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  1. I have purchased the Novels. I won't give a critique on it, but maybe a little more about the stories. If I like the books, I will probably send a message to the publisher. g33k I will pass along your message. Gives me an excuse for not waiting 12 years to contact him again. 🤪
  2. I recently had an email conversation with Niall Shapero in regards to how he is doing and on his game 'Other Suns' and the novels he has worked on. I asked his permission to post some of that here. I have deleted out my comments and a few of his more personal comments about himself: Original message from 2009. NIALL SHAPERO If you're wondering why I haven't published the second edition, the answer is simple: the first publisher I lined up flaked out. And I had to re-enter the text, manually, to get it into Word format. That's been done, but I have stalled on reformatting and cleaning it up for publication (seeking a new publisher, basically) because the market just isn't there right now for non-hack&slash games. Also, there isn't that much money to be made (sorry about that) in self-publishing. If my co-author and I can sell one of our novels (we've written several, and continue to work on new projects) we can expect between 10k and 20k in advances on royalties (followed by a 10% of retail price royalty or thereabouts on copies sold, after the advance is made back). Compare this to $1500 or so if you are lucky in a one-time payment from most publishers (who then require that you sign a "work for hire" agreement, so there are NO royalties thereafter), you see the tradeoff. Writing a novel can be about the same amount of time spent as reworking, researching and updating an RPG like OTHER SUNS (I'd have to add considerably to the computer/nethacking side to release it now, as well as adding artillery, ground attack, and modern warfare updates for the miniatures types) but the potential payoff is much higher (yes, I know, it comes down to dollars and cents -- but, in tough times like these, doesn't just about every business enterprise end up the same?) I still run games, and enjoy running in other people's games, but that's PLEASURE. Writing a game (or a novel) is a lot of hard work. And with limited amounts of free time, I have to allocate what I have to what brings me the most returns (either in cold hard cash or in enjoyment factor). I don't have writer's block, THANK GOODNESS. I just did a word count on one set of works (more than one novel that my co-author and I have written) and the total word count was over two million words and still going strong. If you were in the Los Angeles area, or in the San Francisco bay area, I'd suggest you drop in for one of our games (I drive up to the SF Bay area from time to time in order to run games with people there -- it is, after all "only" a six hour drive :-)). Dear------ Wed, Aug 25 at 3:01 PM I'm afraid that I'm not all that much closer to a 2nd Edition OTHER SUNS than I was in 2009. I've since seen a good deal more about exoplanets, and concluded that I need to complete rework the star system generation scheme. I've also reworked the "past history" of the campaign environment, replacing the original timeline with the timeline used in the CHINESE CURSE series of novels (the first two of which have been published). What is the result? Well, with a significant rework of the "past history", the campaign era has been moved closer to "now". The CHINESE CURSE novels start in 2093, and the "opening moves" of the campaign are now set in the early 22nd century. In addition, the Earthclan nations have created biological uplifts ("aliens among us") by the mid-21st century, and players will be able to run PCs from any of the thirty-odd uplifted species (varying from uplifted wolves, cats and foxes, to more obscure species, like ferrets, raccoons and skunks). Or, the players can run humans (and thereby dodge all the social problems involved in running what are still considered to be "second class citizens" or worse, depending up which country they're from). If you're interested, RED SKIES, the first of the Chinese Curse novels is a police procedural set in 2093-2094 in Los Angeles. INTERESTING TIMES is set in 2094 and is more of a techno-thriller. RED STREETS (which I'm in the process of rewriting