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Drakar och Demoner reprinted


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Wiki reckons the 3rd edition was when the rules started to diverge  from BRP, but is unclear as to whether that's 1985 or later...




No the three first editions where basically the same. This fourth printing is still the same as the ones before except with errata and some new artwork. The divergence came with the Expert rules that came -85. The Expert box where an optional add on that changed it from percentile dice to a d20 dice, tons of new skills and a hit location system similar to the one in RQ but much simpler. But it wasn't until -91 they incorporated the Expert rules and Core rules to each other. The core DoD box stayed the same until -91 and is still basically a translation of BRP with the Magic World booklet added. This was what I was hoping that the MW from Chaosium would have turned out.

But it is interesting to see how Chaosium is sort of putting BRP/MW on the backburner and Riotmind instead trying to kickstart it and bring it back to its greatness (at least in Sweden). Maybe they should collaborate and pass the torch to Riotminds so they also could do and English version. As I swede I have of course already thrown in 600kr (ca $71-72) in the backing for this since it is such a huge part of my childhood and now it is time to introduce it to a new generation. :P

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Yes, this is very much BRP! And it is THE roleplaying game in Sweden, much more popular than Dungeons & Dragons have ever been here. I pulled down my Drakar och Demoner box from 1984, essentially the same version they are relaunching now, and at 68 pages they have both monsters (12 pages), general advice (14 pages) and magic (9 pages)! We're awfully close to the page count of BRP Essentials in other words. Does it work? Very much so. It was the only game I played for several years. In 1987, when they switched to d20s with the Expert box, I had taken the RQ route instead for more detailed rules. 

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If you are interested in the old edition of Drakar och Demoner you can download them for free at http://www.riotminds.se/spelen/tiden-innan-trudvang/



Awesome, thanks! Downloaded them all. Now I must learn Swedish. :)

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On 10/2/2015 at 1:37 PM, Vile said:

Interesting, WotC trying to recapture the old days with D&D 5E and now Riotminds doing something similar with DoD. New is not always better. ;)


Or Chaosium using RQ2 as a base for RQG (though I think it's not a good example).

However, no matter what people say about D&D5 "recapturing the old days", the rules inside were truly only influenced by WotC-era editions of the game.

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On 3/16/2020 at 5:39 PM, SchroDingerzat said:

How was the new version in the end? Have Riotminds hinted at any English version yet?

Horrible, it was horrible...

They promised an " refreshed reprint, with new art" did something else.. and on top of that it did not feel well thought or playtested... Had lot of errors, descriptions where missing....

But one of the original authors have written Hjältarnas tid, and that one is good... Good beginners game and solid BRP like rules.


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