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Big Rubble


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Has anyone got any news on this (i.e. new product for HQG, not the old boxed set or the Moon Design reissue)? I've put it in my post about upcoming Gloranthan products as something that hasn't been heard of in a while. But maybe something has been said more recently (e.g. at a convention?).

Just wondering if it is a planned product, and if so who is working on it. Not expecting a timescale, of course.

It would be wonderful to have it to put alongside Pavis: GTA.


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The Prax book is next I believe, though I agree not making the Big Rubble a priority is odd. 

The Coming Storm is next, surely? And I thought Trollpak Vol 1 was after that.

The lack of news on The Big Rubble is a bit sad. But then again, with so much good stuff in the pipeline, it's difficult to be sad for long. Still, I'd love to see an updated Big Rubble.


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Guest Vile Traveller

Only vaguely related, but does anyone remember an online fan version of the Big Tblle that increased its size by a factor of about 10? New Pavis was just a little pimple on its periphery. I really liked the epic atmosphere that one change engendered.

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I'd love to buy a new Big Rubble book with new scenarios, or better yet: a campaign!

I really  enjoyed playing the River of Cradles campaign (the RQ 3 version). Its conclusion took place in the Big Rubble, but I remember being disappointed that it didn't have more detail about the rest of the area.

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I love searching the 'Rubble as well but, The rest of the Praxian/Genert Wastes include an immense variety of hot spots to explore/plunder. I would like to see details on these areas with an internally consistent history and description. Don't get me wrong. I ran more than one campaign in the rubble, with the best of them ending with the prophesied "Axe wielding warrior chopping down the pillars of the Lunar temple".  One of my players had actually managed to find the fabled Axe and with it's blessing became the first of Pavis' Champions. With several Heroquests and numerous beatings, managed to become Argrath Pavis. Fantastic stuff.  BTW: All in Chaosium 2nd ed.

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If it takes more than 5 minutes to understand, it's not basic.

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I think most Gloranthan fans have a few good memories of The Rubble from the old RQ2 box (although I played it with RQ3 at the time). However I agree that perhaps going over old ground so to speak, is not the best way to proceed when there is so many other regions to explore as well. 

If Prax is to be further developed, then beyond Pavis is definitely the way to go.

The Sun Domers are a major presence of the region; the Animal Nomads roam the plains like Huns or Bedouin, in conflict with each other and the Poljoni Horse Barbarians; the Lunar Redlanders are trying to etch out their existence; and the Oasis People and the Riverfolk try and avoid the conflicts where they can.

We have The Long Dry, The Dead Place, Eirthia Hills, The Block, The Paps, and the various oasis settlements and ancient ruins scattered throughout the region. Then there is the mighty Zola Fel itself, with Corflu and Feroda at the river delta, and the Lunar presence there, claiming it in the name of The Red Emperor.

The Rubble is a great concept, but there is plenty of other places as well.

The Big Rubble would make an excellent location to set a computer game however, and I'ld really love to see it developed in that medium.

One can only dream :-)

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" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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Steve: We haven't forgotten about it. We have a lot going on right now. It's not dead, just pushed down the production schedule.

Good to hear, thanks Rick!

I guess it's a nice problem to have - having so many cool projects that prioritising them is difficult.

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