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  1. My first impression based on sneak peaks at work (it's a software manual--really!) is that this is really really good. I was very worried the Glorantha aspects would be unapproachable for new players and I think it completely nailed it. If you want to sell a whole bunch of new people, I'd publish Vasana's Saga as a free PDF. Biturian was what sold me on Glorantha mumble-mumble years ago and this is a quite good equivalent. It gets the feeling across so much better than rules and discourses. I'm just really liking this.
  2. Massachusetts. The software includes a VPN between the cruiser and an "agency switch" at the station. There's a second VPN between station and state police CJIS. (Some departments still have an old ISDN between the station and CJIS.) The software is IMC. I think the cops are starting to look at me funny over the questions. That was this week. Last week I cornered the chief after a department head meeting to ask about morgue procedure and who would get brought in if a mutilated body was found in the woods.
  3. Here, it's the opposite. The cruiser laptop (actually a tablet PC with a portable keyboard because they're easier to use than the toughbooks we used to have) is basically a one function computer with our database client and a VPN to an intermediary "switch" at the station, which can grab info from either our local database or pull stuff from the state police system, so they don't need to go through dispatchers. I know there's been a big push to have compatible radio equipment for all public safety in the state for joint ops. I know our town is updated, but no idea of the overall state. In practice though, frequencies aren't shared in the sense of being able to regularly hear each other's radio chatter or randomly call in assistance.
  4. If I could have one wish for 7.1 or 8, it would be skill consolidation. Spot/Listen to detect, rifle/handgun to firearms, jump/throw/climb to athletics, and social skills to persuade. Few people take the athletic skills because there's too many to cover, so many GMs defacto combine the social and search skills, and there is nothing more frustrating than having a decent firearm skill in one, then needing the opposite skill.
  5. You could probably write the pulp rules on a single piece of paper. Even in the rules section, most of it is just tables of things you can spend luck on.
  6. If you want everyone to have their time in the spotlight, that's what Gumshoe is for. Roll a d100 for the number of months until it comes out! Seriously. Tables. I actually had a job at a lab just typesetting tables for publications. It's irritating, time consuming, and dull as hell.
  7. Just my two cents, but there were plenty of us back in the day who had campaigns full of combat and adventure in the big rubble. And Runequest doesn't really have rules for handling things outside of combat either. It was just something you understood was to be played out through roleplaying. The idea that 13G was going to be a different take on Glorantha, more adventure-centric and less anthropological dissertation, was a big plus for me.
  8. There's a chart of where all the skills changed throughout the editions, but there really aren't all that many. https://cthulhureborn.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/the-descent-of-skills/ But I'm going to make a radical guess that you're looking at an earlier volume in the Age of Cthulhu series and the skills as listed are often not from any edition of CoC. They all have "move quietly" and "hide in cover" but in earlier editions this was "sneak" and in 7th it's "stealth" but it's never been the skills listed in AoC. I'd just roll it as listed in the adventure for the NPCs and the character sheets for the PCs and just make the best guess for the pre-gens.
  9. By converting the icon concept to cult. Offering a few specific cult spells. I mean, we've had a classless system for 35 years that's managed to differentiate cults. I get why they did it the way they did and it's a perfectly valid way of doing it. It's just not what I would have done and came as a surprise.
  10. I'm left in a weird place by 13inG because there's virtually no decision they made that I wouldn't have made differently. Which isn't any comment on quality, just that it's so monumentally different from what I expected that I'm still not sure what I think. I'd have done icons as cults and left the classes generic archetypes (shaman, rune lord, rune priest), not culture bound. They've done the opposite. Having said that, I think the idea of runes as icons work. I never quite "got" what I was supposed to do with icons in the original 13G. It was too freeform for my taste for something that was supposed to have a mechanical function. With a more coherent setting like Glorantha, it would have been easier. But turning it all into a simpler runic bonus mechanic works for me quite well. It takes a relatively confusing aspect of 13A and gives you a simple way to deal with it. I like crunchy combat, but I prefer a very free form approach to culture and roleplaying rather than specific skills, so one of the things that's most attracted me to 13th Age has been it's freeform approach to non-combat skills. So this to me was a strength. I will note that the main critique I've seen, particularly from people who haven't been playing in Glorantha since the 1980s seems to be that the Gloranthan lore is still too deep, too academic, and too impermeable. I tend to agree, in general terms, that Glorantha badly needs the return of Biturian Varosh to ease people in rather than more academic-ish writeups.
