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A poll on Encounter set up


Average or Lady Luck?  

28 members have voted

  1. 1. When you make a hostile encounter do you roll characteristics for critters or use the average?

    • Roll the Bones!
    • Average is easier!

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I voted for "average" as I tend to use that for normal encounters.

However, with the main bad guys/villain, I tend to choose my characteristics from the possible range to best fit my adversaries.

Only rarely do I roll randomly.



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Thanks for taking the time to throw your opinion. I was very curious about this since a discussion about my Manual of Monsters II because I only put the average scores for characteristics instead of ranges. Averages are all I usually use as well...

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I voted roll in theory, though I must admit a lot does depend on how many things there are, whether or not the encounter was pre-planned or otherwise and expected quantity (in which case I will have designed the antagonists in question in advance) and how close to wrapping up the session is - I'm unlikely to roll if it means that we miss a cliffhanger or plot development I was hoping to end on simply to add a bit of

variance to some mooks.


In fact what "Rolling" I do do is often a case of leaving the majority of a group as average, add 2 or 3 to everything to make the "leader" of the pack, and perhaps make

a runt of the litter by subtracting a few points here and there. It seems to work about as well, but rolling dice is fun if there is time to do so!

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I go average as well. Combat is generally frowned upon in my campaign so when I force PC's to live by the sword, it's generally against some henchmen, guards, assassins, or something with little personality. Against large antagonists I always hand craft them with back stories, stats, etc. anyways and throw them at the PC's repeatedly until they can overcome them, so there's no need for a roll and play style of combat generation. I can't really see why I'd take the time to roll henchmen on the spot when in all reality they're probably just going to get pummeled into the dirt soon anyways.

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