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  1. So would you allow a PC to spend Luck on a failed Luck roll? If you did, would you impose any kind of penalty (double cost to purchase points for instance)? I'm leaning towards not allowing it. It somehow feels awkward.
  2. So supposedly the ToC 'bestiary' 'Hideous Creatures', does include for each creature, a lengthy listing of the forensic signs and evidence that visits from these horrors leave behind.
  3. The Flying Guillotine Yes, its that wondrous Wuxia wonder-weapon, the decapitating Flying Guillotine! The Flying Guillotine looks like a bell-like saucer at the end of a long length of chain. In combat the saucer is thrown in such a way that it alights on the target's head, at which point a kind of hood drops from the saucer, with opposing crescent blades at the bottom of the hood. A tug on the chain causes the blades to close, severing the victims neck. Name Skill Base Damage Special Parry STR/DEX Ma
  4. Going the 'cosmic superhero' (Guardians of the Galaxy/Green Lantern) route would be an option, and any superhero RPG would work for that purpose. All the powers would be the result of high tech gadgets, alien physiology, or esoteric mental disciplines.
  5. Have you read any of Vaughan and Staple's comic, 'Saga'? It's an epic space-fantasy cranked up to 11. As far as a rule-set, perhaps 'Fate'? 'HeroQuest'?
  6. 1d8+DB

