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  1. Page 19 typo - misspelled Hyperborean There's also several mentions of 'Strike Rank' but I thought this was getting renamed as Initiative?
  2. Will the be print copies of Mythic Britain coming out soon ( for easy purchase in the UK ) ?
  3. This is an amazing, quality product for "pay what you want"
  4. Petersen Field Guide Affects PDF only: Regarding the icons for each entity ( on the left most side of the entry, near the top ) - the icon for Ithaqua is repeating the Hunting Horror's icon from 2 pages previous.
  5. Keeper Rulebook ( error in print and PDF ): Page 327: Under the entry for Tulzscha -> the title of Tulzscha next to its illustration is missing the "s" ( i.e. it is printed as Tulzcha ) - all other references are spelt correctly.
  6. Keeper Rulebook (Print and PDF) Page 57: Under "Appraise" skill section -> the subheading "Opposing skill/Difficulty level:" should be in BOLD font.
  7. Petersen Field Guide Affects PDF only: Page 28: Flying Polyp has two "Life and Habits" subheadings instead of a "Distribution" one Page 60: sub-heading "Distinguishing Fire Vampire" - should say "Distinguishing Star Vampire" Page 96: sub-heading "Distinguishing Great 0nes" - uses zero instead of capital O for "Ones"
  8. Investigator Handbook (Print and PDF): 1. Page 6, first line - the book is called the "Investigators Handbook" <- the "s" should be removed to coincide with all other references to the book title. 2. Page 176 - title of the table "Period Cars and Trucks" should be in Cthulhu-Cristoforo font ( not the extra curly normal Cristoforo font ) Keeper Rulebook 1. PDF needs rear cover adding 2. Page 16, call-out box - 3rd paragraph, 3rd word - "Sectionn" has two "n"s ( affects both Print and PDF ) Both books suggestion: Suggest 1st internal
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