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    So… you started a thread to complain that people are complaining? I might have to complain about that. :-) I think some of what you're seeing as whining or complaining is just reasonable feedback. I don't expect Chaosium to halt the presses or re-write RQ:G to suit my personal tastes, but there's nothing wrong with letting them know which things in the new rules seem off-putting to me (and why) as well as noting the things that I think are improvements to the older editions. And the discussion may help other players to decide which new rules they want to keep and which old rules they want to retain as house rules, which is exactly the "call those rules as I see them" approach you describe above.
  2. I suspect this is "play" as in "create and run a player character", and it's correct if so. The remaining books are ones you probably need if you're going to GM, but players don't need them.
  3. The description of the RuneQuest forum (this one, right here) says, "RuneQuest forum for Chaosium's roleplaying game system, classic editions and the upcoming one." Since RQ:G is thankfully no longer upcoming, could a moderator update that description? Cheers!
  4. The character sheet also lacks a checkbox for the POW characteristic.
  5. This is p. 418 in my PDF. I agree that the "If an adventurer obtains a success either attacking or parrying during spirit combat, POW can be increased or wth successful POW vs. POW resistance roll" is garbled and unclear. The "Spells… do not provide…" construction is correct as written.
  6. "other self" (subject) "awoke" (verb) is correct as is. For p. 374, I'd change "vortice" to "vortex".
  7. All correct as written IMO.
  8. I'm sure: it's correct as written.
  9. No; it's an elemental (singular), so it takes the third-person singular verb form, "lacks".
  10. See its entry in the Axes table on p. 208 and description on p. 210. Vishi Dunn has one (p. 91). I will point out that the p. 208 and p. 210 references should probably capitalise the "a" in "axe" for consistency with the p. 63 reference and the other weapon listings: change "Dagger-axe" to "Dagger-Axe".
  11. "Is" is correct; the total encumbrance of her weapons (a singular value) is the subject of the clause.
  12. It is, though it still uses the RQ2 "Hit Points" name for the weapon's damage-blocking capacity rather than the RQ3 "Armor Points" name. I think the new mechanism is the best of both worlds and a good improvement over both 2nd and 3rd editions.
  13. In RQ:G, you can make an intentional knockback "attack" which does no damage, but you can't knock a foe back by hitting them for a lot of damage with a regular attack. You're correct that Aimed Blows are still in the new rules (p. 197); I'd missed that. The Sickle-Sword description on p. 210 says, "this sword has a curved single-edge blade used for slashing and for disarming an opponent" (emphasis added), but I don't see any rules for disarming opponents.
  14. Things I miss from RQ3: knockback for attacks doing damage > SIZ in melee, more-granular skill category modifiers, having a skill named "Sneak" instead of the more cumbersome "Move Quietly", the simpler formulae for both total Hit Points and hit location HP), the missile hit-location table, aimed shots, disarm attempts, a more systematic approach to attack/defense result interactions (e.g., my critical hit does maximum damage and ignores armour no matter what your parry result is), spirit and sorcery spells taking 1 SR per MP instead of the first MP being "free". Things I don't miss from RQ3: Fatigue Points, ENC penalties to spell-casting chances, Sorcery skills as casting-chance limitations, POW sacrifices for specific castings of divine/Rune spells, one-use divine/Rune spells for initiates, confusion over whether you could resist spells (or overcome resistance) with non-personal Magic Points. Things I expected to miss but so far don't: Appearance characteristic (which we often just called "Appeal"), melee rounds of 10 SR, separate Attack and Parry skills for weapons, weapons having AP instead of HP, mail ("chainmail") as an armour type, shields named by shape instead of just size. I will probably end up house-ruling some of the RQ3 rules into RQ:G, though I'll try it as written first.
  15. p. 53, Homeland Characteristic Modifiers table: There is no entry for the Pol-Joni; I assume they have no characteristic modifiers, but they should still appear in the table. Also, the Old Tarsh and Lunar Tarsh entries are reversed (Lunar Tarsh appears first everywhere else in the book).
  16. p. 6, second column, paragraph ten: "Some D4s have the result number at the base of the pyramid, while others have it on the bottom"… don't "base" and "bottom" mean the same thing in this context? Suggest changing to "Some D4s have the result number at the base of the pyramid, while others have it at the top".
  17. p. 57, second column, tenth paragraph: "if a bonus would make a skill start below 00%, write in 00%" is confusing, since bonuses add. Suggest changing to "if a skills category penalty would make a skill start below 00%, write in 00%".
  18. Back cover, second column, paragraph six (fifth bullet in list): There seems to be a word missing before "sorcery": "A guide to the Runes and other types of magic, from spirit magic, sorcery, to incredible Rune magic…". Suggest changing to "A guide to the Runes and other types of magic, from spirit magic, to sorcery, to incredible Rune magic…". (I also think it's a little weird to say "Runes and other types of magic" and then mention "Rune magic", but that's not an error, just a matter of taste.)
  19. Thanks to everyone who replied. I'd completely missed the rule on p. 57. So I have a 0% Act skill, but can still benefit from the 01–05 rule (p. 142), since it's not an untrained base-00% skill.
  20. Index: not all page-number entries are hyperlinked. In the entry for "Melee Weapon", for instance, pp. 61, 65, 300, 302, and 305 are not hyperlinked (but the other page numbers listed in the same entry are).
  21. I'm rolling up my first RQ:G adventurer (a Sartarite Humakti, why do you ask?), and hit my first rules question: if I have a Communication category modifier of –5, and no bonuses to Act skill (base 05%), is my Act skill 0%, or is there a rule somewhere that I can't find that says it can't go below 1%? I see that situational penalties, such as the one for darkness (p. 224), never lower the chance of success below 5%, but I'm not sure whether that applies to permanent skill levels.
  22. p. 200, first column, paragraphs seven and eight: "Any subsequent parry is at a cumulative –20% penalty for each additional parry" and "Subsequent parries are at a cumulative –20% penalty" are superfluous. May I suggest dropping paragraph eight and recasting this portion of paragraph seven as "Each subsequent parry suffers a cumulative –20% penalty", omitting the redundant "for each additional parry"?
  23. p. 415, second column, fourth paragraph says that for an experience roll, "A modified roll over 100 is always a success", but p. 416, first column, fifth paragraph says that "a result of 100 always merits improvement". Suggest changing "A modified roll over 100" on p. 415 to "A modified roll of 100 or more".
  24. Seconded. I miss my RQ3 category modifiers (and I'm never getting back the brain cells I devoted to learning those).
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