    Seeds of Chaos

    May you need to drill down a little bit? What is the initial world setting going to be?
  7. I was pleasantly surprised to see this topic come up, because I was wondering about the economy of charcoal in Glorantha myself. Considering that you would either have to have access to a 'sterile' Aldryami-free forest (which might not even be possible), or risk the wrath of the elves in felling trees, charcoal might be rare or valuable, greatly complicating the work of a smith. There might be wizards, or Lodril initiates, who make their living summoning salamanders to ignite forges. Shaman of fiery spirits like 'Oakfed' might fulfill the same function. Yelmites might
  8. The whole secret identity thing would be especially problematic given modern technology: voice prints, DNA matching, facial analysis; it would be more work than its worth to try and protect a secret identity. Or every 'super' would go 'Iron Man', with a head to toe body armor.
  9. Its sympathetic magic? The range is near infinite, but the ritual requires that the caster have an eyelash from the victim?
  10. More Burrough's inspired creatures. The Mahars A race of pterosaurs that have evolved intelligence and uncanny mental powers. They live in caverns in the walls of a huge, subterranean vault that is home of many fierce beasts and primitive human tribes-people. They are served by a race of cruel troglodytes called Sagoths. They seem to particularly enjoy human flesh. They are deaf, and apparently the race only possesses one sex: all members of the race being females capable of self-fertilizing. They stand a little over a m
  11. Interesting and evocative, if non-canonical setting. I'm not wild about the plot device of the PC's bus getting that terribly lost: surely the driver knows his route a little better than that. Perhaps the bus was maliciously routed into the swamp? Or the driver was compelled out there by some malign influence, or he suffered some kind of fugue state? Perhaps you're having the PCs spend a little too much time on trying to free the bus from its gluey trap: a futile endeavor as its pretty much a plot point that the bus is stuck fast. I would allow a simple Idea roll: if
  12. Not at all canonical, but might 'hazia' have its own sect? 'The plant that brings life from the darkness'. If you wanted to go a little silly you could introduce 'haziafarianism' to Glorantha.
  13. But why are the characters out where they might run into Orcs in the first place? Besides just killing the orc in front of them, what are they hoping to accomplish? Are Orcs just popping up everywhere, like the mooks in a video game? Consider this example: "I want to evade the Imperial tie-fighters." vs. "I want to evade the Imperial tie-fighters, evade Lord Vader as I navigate the Death Star's equatorial trench, and fire a laser bolt into the Death Star's thermal exhaust port." In a simulationist game; each action requires a roll (or a opposed roll): evadi
  14. I assume you're talking about an Allegiance to Law, from Elric/SB, in which case I suppose the answer is no, it doesn't appear to be mechanically different from how Passion would be used to augment a skill in RQ6/Mythras/RQG . Of course a bonus from an Allegiance would be a supernatural boon, and might have the attendant trappings of a mystic manisfestation; a halo, fiery eyes, the rune or cult sigil appears on the character's brow, or the like. In certain conditions it might be impossible or more difficult to draw upon an allegiance: a champion of law in one of the chaot
  15. The 'Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign', a a cult equipped with weird super-science (and perhaps they are the inhabitants of subterranean K'n-yan) are said to have a bitter enmity with the Fungi from Yuggoth, the origin of which is unknown.
  16. There are few bands that work in a SteamPunk genre: 'Abney Park' 'The Vernian Process' 'The Cog is Dead'
  17. Combat in CoC\BRP games is a lot more abstract than D&D/Pathfinder, and the minimal stat-blocks of the monsters and foes reflect this. This means it is relatively easy to re-skin a monster; just find a creature of the same relative size, and simply rename its attack, tweak its special powers and abilities, and create your own description. You can also check out the Build A Better Monster II thread under the BRP section for some ideas. Don't think you have to have a new 'monster' for each session either. D&D players may quickly tire of bashing kobolds, but in CoC
  18. I wouldn't consider it indispensable. It details the Melnibonean people and their island redoubt. There's a lengthy section on drugs and narcotics used by the Melniboneans. A section describing the various theological practices of the Chaos Cults that hold sway on the island, and a lengthy list of some common demon-types that you might encounter there. Would be the most useful if you were planning on running a campaign that took place largely on the Dragon Isle. As an aside, if you do get a physical copy, Mongoose for a short while were actually printing/binding their o
  19. Khandarian Demon, or 'Deadite'. Malevolent entities from another dimension, that possess human hosts: transforming then into cackling engines of destruction and malice. The Khandarian demons are summoned by incantations from the grimoire, 'The Necronomicom Ex Mortis.' Interestingly, tales tell of another, even more malign and powerful, 'Necronomicon,' that contains rites to propitiate and appease inimical alien gods. Deadite, Incorporeal. Int 10+1d6 Pow 12+2d6 The demons possess human hosts via a simple test of POW vs
  20. I'm not aware right off-hand of any published scenarios that feature Satan as the big-bad; it is after all the 'Cthulhu Mythos' that drives CoC: though I'm sure, especially in the Dark Ages, that there was plenty of times when the Crawling Chaos masqueraded as the Prince of Lies.
  21. And of course the original story is M.R.Jame's classic, 'Casting the Runes'.
  22. Keeping it abstract would be how I would do it. Trail of Cthulhu's Mythos Expeditions uses a pool of supply points: you could do something similar, say each supply point spent would be worth 10% for a 'Equipment' roll. Points for common items might be worth more. Points for 'special' items might be worth less. Perhaps you could ask for a daily 'average' survival roll; a success means no essentials supplies were used that day (you're living off the land), and no supply points lost. A failure means a loss of 1d6 supply points; a critical failure means a loss of 1d10+2 supply point
  23. 1d8+DB

    Yelm Eclipsed

    So, there would be nothing like this world's periodic, predictable eclipses: if a shadow crosses the face of the sun on Glorantha it is a singular apocalyptic event that would probably signal vast and cosmic upheavals.
  24. 1d8+DB

    Yelm Eclipsed

    So, does Glorantha have solar eclipses; and what is the mythic explanation of these events? Orlanth periodically humiliating Yelm? A persisting ancient magic of the Elder Races? The Red Goddess trying to seduce Yelm?
  25. As another Halloween appears on the horizon, time to revive this thread. The Tall Man An invader from another dimension who is on this world apparently to necromantically raise an army of curiously shrunken revenants. He will always found plying the mortuary trade in an isolated part of the country Where-ever he is, you can be sure that the mortality rate will climb dramatically; as accidents, 'suicides', and 'death by natural causes' seem to sky-rocket. STR 20 CON 16 SIZ 17 INT 15 POW 22 DEX 15 APP 12
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