  11. Given the graphic complexity is challenging for a lot of tablets and lower end laptops, it might be nice to save the PDFs layered, so we could turn off the backgrounds. Overall though, I think the books coming out right now are fantastic. I definitely don't want to go backwards.
  12. I"m just glad I'm not crazy! I had a softcover and I remember it having the dots.
  13. Really? I just assumed the RQ2 book was the same as the RQ Classic, which has the dot version. Weird. Because I remember the dot version from the ancient times and being far happier with the line version. Were there multiple printings of the RQ2 book? Oh well, time number 4976 that I kick myself for loaning my RQ2 stuff to a friend and never getting it back. (Sorry for the ancient history derail)
  14. Where is that version of the Sapienza sheet from? Every version I can find is the one with typewriter dots for lines. The "real line" one is what we used to use back in the day, but I have no idea whether I got it in a book or an old A&E or Wild Hunt. (Honestly, I'd started to wonder if I'd gone a little batty and dreamed it.)
  15. At least fate dice are easily emulated with a regular D6. Not so much with Star Wars dice. Back to RQ:G. I'd like to see something in between the colored full graphic sheets and the plain boxes. The plain sheet is almost punitively plain. How about a little artistic flair to the frames and a less utilitarian font.
  16. One of my players worked in a print shop. They did a photo stencil and ran off a ream of sheets on an old gestetner. It was some kind of clone of the Sapienza sheet with a nicer font and proper lines instead of typewriter style dots.
  17. Grab the quickstart rules for RQ:G if you haven't. There's a whole lot there; more than you'd expect from a quickstart.
  18. I think there's something to it being a historic milestone in RPGs, though I'm not sure I'd call it Nostalgia. I think it's also about Chaosium as a whole, not just Cthulhu or MoN. But as a gamer from the 80s, there were 16-50 page "adventures" from all the other companies and Chaosium was just churning out these incredible campaign boxes several times that size, and like nothing anyone else was doing. That's not limited to MoN or Cthulhu, I'd put the dual Pavis set as part of that as well. I think why MON gets the most attention is that it's a great adventure, but it's the best of this period and really the culmination of that entire wave of Chaosium not just pushing the industry forward, but shoving it aggressively with a roll of 01.
  19. Has anyone at Chaosium considered PDFs without the background or changing the export settings in some way. For me, the Chaosium PDFs are extremely slow to load. Clicking on a bookmark you get a blank page, then after 3 or 4 seconds the background comes in, then the text and actual graphics. I've monkeyed with all the tools I have trying to compress them as well as trying pretty much every PDF reader on Windows, Mac, and Android without much luck.
  20. To this day, I honestly will never be able to emotionally separate how much of my highly negative reaction to RQ3 was the tissue paper books.
  21. I'm sure they're tired of hearing what we want updated and reprinted, but a "best of" short scenario collection would be on my list. One of the most common questions I see is what good one shots to run. The answers are one scenario from here, another from there, and some are out of print, others you're buying a good sized book of "meh" for one jewel.
  22. Irritating. I signed up last year and never got a ballot.
  23. I think the best cosmic horror ones I can think of are for Trail, not Call, and are the ones in The Final Revelation collection. You'd have to convert obviously. I also quite liked the Doors to Darkness scenarios. They aren't quite as dark as Walmsley's, but they tend towards the "small local horror" sort of thing more than adventure.
  24. I really truly apologize for any details I got wrong. I am just another person who thinks it's an amazing book that obviously had an enormous amount of work put into it and hate to see a situation where there are people with money on one side who want to get a copy and a great website that can use the money on the other.
  25. A kickstarter page is not a contract. If you want to take it as a contract, it says that the primary reason for the Companion is to fund yog-sothoth.com and that 51% of proceeds will go to fund the yoggies, which hasn't happened--in fact the owner of the site is selling his personal possessions to make good the printing costs. It also says it will only be available at chaosium.com, so if we wanted to be literal minded, the sales at drivethrurpg.com and by Chaosium at conventions are counter to the literal wording of the kickstarter. It just seems ridiculous to many of us that the point was to fund yoggies, that didn't happen, people are desperate to give someone their money for this thing, and that they're sticking with one side of the agreement at the cost of the other in a way that benefits nobody other than the individual selling theirs on ebay for $299. And like Darius West, yes, I have a copy. Edit: Per G+ supposedly there's going to be a PDF release eventually. Hopefully ysdc can get some support from that.
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