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  1. p.53 These spells are in the wrong order alphabetically.
  2. And it's off the starting blocks with a grand total of 7 spells, Stasis is in the race folks!
  3. p.46: There's a full stop that should be a comma.
  4. p.9, One-use Rune Spells It has already been clarified here that you don't lose the knowledge of a one-use rune spell. However in RBoM, it says that you don't lose the knowledge on a fumble or a critical, implies you don't lose it on a fail, and is silent on whether you lose knowledge or not on a success. This mixed messaging is just going to lead to confusion. The Well says: However this last point is no longer true. The rules now do say something about losing knowledge of the spell, but leaves it unclear in some of the cases.
  5. Does it take just 1 additional RP to stack up the duration, or is it 2 or 3 depending on the characteristic? And, can Extension be used with this spell?
  6. p.14: Average characteristics are wrong for Giant Loon STR average 54 SIZ average 64 POW average 11-12
  7. PhilHibbs

    Open seas

    You are correct, but not everyone is comfortable taking the risk...
  8. Err, yeah. The new description is odd. Three of the four outcomes - fail, fumble, and critical - explicitly say that you don't lose the knowledge of the spell. The other, for success, says you lose the RP but it is silent on whether or not you lose knowledge of the spell! It doesn't say that you lose it... but the others all explicitly say you don't.
  9. Good point, skill coverage becomes an issue with smaller parties.
  10. I'm sure it's not that hard to come by. But most people don't have a ton of spare POW, and there's always plenty of other things to do with it (like another point of reusable rune magic, which in my opinion is better than 1d10 MP). And once there are "enough" of these around, the impetus to create more diminishes.
  11. Why would DIspel Magic be variable, if you could dispel anything by casting Dispel Magic 1 and boosting it with MPs? Or are you suggesting that the actual points of Dispel Magic has to match the actual points in the spell, but the boosting MPs can be dispelled by boosting the dispel with extra MPs? That would be inventing a new rule that isn't in the core rules, but then again so is boosting to prevent dispelling in the first place. So maybe.
  12. This kind of question is why back in the day we would say that RuneQuest isn't a B&D game system. B&D stands for Bondage & Discipline, a set of rules with all the corners described in detail, numbers for this, distances for that, costs, punishments, all prescribed up front. D&D was considered somewhat B&D, and Rolemaster was the epitome of the classification. RuneQuest has never taken that approach. It takes "long enough to stick", that's how long it takes.
  13. The Zistorite mass produced magic items are something else. This is just the regular concern that since they last for ever, there will just be a very large accumulation of them. Of course they don't last for ever, they get lost, broken, eaten by trolls, hurled into the howling void of chaos, etc. Another way of looking at it is, the spell description just doesn't say how long they last because it isn't really relevant. You can't extrapolate Gloranthan reality from a spell description. Every time someone swings a sword at you, there's a chance that it will hit an enchantment matrix th
  14. I think that the last line precludes that use. You use it to stick two things together that are touching and not moving at the time of casting.
  15. I think it's quite rare. It's something you have to seek out and ask around for, you're not going to find a stall at market selling them, or Ye Olde Crystal Shoppe. Casino Town probably has games and raffles with magical prizes.
  16. Ah of course, that clarifies what I was wondering as well.
  17. p.44: Is that each additional 1 RP, or each additional 2 as it's a 2 point spell?
  18. Is there no fast track officer programme?
  19. Ok I apologize. I'm just trying to figure out what it is you did say.
  20. It's a massive stretch to take one person's idle musings about how air spirits react to Steal Breath, and extrapolate that to "all spirit protection magics cause suffocation". A can cause B, without B necessarily also causing A.
  21. That's a clarification that I will not be using. I and other GMs that I've played with have considered it in the past, in prior editions, and always thought that it didn't make any sense. If you want a spell to persist, you have to have a big version of it. Although my avatar thinks that a shaman, casting Befuddle with 30 extra MP, and using their shamanic spell extension power to keep it going, would be hilarious. Or Sleep, or Hotfoot, plenty of choices. Let that sink in for a moment, and you will realise why this could be a bad idea. That spell now takes Dismiss Magic 15 to get rid
  22. Were you trying to say that any spell that protects you from spirits would suffocate you?
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