currently) is more of a "military SF" novel, as is HIGH GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS (which I will begin work on once RED STREETS is finished and off to the publisher. ALL OF YOUR DREAMS is something of a courtroom drama, and finished up the bulk of the plot lines started in the earlier books, and is currently in "rough draft" stage. RED STREETS was published in 2019, INTERESTING TIMES was published last March (the Publisher, Jarlidium Press, was put into "hibernation" when Seattle shut down, as the company was deemed "non-essential business" during the worst period of the pandemic so far). If you're interested, I've included links (below) to the two currently available novels and a review of the first novel by Leslie Fish (an SF novelist herself, as well as being a fairly well known "filker"). https://store.jarlidium.com/products/red-skies-the-chinese-curse-book-1 https://store.jarlidium.com/products/interesting-times-the-chinese-curse-book-2 http://lesliebard.blogspot.com/2019/10/book-review-red-skies-cole-and-shapero.html Given that the last time you wrote to me was almost twelve and a half years ago, you are hardly in danger of bothering me, If you buy the books, they'll add to the background material that should end up in the game, and you'll understand a bit more about how to play an "uplift", should the 2nd edition get out any time "Real Soon Now". If you like the novels, do tell the publisher. If you want to see more work from G. S. Cole & N. C. Shapero (me), then let the publisher know -- it will likely improve the chance of further novels being published. Also, if you suggest eBook format be provided, the publisher may be willing to get back to us and contract for eBook rights... I don't have a blog or a website (yes, I know that I SHOULD have a personal website at the very least, as a budding SF author, but amidst all the other tasks, I just haven't quite gotten around to it). I can be found on Facebook (as "Niall Shapero") and on Twitter (as "@NiallShapero") to see what I'm up to (or just what my random thoughts of the day are. Sincerely, Niall Shapero P.S. You may want to send your next e-mail a little bit sooner than 12 years from now, as (in the interim) any number of things could happen...) (Sorry I had to leave that comment in. it's true, but humoress.) Message from Aug 25, 2021: Wed, Aug 25 at 6:02 PM By all means, do please post to BRP Central. The more people that are interested in the game, the more likely I will be able to sell the idea of a second edition to a TTRPG publisher. Sorry to hear that your health is not all that you might want it to be. Of late, I've been seeing far too many of my old cronies crossing the rainbow bridge (Steve Perrin, a friend of mine from the 70s, and a gaming buddy when I was back in Berkeley, died suddenly this month -- he who wrote much of RUNEQUEST, and was responsible for much of WORLDS OF WONDER as well, not to mention the first edition of BRP). If you like the two novels, do write an honest review on Amazon, and tell the publisher that you like the novels (the more positive word HE gets, the more likely that I will be able to sell more novels to him). Cheers, Niall Shapero
  3. I just learned that Steve Perrin, Co-Creator of Runequest, Superworld, White Bear and Red Moon, and writer of the particular article in 'All The Worlds Monsters III' made his transition from physical to spirit Friday the 13th, 2021. Steve Perrin may your HeroQuests continue on the God Plane. May we meet there and adventure together with others of like mind, like heart and like spirit. https://clipartix.com/superhero-clip-art-image-15322/ https://www.chaosium.com/blogvale-and-farewell-steve-perrin-1946-2021/?fbclid=IwAR3MXs9OzrzJvbUhFnodMc26zPp9uY2kV2Uo5H0VlnIv9gWgT71b0wio4h4
  4. Another good source of conversions is Judges Guild. They had what they called "Judges Guild 'Universal Fantasy System'." Although it is probably better for NPC's and Monsters. https://judgesguild.net/library/universal.shtml
  5. Check out "All The Worlds Monsters Vol III" by Chaosium, available through DriveThru. At the very beginning of Vol III is a short article by Steve Perrin on how to convert Monsters and races to Runequest. "All The Worlds Monsters Vol I and II" have more races and monsters you can convert using Steve Perrin's Article.
