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  1. Hi, How would you char gen such a person? Halve the full values and no profession or mininal from parents occupation.
  2. That would be great. But what I think the HQ version of Glorantha needs is a better char gen for total novices to the setting. As mentioned in my previous, something that helps pick those keywords and other abilities, with fun tables or choices. Coming cold to the setting and rules, it is a bit of a step to pick the words if you dont know. Probably not to hard if you have some Fate experience, but build it as if none. I dont really care where this could be done, it would be great if something like this could be done for the Red Cow campaign. I can just see my players scratching there head
  3. MOB, my wish would be a pdf HQ version of the book or even printed. Done as an easy introduction to the setting and rules, but still with a mini campaign. Step by step char gen with some random rolled aspects like a life path that ties in with keywords and other aspects of char gen. Atlantis and Conan 2d20 have this and undoubtedly others. I recently ran the Mutant Year Zero intro game and that has a good char gen for a quickstart instead of just giving a finished charater sheet. Plenty of player and gm snippets to fill in the setting. Wishing...
  4. Sort of related, I remember reading that MAR Barker had different versions of Tekumel, the game, the books and pure. Each supported that setting version, if that makes sense
  5. Chiming in, that this is exactly the book I was going/hoping to cut my teeth into the rules and setting. Maybe this year.
  6. Are, links, thanks. And thanks to everyone who replied
  7. Hi, how canon is this product? I understand I can play my own version, but just interested. If I use info from it will I have a problem later. I am looking to use it as a possible soft opening for our first foray into Glorantha. Namely starting the pc as a member of Garhound and running the contest. Moving Rabbit Hat Farm to near Garhound and conected to that clan. Is Hazia a canon drug and the Krarsht cultist? Where do I find out more about it and them? I have not read all the book, so maybe more info is in it. Thanks
  8. Any news on the HQ Big Rubble book?
  9. In Tradetalk 8, it mentions on page 3, that Robin was signed to right a book for the Hero Wars. Was this done and if so where can it be found? Allan
  10. Yep, that sounds good. I have about 1 month before the dry kicks in, so this year I am looking to go prep light. The HQ system is looking good. Quick question; I notice a slight difference between the HQ/G char generation and Sartar Kingdom book. Assuming the Sartar was for HQ2 not G, or is it a setting specific refinement from the main rules G rules?
  11. Thanks I was leaning to the Coming Storm setting but without volume 2 coming out in the next few weeks, I will probably go to the other. I was just looking for a more low key entry to the setting, so thought CS.
  12. Some help on the Magic - Sorcery would be awesome. Side question; you could make a character a member of a rune cult and a sorcerer in the Lhankor Mhy cult yes/no.? Does any body have some further examples of Sorcerer spells? The two runes listed with a spell are; Showing the governing rune and the associated rune that is involved in that spells four logical principles. But a character does not need that other rune? Or something else. I know my player who loves playing mages in high fantasy settings is going to ask my lots of questions tomorrow night and I am real
  13. I just checked and my phone was auto spelling exotic as exsotic, could have been operator error or it's a super version of exotic...
  14. I just wanted to point out why I was drawn to the setting. Long time gamer since the 70's. On a recent discussion with the developer on The Blade of the Iron Throne forum, we were discussing the funnel that the big rpg titles and fiction were taking gaming as acceptable/sellable. He mention Glorantha and I was remembered of the pathetic collection I owned. Glorantha and games like Talislanta, maybe SkyRealms of Jorune etc that push the imagination back into our hobby. I recently backed another game called Upwind that seems to fall under this umbrella. So my point and my vote was to see so
  15. Thanks I got the maths for making distinguishing char a plus 4 for a breakout as normally it has 17 and a normal breakout is plus 1, with new abilities starting at 13 hence the 4 difference. Some of those supporting characters are powerful and the text seems to mention a limit to Keywords on pg 36. Only 2, a occupation and a cultural, although it does use ambiguous text like 'will have at least' but does not mention what the other could be. Surely there must be cap for a starting level char and you can't just make relationships a keyword. So what is to stop every power gamer fro
  16. Sorry sorry it's late here and I meant to post in the HQ forum and not contaminate this fine verbose offering. If a moderator wants to remove my offending scribble...
  17. You old hands are probably sick of these questions. Getting my head around the rules. I have a note in my book that a Distinguishing Char. gets plus 4 as a breakout ability, correct? Choosing an ability on pg 45, has new starting at 13. Some of the Relationships are very powerful, looking at companion for example. Looking at the example character on pg 53, it would require a roll on 13 to use the companion correct? Its just that I don't see that listed on the example. probably have more questions, but really liking where the rules are taking me. If anyone has further help o
  18. Hi, I am in a similar situation, long time gamer new to Glorantha/Runequest. Are there some examples of basic starting characters from RQ2 floating around. I got Borderlands, but I am fairly sure the pre-gens are more experienced. Thanks Allan
  19. Sorry I was not clear; you got them emailed to your email address? I assumed they are a printed - paid mag? I could not see a pdf option, but I could not understand the page after; Ordering, Distribution outside of Finland is handled through Tradetalk. In Finland, you can buy the magazine from Fantasiapelit or order it directly from us. I tried the order link but I was having trouble with the language, do you have an address that you used? Thanks Allan
  20. Is this fanzine available. There web site directs you to Tradetalk, but I could not find how to get it there. Thanks.
  21. Thanks also, that is brilliant.
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