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  3. Back when I was a teenager, I started to pick up Runequest stuff because that's what all the cool kids in the APAs were talking about. The rules were fine, a little confusing, and a little deadly. The next summer I went to I picked up Cults of Prax. It probably kicked around for a few weeks after before I got around to reading it. I remember sitting on my mom's couch just riveted. Suddenly, this world from the rulebook made sense, but all these other things made sense too. I knew it was a fictional world, but suddenly I "got" the way that the connections between mythology and a religion and culture centered around them would actually function. Encountering Glorantha didn't just change my gaming, it changed my life. I explored alternative spirituality. I studied anthropology and world religion. As I thought about his loss today, I am just in awe of exactly how much a simple RPG setting has had on the direction of my life.
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  5. It should include 2 D20s, numbered 0-9 twice!
  6. Wouldn't it just be a fighting maneuver to restrain them?
  7. My understanding is he sold the company in 2009 and regained control in 2014. My problem with the RQ dice is the same as the CoC dice, I can roll a d10 in any other games, but if I'm playing a BRP percentile based game, I have to have proper 20 sided 0-9 twice percentiles. It just doesn't feel right otherwise. I'd be up for the hit location die though. It'd even be good as "flavor" for other games.
  8. The first edition is available at Indie Press Revolution in print and PDF.
  9. I'm a bit taken aback by the notion of new art because to me the artistic cohesion (which looks, to me, to be in the style of Aaron Douglas) and excellent use of three color layout is one of the high points. What really makes the book is the writing. It's vibrant and brings the vibe of the city to life. This is the jazz age? Well, you feel the jazz. There's an attention to the little details of life that make it feel more human and immediate than most of the "city books" I've seen for games. "Where do the locals go?" is a cliche about tourist guides, but this strikes me much more as a local inside view where most RPG city guides come across like tourist guides. It also occurred to me that because racism creates very real barriers to the neighborhood, it provides a far more easily manageable size location while at the same time, being part of one of the larges cities on the planet.
  10. One of the tidbits I found out in one of my research binges was that the Mass state police were still riding horseback circuits until the late 20s because of road conditions and reliability of motor vehicles or lack thereof. They first switched to motorcycles and only later to cruisers. And I'm pretty sure chip sealing is different than oiled gravel. Chip sealing, at least around here, is a resurface for an old pavement road done by laying down a layer of small gravel, then sealing it. It throws up the occasional piece of oily gravel for a week (if one believes the letter section of the local newspaper--that primarily happens to rich wash-ashores in white luxury SUVs which are RUINED!!! ), then rides rough for about six months, but cars eventually pulverize it into the existing road bed and it seems like a normal road. My memory is that oiled gravel is just some oil/sealer sprayed onto a dirt/gravel road without any other preparation at all. It's done primarily to avoid huge clouds of dust when a car goes over the road, but doesn't do much at all to act as a surface. My memory is the sprayer is almost like something a farmer would use to spray crops.
  11. It's not so much an English thing as it is New England/Massachusetts. You hear "creek" more in the south and midwest. New England it's usually brook or river. We like to be a little weird.
  12. FWIW we'd be more likely to use brook or river than creek.
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  14. Exit 9 off Route 6 in South Dennis. Three within sight of each other. One full on each side of the road and a mini-store inside a gas station. And on quarries, leaving aside where there actually were functioning quarries, I'm not sure how many places you couldn't put a marble quarry and have it be plausible to someone who isn't a geologist.
  15. I've yet to find anything that doesn't chug seriously with Chaosium PDFs.
  16. Five miles between Dunkies? Times really were hard back in the 20s.
  17. I noticed it because I was working on a FoDG scenario set in Turner's Falls (where I lived for a year or two in the early 90s) regarding the rock and roll cult that used to be there and the ancient Native curse supposedly on the town because of the massacre during King Phillip's War. I wanted to know what the dominant tribal group was in the area so I could pick a monster from their lore.
  18. Abanaki would be more to the north. Route 2 used to be Highway 7. In Lovecraft terms, it would lead out of Arkham west, Dunwich would be north in about the middle of the state. Out west, the Turners/Greenfield area and later the Pittsfield area are relatively prosperous manufacturing centers. My understanding of driving at the time was the average speed was around 20mph and that it was extremely fatiguing compared to today's cars, so a night over on a trip to the western half of the state wouldn't be out of bounds. But not so much going a couple of miles between towns along the coast.
  19. Interestingly, the handout makes reference to the Abanaki and the Connecticut River Valley. If we were talking about heading out to that area, it would make much more sense. Perhaps this was rewritten to put it into the Arkham area without really thinking about the implications?
  20. Sample player characters can't be opened in some/most non-Adobe PDF readers. Probably autocalc issue.
  21. The problem here is that piloting an airplane is largely an additive skill. You master one aspect and then move on to more complex functions. CoC and most skill games don't do well with that concept. I'd look at the chart on p 54 about what various skill levels mean for inspiration. Someone with a basic private pilot license who's absolutely capable of safely flying for a lifetimes worth of recreation or a short vacations might only have a piloting skill of 15% or 20%. Maybe an advanced PPL with instrument rating and some time in small multiengine might be the 40% top of amateur. The problem is then GMs always seem to want to roll dice, so you've got your 40% and it's a bright beautiful day and you take off for a quick flight from Boston to Arkham, roll a 41 and everybody dies.
  22. I'd agree on the slowing down, I'd all but forgotten that aspect because overall, I was shocked at how crunchy combat felt.
  23. The language on runes p227 is kind of odd. It makes a distinction that elemental runes can only be used with a "single" skill and almost makes it sound like you need to pre-select the one skill that you'll be able to augment. I think the point of the paragraph is there's a table for elemental runes and what they can augment, but for power/form the GM is going to wing it on what can be augmented.
  24. When I played the QuickStart, we went nuts augmenting every single roll. I didn't think it was particularly a problem, but if that isn't the intent then I think the once per session makes sense--kind of a hero point sort of thing. For what constitutes a session, if it's a 10 hour marathon, I'd call a session break when the group broke to eat, which could be once or twice and is probably going to be follow some kind of natural break in the action. I'd also do a refresh anytime they're in a safe spot for a day or two whether that's in their village, at a temple, or just getting drunk at Gimpy's (though the safety of the latter is certainly up for debate).
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