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What non-essential element do you wish was in the BGB?


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As in the title, what trivial thing do you wish had been in the Big Gold Book? Not meaning serious or critical (to some) game elements omitted because of space or scope-- just fun and/or silly stuff.

Mine would be anthropomorphic ducks. As much a part of the Marvel multiverse as RuneQuest, but definitely a quirky race identified with RQ gaming.

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Fun skills from good old CoC, like "Baseball Cards", "lazy", "falling asleep", etc. But then, it would have distraced new players of BRP. ;)

Meh, those were ripped off from old RQ2 (the real one) suplements!!!

"It seems I'm destined not to move ahead in time faster than my usual rate of one second per second"

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Cyberware & Bioware rules and more high tech gear.

I think these are better served in a sourcebook. I like the light and terse info provided in the BGB, too much detail, and we're looking at 1000 pages to cover more genres in greater detail.


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A system of group/ritual magic that would be cast by troupes of Bollywood-style dancers/musicians/singers. (such an obvious idea, someone somewhere must have written rules for that... right?)

Ask and yea shall receive (inspiration at least):Bollywood (PG) (Youtube) ;D

Okay, it is a repeat. But the planets aligned. And it has jetpacks and lasers.

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Any gadget creation rules besides the ones I wrote and have been using off and on for a couple years would have been/be much appreciated.

While functional, they aren't all that good. I audibly groan due to embarrassment when a player asks if he can make a powered utility gadget. Thankfully, I've played with nice people who have yet to look me in the eye and say "Really?" in a deadpan voice. ;)


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