  6. The Kickstarter was for FATE Core Rules. I don't know how compatable that is with BRP/D100. I wanted to buy it as well until I found that out. However Mindjammer Press http://www.mindjammerpress.com/ gives additional information. Be sure to read the comments, before deciding to buy. You can also get The Chronicles of Future Earth: The Swallower of Souls - Quickstart Adventure. (for Free or donation) https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/253485/The-Chronicles-of-Future-Earth-The-Swallower-of-Souls--Quickstart-Adventure
  7. I started Playing RQ in Korea in 1982. When I got back to the United States I got away from playing (had fun with raising kids.) Then Avalon Hill started publishing RQ, then they were acquired by Hasbro and Hasbro quit publishing the game. During those lean years of absence there were many older players like myself who still had interest but no new material so many started creating new rules, spells, etc. We communicated by email. Nothing published (As far as I know). It kept the game alive for many of us. It was called Runequest -- RuneQuest Rules. http://mail.rpgreview.net/mailman/listinfo/runequest_rpgreview.net Quote from Website: ‘This is a mailing list for discussing the RuneQuest game system, including RuneQuest (1st edition, The Chaosium), RuneQuest (2nd edition, Chaosium), RuneQuest (3rd edition, Chaosium, Avalon Hill, Games Workshop), RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha (unpublished), RuneQuest (Mongoose edition), RuneQuest II (aka Mongoose II) aka Wayfayer, and RuneQuest 6 (Design Mechanism) aka Mythras, and RuneQuest Adventures in Glorantha (Chaosium). This list is the successor to the RQ-dailies/digest (1987-1994, Bell/HL), RQ4 Adventures in Glorantha (1993-1994), RuneQuest-Rules (1994-1998 Wharton/Imagic/Crashbox), RQ3 (Yahoo! 2006-2016).’ The email list ran from April 2008 to January 2019. It is Archived at: http://rpgreview.net/pipermail/runequest_rpgreview.net/ It is not cannon, but kept many of us interested in our favorite game. I think you may find many things of great interest.
  8. This is your intent(Ideal) in writing, everything else is your ideas for the how to write. I once had a conversation with Charles Green (Dragon Lines and The Celestial Empire) on writing fiction in which he said to me "That many Game (RPG) Creators struggle with writing stories. Later in a writing class there was a Scientist (Eric) who was trying to write Science Fiction. His story was Boring. There was nothing wrong with his theme or content. So why boring? I came to realize that the difference between Game Writers (and Scientists) an Creative Writers was that the style of writing is what I have come to call Detail writing and writers/Authors is that they are primarily Flow writers. Game Creators/Scientists is their books are detail driven, but stories are Character driven. I would recomend that you post first your House rules, then your story. However, write your story before you post your rules so that you have consistency. This a beginning not the end result. Be open to constructive criticism and you will be much surprised how well your writing can improve. (Not all criticism is constructive, so use discernment when reading criticism. Keep your Intent/Ideal as your primary guide. And you will never be dissatisfied. Good luck, and I will keep up with your post. I will be in terested in seeing how this turns out.
  9. Don't know if it would interest you, but Steve Perrin who helped develop Runequest also created a game during the time that RuneQuest was out of print called "Steve Perrin's Quest Rules." Also called 'SPQR'. He was not with Chaosium then. I paid for the rules before they were printed but he asked those who did pay later to send him a copy of the receipt so he could send a copy. (I think he said his computer crashed or something) I had switched computers or internet providers and had lost my receipt. If he is still around you might see if they are still available.
  10. Parricide is an interesting word and fits very nicely. In the late 1970's or early 1980's I read an article how the Dutch had discovered a type of anger was inherited through a certain family. Sometime after that there was an article about a lamb being created in a cloning experiment (Dolly, a sheep cloned. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolly . Taking the concept of iniquity (non-equas) and applying it to the science of Genetics I was able to postulate that thought patterns could be imprinted on genes and inherited through generations. Now in genetics there has been theories about changing various aspects of the human body. ex: eye color, hair color, taller, longer lived, thinner, all supposedly connected with genes. So what would happen if you changed a gene that had a thought pattern of loving family? Or erased it from the gene? Then Parricide becomes possible. One thing I have learned about writing Science Fiction is it is mostly a concept of ‘What If’. If you get behind Science you are playing catch-up, but if you want to write Science Fiction you have to get in front of Science because to write a story about factual Science, it is just fiction, a story. In regards to the litter question, information that would have come out in the novel would have been there were three types of gene manipulation. The Neo-species, Human gene manipulation and Hybrid. (Human/animal or also known as the Things) In the case of Sanja and her siblings they would have been gene manipulated in a lab, and grown in an incubator to an age of where they were capable of living/breathing on their own as would a normal human child. In the case of the Neo-species the genes that would have been manipulated would have been the Pineal Gland, hippocampus, pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. The concept of the Things comes from Edgar Cayce’s ‘The Origin and Destiny of Man’ (Thought Forms) and Thomas Burnett Swannn’s ‘Day of the Minotaur and ‘The Weirwoods’, etc. https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/252273.Thomas_Burnett_Swann . Thank you for the questions.
