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  1. @Marcus Bone I don't think you were being pretentious and it does show the level of thought you've put into it. It's why I'm interested in working with you on this. I particularly like the idea of being "victims" of Fate. As for a Fate system, my first thought was a random table of possible destinies. The player rolls a "possible future" and decides whether they want to fight or embrace that future. The GM would have to craft scenarios where the character is given that choice. This adds an element of randomness to your more structured character generation process, so might not be satisfactory. (It's a throwback to the randomness of SB3.) Thinking about this, a character could have three Fates, one each for Law, Chaos and Balance. As Allegiance scores increase, the character is pushed towards one of these Fates. The player then decides to pursue this destiny or fight against it. Apotheosis happens when the character whole-heartedly follows that path; it needn't happen when an Allegiance score hits 100. I don't know how to assign these Fates during character generation aside from a long list of suggested destinies that the player can randomly roll or choose. If the player has strong ideas, however, these can supersede random rolls. These options put a lot of the work on the GM to craft a campaign where each character is given the chance to shape their own destiny, rather than being pushed into it by Mistress Fate and the Balance. Colin
  2. Hi Marcus, It has been a while since I read the Elric stories but I am under the impression that the vast run of the Young Kingdoms population don't know a Balance exists. It seems they have been manipulated into choosing a side and fighting to the death. Some characters in the books do know of the Balance and pass on snippets of information as the plot demands. I don't think even Elric accepts the Balance until the Stormbringer novel. If the characters are all agents of the Balance, then a couple of things spring to mind: They are special or gifted in some way and should have higher characteristic scores (2D6+6 as mentioned elsewhere) and/or skills at the start. The entire Young Kingdoms are "the enemy" and that's a lot of opposition to their quests. They don't know they are agents until they reach apotheosis. I think it falls to the GM here to craft adventures where the PCs thwart the plans of "Chaos one week and Law the next" (so to speak), thus maintaining the Balance without even knowing they are serving the Balance. This could be a big ask for the GM. I don't know how a Fate mechanic would work but, given the points above, it might be better for your needs. I'd be interested in how you see this working. Regards, Colin
  3. As an aside, I have just uploaded the Golden Grimoire campaign to the Downloads section. Colin
  4. Other Rules

    Version 1.0.0


    A few additional rules used in the Golden Grimoire campaign.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    An interlude in the Dreaming City
  6. Version 1.0.0


    The PCs are recruited to find the Grimoire
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Lord Arioch begins stirring up trouble
  8. Version 1.0.0


    The background to the Golden Grimoire campaign.
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    The quest continues on Sorcerer's Isle.
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    The Golden Grimoire is finally within the PCs' grasp
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    A selection of new skills for Stormbringer 3rd Edition
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    A selection of NPCs to be used as needed.
  13. @Marcus Bone Would you be amenable to dialling the clock back even further, to Stormbringer 3rd edition? Some things it brings to the table include: The character generation dice rolls (everyone rolls 3D6 with modifiers based on nationality), minus the random nationality generation The Elan system, renamed as Allegiance, covers a number of Chaos, Law and Elemental Lords SAN rules adapted from one of the SB3 supplements (Demon Magic, I think) The rank-based Sorcery system might be one step too far but it's something I'm working on in the background Also, how far into canon will you be taking this? Will you be including Dreamthieves as a profession/archetype, for instance? I am really interested in going further but would like to know where the lines are drawn so I don't go off on a tangent. Regards, Colin
  14. @Marcus Bone I thought Languages (Own/Other) were Communication skills? (Sorry) Repair/Devise/Trap could become "Mechanisms" rather than Engineer? I've always thought all disciplines of engineering to be "large scale" endeavours, rather than small, fiddly projects (electronic engineering being an exception). In my Golden Grimoire campaign for SB3, I had a set of extra skills including Engineering, which was taught by the Priests of Law, which might add some background flavour to characters from Lawful-aligned nations. Colin PS: I thought I had uploaded the Golden Grimoire campaign to this site but can't find it. It's hosted on my site at the Stormbringer page.
  15. The BRP Necronomicon, perhaps Colin