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  1. Hmmm. An idea. So there's an interstitial ('Middlemarch') world, primitive and probably largely unformed, that has been ignored by the Lords of Law and Chaos. A number of refugees, from different worlds, have gathered there, and are trying to survive under far from ideal conditions. Among them are some fanatical followers of Law and Chaos, who are looking to resume the war that brought them here. Of course the danger is that at some point the Lords of the Higher Worlds might notice this little pocket universe and decide to subjugate it.
  2. Well Tanelorn is Eternal, and Oone the Dream Thief certainly survived, probably by way of the Moon Beam Roads. However... It is important to note one feature of MM's Eternal Champion fiction: all the worlds of the Multiverse are linked in the same cycle. So Chaos was resurgent across the Multiverse, as the Balance had to be reset cosmically. So there's no 'save haven': any plane you flee too is going to be in the middle of its own apocalypse (the raise of the Madben horde, the Granbretanian conquest, Hitler). Now the inevitability of total destruction in those other wo
  3. The Somnambulist (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari) Legends speak of lost souls lost in an eerie sleep, who can only be awoken by an sinister mystic/mesmerist, who can than command the sleeper as a puppet, which can be sent forth on evil deeds. Characteristics As established for the sleeper's race, with the following modifications: the Somnambulist is cable of astounding and freakish feats of athleticism; they receive between 4 and 8 levels of Super Characteristics for STR and DEX (+4 to +8 to the characteristic). They have no effective P
  4. So it's October, so its time for the monsters! This was largely inspired by The Monstrumologist The Anthropophagi Monstrous devourers of human flesh STR 3d6+3 CON 2d6+6 SIZ 2d6+10 INT 1d6+1 POW 2D6 DEX 3D6 HP 13 (average) DB +1D4 (average) Powers and Mutations: Hardy (vs. Impaling weapons; as per minor mutation) Leap (3 levels) Super Sense (Infra-vision) Weapon Attack Damage Claws (2) 40% 1d4+2+DB* Bite 55% 1d8+3+DB *Pull to maw. If a victim is
  5. The Bad Seed Children are bright rays of sunshine, bright-face innocents who charm us with their endearing lack of guile; except of course when they are actually hell-spawned fiends cunningly wearing the guise of sweet innocence. STR 7 CON 7 SIZ 7 INT 15 POW 17 (9+8) DEX 13 APP 15 Hit Points 12 (7+5) DB: -1d4 Psychic Powers: Emotion Control, Empathy, Intuition, and Telekinesis. Sorcery Spells known: Sorcerer's Soul (4), Sorcerer's Armor (4), Sorcerer's Talons (4), Refutation (4), and 1d6 points as the GM decides. Powers: Extra POW (2 levels) and Extra Hit Points (5 l
  6. Not so much a monster, here is the Super Martial Artist of wuxia cinema. Super Martial Artist (171 points) STR 15 CON 13 SIZ 8 INT 14 POW 17 DEX 20 APP 11 EDU 11 HP 14 db +0 Mutation1: Metabolic Improvement and Double-jointed. Psychic Powers: Danger Sense (passive), Dead Calm, and Empathy. Powers: Diminish Characteristic: CON (3 levels | 15 pts.), Diminish Characteristic:DEX (3 levels |15 points), Leap (5 levels | 5 points), Extra Characteristic: POW (+5 | 5 points), Extra Characteristic: DEX (+8 | 8 points), Super-movement: Lightfoot (10 points), Super-skill:Cl
  7. Read the book! Ugggh! Fumbled my Lore: American Science Fiction roll. The trilogy that the Manta appears in, "Omnivore", "Orn", and "Ox" is by Piers Anthony. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Of_Man_and_Manta
  8. Pier Anthony's Manta From Omnivore The Manta's homeworld is Nacre, a planet where fungal life is dominant, and a world with a stable, 'ordered' eco-system. Despite its amazing mobility the Manta is a fungal creature, and a sapient, though it has no culture and no technology, requiring neither, as it is so perfectly adjusted to its ecological niche. In appearance the Manta's upper body is a flattened disk, with a large, unblinking eye in the front, and a thin, whip like tail in the rear. This upper body is supported by a trunk-like 'foot'. In movement the 'foot' contracts and expands
  9. So, in the spirit of Pelgrane Press's system spanning Beastiary here's a write up for the Dimetrodon using FreeFate and 13th Age rules. First FreeFate Aspects: Primeval Beast, Aggressive Carnivore, and prominent Dorsal Sail. Skills: Good Athletics (+4), Good Endurance (+3), Good Stealth (+3), Great Survival (+4), and Great Weapon: Bite (+4). Stunts: Slow Acting Poison (Good Potency (+3) and Fair Subtlety (+2)), Swim as Athletics Skill. Armor: Leather equivalent, 0 Stress Boxes, -1 Consequence. 7 Stress Boxes 13th Age Prehistoric Beast Role 3rd Level Wrecker Initiative: +3 Att