  11. The religious aspect might have profited from a little more attention. Although I have read Sci/Fi books where religion is a supporting subject matter and enjoyed them, the writing group I belonged to was a mix of writers with only three other Science Fiction and Fantasy writers. This short story was actually a prequel to a novel I started, but never finished. I later used the premise of the novel for a Worlds of Wonder, Future World Campaign I ran for 26 sessions. final volumes of Schlock Mercenary), closer to ILM's creations for Crichton's opus. Not familiar, but sounds like something I would like to read.😁 The defectives are a bit of a mystery - are they the first generation of their specific experiment? The Defectives come from the concept of the word iniquity: From Latin iniquitatem (nominative iniquitas) "unequalness, unevenness," figuratively "unfavorableness, unfairness, injustice," noun of quality from iniquus "unjust, unequal; slanting, steep," from in- "not" (see in- (1)) + aequus "just, equal" (see equal (adj.)). (Non-Aequus.) Not-equalness. In the bible it says the iniquity of the fathers will be visited unto the children unto the third and fourth generation. I consider iniquity to be an attitude, not an actuality. Could an attitude be imprinted on genes? So the question became what happens to the fourth or fifth generation? But all that would have came out in the novel. But for the scope of a very short novella, enough ideas about the background crammed in. Interesting that you gave up on the cetaceans... I choose animals I was familiar with.🙂 Also, the society (or at least the protagonist) felt a bit like the Confederates. Not sure on that one. The society I choose was Atlan or Atlantis and takes place over 12,000 years prior to the novel I planned on writing. For that I choose the Edgar Cayce book (and other similar books) “Origins and Destiny of Man”, with some embellishments. As well as human animal hybrids from the same sources. And included the concept of the priest of the ‘Law of One’. The only thing I skipped as far as I know would have been Emag(s). That is also something that would have been brought out in the novel. Originally based on Rene’ Descartes ‘Theory of Gravity’. Thank you for your comments. Very constructive for me.
  12. Might Try Waynes World. https://www.waynesbooks.net/ They have a list of books and games with brief synopsis of various games.
  13. Actually, I have followed the progress of Genetics over the years and the possibility that we might genetically modify animals to a level of equal intelligence to me has become more of a possibility than our encountering Aliens. At least in the near future. I first ran across the concept from a book by A.E. Van Gogt called 'The Battle of Forever', then Niall Shapiro's "Other Suns", and finally David Brin's Uplift series. Along with other sources and information my perception of the concept is that it could be very real. Not to disparage your opinion of it, but for the possability of opening the concept up to other players to have adventures in is why I bring this up. Eventually I wrote a story about genetics involving various animals called 'Neo-Species'. (Neo is a Greek word meaning new.) A short story called 'Genetic Defects'. If anyone is interested in the story they can let me know and I will see if I can post it somewhere appropriate in the Forums.
  14. Unfortunately as an old school gamer, I am older (Not gonna say I am old, but you know how it is.) With the Covid19 restraints, etc. and being older(quit driving) I have not played until recently. Starting last month I went from 0 games to 3 different games each month. 1 on Facetime, my granddaughter's, and 2 on Discord with previous game masters. So I am still learning the medium in which to play. I have not run or played in 'Worlds Beyond' and only briefly played any SF games, just mostly fantasy. I have run Runequest Classic, but the books were available and I bought each player who regularly attended a copy. Non regular players had to acquire their own. My son for his daughters game did the same. Played one game and it was pleasant. Unfortunately for me it was not a BRP game. I have however run ‘Future World’ from ‘Worlds of Wonder’. Which to me is kind of like the starter games that have been coming out, including the new Runequest with a short adventure. Because it was such a basic game of the BRP System it was easy for me to add complexity as the game went on. I pulled in various things, concepts, items, races, and action, etc. from other games like ‘Worlds Beyond’, ‘Other Suns’, Ringworld, BGB, even 'Morrow Project'., adapting them to my game without much effort. I ran the game for 26 sessions and the players all said they enjoyed it. If the ‘Worlds Beyond ‘ Game comes with such a starter set, I would tempted to run a short adventure or even a longer campaign. Thank you for the suggestion, I will wait and see how the game develops and how it is presented. The Mediums on which I have considered Playing and as Game Master are: Fantasy Grounds Roll20 'Zoom' 'Discord' Facetime
  15. I have a copy, but have never had the opportunity to play. Glad to hear it is being reprinted. Hopefully it will show up in a local game shop and others will become interested or in an on line store.
