) is a sign of proper respect by most Hrestoli (and not as an intercessory between the mortal and the Invisible God - although many bar
  23. Harald, MOB, and I have done a fair amount of work on the folk of God Forgot and of the Esvulari. A few notes: BACKGROUND INFOFirst a few facts. There are about 100,000 Esvulari people in Kethaela. About 30,000 of them are in Bandori County and Marcher County, where they make up about 50% of the population. Another 60,000 of them are in what used to be the Kingdom of Malkonwal, where they made up only about 20% of the population. The remaining 10,000 are scattered in the County of the Isles, in God Forgot, the Left Arm Islands, Hendrikiland, and in Nochet. Lets say there are about 1500 in Noch
  24. Oh it definitely makes sense - it is always good to look at some RW variations. But always remember, Glorantha is NOT our earth, and its religions are grappling with a core set of phenomena that in our world is mostly poetic or metaphorical. That being said, the biggest sources of inspiration for me when I write about the Malkioni are Plato, Plotinus, Zeno of Citium, Second Temple Judaism, the Avesta, early Buddhism, and various texts on Varna and Dharma. Mix together Greek philosophers, Hellenic jews, Zorastrianism, Greco-Buddhism, and Indian philosophers and you are probably on the right tra
  25. Yes, Handra is heavily influenced by Esrolia. Folk tend to think how influential Esrolia is on the look and feel of surrounding lands. It is rich, it is a main source for luxury goods, and it has thousands of scribes. I increasingly think that you can find LM cultists as far away as Safelster who are either Esrolian or trained in Nochet.
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