  10. Dimetrodon Though often mistaken for a dinosaur, the dimetrodon is actually a kind of proto-mammal . It's most distinctive feature is is the tall 'sail' that adorns its back; created by long spines that project from its vertebrae. It is an aggressive carnivore. STR 3d6+3 CON 3d6+4 SIZ 2d6+6 INT 1d6 POW 1d6 DEX 2d6 HP 12 (avg) DB 1d4 (avg) Movement: 8 (6 Swimming) Armor: 2 point hide Weapon Attack% Damage Bite 40 1d10+Toxin Toxin: The dimetrodon's saliva contains a toxin (POT=CON) that interferes with blood coagulation. If the Re
  11. Inspired by Seneschal's Ship of Monsters Post. Space Vixen, comely invader from the stars! STR 10 CON 12 SIZ 10 INT 16 POW 15 DEX 12 APP 17 DB 0 HP 17(11+6) Move 10 Skills: Command 44%, Dodge 30%, Dance 65%, Energy Weapon (Pistol) 44%, Persuade 56%, Pilot Spacecraft 50%, and Science: Cosmo-physics 65%. Weapon Raygun Damage 1d8+2 Attacks/Round 2 Range 15 m Ammo capacity 15 Powers: Psionics: Telepathy and Eidetic Memory Other Powers: Additional Hit Points (+6), and Super Movement (athletic grace in stiletto heels). Super-garment: the metallic
  12. Grendel, monster of Anglo-Saxon legend. STR 30 CON 22 SIZ 25 INT 10 POW 16 DEX 21 HP 23 DB +2d6 SAN 2/1d8 Weapon % Damage Special Fist 66% 2d6+db Fling Opponent 40% (d6)d6+db Foe is flung d6x3m away. Armor: 6 point rubbery skin, all locations. Note that due to Mutation Grendel only takes ½ damage from edged weapons. Powers: Super-sense (hearing) (8 levels) and Major Mutation (Hardy). Skills: Dodge 42%, Listen 70%, Stealth 40%, and Throw 44%. Appearance: A flayed giant, with long, twisted limbs and a grotesque, over-sized head. Grendel is normally tim
  13. The trouble-making Demi-God from Chinese legend, scaled down to merely superhuman levels. Sun Wukong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Monkey King STR 14 CON 14 SIZ 8 INT 12 POW 20 DEX 22 APP 15 MOV 10 Hit Points: 21 DB: 0 Powers: Super Characteristic: DEX (15), Super Characteristic: POW (9), Extra Hit Points (10), Alternate Form*(x5)(100), Extra Energy (5), Flight (3), Invisibility (8), Leap (4) , Size Change (Shrink)(7), Size Change (Grow)(12), Super Movement: Lightfoot (10), Super Skill: Bo staff(4), Super Skill: Acrobatic (4), and Unarmed Combat (40).
  14. Godzilla The horrible result of atomic radiation mutating a previously unknown type of prehistoric reptile; this creature is a force of pure destruction and elemental chaos. STR 160 CON 200 SIZ 300 INT 5 POW 12 DEX 15 HP 250 Damage Bonus +21D6 Weapon: % Damage Stomp 100% 100+DB Tail Sweep 100% 50+DB Fiery Atomic Breath 80% 5d10+3d6 Armor: 30 points for scaly hide. Combat Notes: Stomp: Anything caught beneath Godzilla's ponderous feet is flattened. The area covered by each colossal foot is roughly 30 meters in diameter. Tail Sweep: Every five rounds G
  15. Penanggalan A horrifying undead monster from Malaysian folklore, the Penanggalan is truly a grotesque nightmare. By day the creature takes the form of a comely, young woman. But at night, her head separates itself from its body, and with its entrails hanging in bloody loops from the stump of its neck, flies through the night searching for blood. Characteristics: +1d4+1 CHA (for its 'bodied' form). +1d4 POW. If using Hit Locations figure the HP for the head as normally, and add +1d6. If Hit Locations are not being used then the head has ½ of the creature's HP. The creature
  16. Jiangshi There are many tales surrounding how these creatures come to be: failure to observe proper burial rites, necromancy, leaving the corpses of suicides exposed to moonlight, or the refusal of some evil men and women to rest quietly in their tombs. The result is the same: a horrible, undead monster that stalks the living to feed on their blood. Powerful Jaingshi can cloak their appearance with illusion, appearing as graceful and elegant humans. Their true appearance, which appears in mirrors and other reflective surfaces, is that of a corpse green with grave-mold; having a wild
  17. 110 downloads

    So my own humble addition to the BRP canon was the 'Incident At Vasir Station' in 'The River Terror'. I wrote a sequel to scenario that for a subsequent BRP adventure contest, which was rejected. Here for your amusement is that scenario.
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