  16. Ethereal


    To get a Rune spell you are required to sacrifice a point of permanent Power. (RQ II) Haven't had the opportunity to play RQG so don't know if that is continued, If not I would probably continue it. But I am also reminded of a joke/story that went around about a flood where a pastor lived. He had to climb on top of his house to escape the flood waters. So he prayed for a miracle for God to save him. So a boat comes by and the man in the boat calls out to him to get in the boat. He replied that No, that he had called upon God for a miracle and he believed that God would do so. So the boat left. Later a helicopter came by, people called upon him climb a rope that they cast down to him. Again he replied, that he believed that God would send a miracle to save him. The helicopter left. Later the flood waters rose and he drowned. He comes before God and asks God why he did not send a miracle to save him. God replies, "I did. I sent a boat and a helicopter, and you refused them." I like to have my players ask out loud (the prayer) what and how the characters ask for spell/miracle. Then decide how the God answers.
  17. I also have my copy in my garage. Never got to play it though. But am planning on buying the new book(s) when they come out. Will depend if I am still around, so I hope they don't take to long. 👴 WooHoo!
  18. I think the key word would be damage bonus. In RQ2 a damage bonus came from a Characters Strength and Size added together and that determined a Damage Bonus. 1D4, 1D6, 1D8, 1D10, 1D12, 1D20, 3D6, etc. It might be regarded as 'The Force of The Blow/Strike', which is separate from the weapon damage (Lance 1D10). In melee a character's Damage Bonus plus weapon damage determines how much damage is meted out. In this particular case the rider is not lunging with the weapon, but either couching it or bracing it against his body and he has no force in the blow. The mount on the other hand is charging (but not hitting with it's body, or doing damage with it's own body) and it's Damage Bonus/Force of the blow would be added to the weapon damage against the opponent. I have not found it in the rulebook for 'Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha'. So if someone knows where it is at or there is a different interpretation in the Books, please let me know. Thanks
  19. I created some magic item cards (crystals, weapons, etc.) for my game but I think I tried to get too fancy and quickly burned myself out. Players really liked them. I liked them because I had them place them on or above the character sheet where I could see them and more readily adapt the game to the PC's. In a melee combat situation you would see what your opponnet was using and adapt to the weapon or Rune (Magic Rune Symbol, Spell Title and Description so we were not always having to look up information).
  20. I agree. I ran a campaign about three years ago (24 sessions)and my players enjoyed it. Just enough information to set up my own universe with most of the game mechanics already there, devices and equipment to give me options and several races to give me ideas for existing races to flesh out the game. I found it easy to run and was able to concentrate on game play instead of worrying about the rules. Perhaps something along the lines of the Runequest Quickstart.
  21. Gamestorm this month in Portland, Oregon was cancelled.
  22. In White Dwarf Magazine, They had a Special Section Called "RuneRites". One issue had an article called "Lords of the Spirit World" by Dave Morris. (issue #27) Another a three part series about Demons and other Supernatural beings. Called "Dealing With Demons" (Issue #'s 44, 45, and 46) also by Dave Morris. I use these is a home brew world (Sandbox) that I have created. I also created what I term as Avatars, a type Demi-God that I did a write up on if you are interested. I have attached a PDF of Avatars. Avatars 2-26-2014.wps 4 (2).doc
  23. Other Suns (if you can find a copy) has 'H'Reli' a bipedal felinoid species and the 'Sanchenzii', vagually resembling Lions. Also 6 Charts describing various animals and how to figure out their stats. The authors name is Niall Shapero.
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