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  1. This sounds very promising. Poland and its people often pleasantly surprise me. despite their implacable hatred of vowels. Błogosławieństwa dla was wszystkich
  2. "Keep deep lore out of newbie threads. If you can’t say it in one paragraph it’s not appropriate for a new user post. Deep lore threads are awesome places to learn, but only when you are ready for them. Help new members by linking to existing deep lore posts with “Here is some more information if you are interested.” Have more in depth info to add? Make a new thread and link to it. Remind your fellow experienced members to continue the conversation there." I don't believe we should talk down to people or restrict them from "adult conversations". Deep lore conversations can be very tantal
  3. Yeah, by RQ3 rules I would argue that a 1 hour extension should only allow travel in the Near Spirit Realm, not the Far Spirit Realm. Aspirants/Assistants are noobs and should kick around in the wading pool while they learn to swim.
  4. I think that might be more God Learning than Illumination, potaytoe potaatoe
  5. I can agree with you to a degree, but remember that nothing opens the floodgates on power in Glorantha like illumination. Suddenly the illuminate is able to use and abuse magic like never before, and the only consequence is social censure by those who dare to speak truth to power in an age where massacre of enemies is seen as a good thing. Illumination is a license to riot handed down by some very questionable gods who are all-too sympathetic to chaos imo. In many ways, due to its covert nature, Illumination is more destructive of the world than actual chaos features and chaos monsters, as
  6. Yes, there is power involved, but to assume the continuation of war was the only reason would be very uncharitable. It is like telling someone that they are only marrying for sex or for money. Such a claim makes a lot of pretty simplistic and insulting assumptions. One might view the marriage as a way of hopefully securing peace in the region, for example. A way of seeking to end the Hero Wars, while guaranteeing that there was now a confederation strong enough to face off against the Lunars, including the former Holy Country, Maniria, Prax, Sartar and the rest of Dragon Pass and its vario
  7. This is charmingly cynical and likely quite accurate. It certainly seems to describe the actions and motivations of most illuminates from the literature. Everyone is down on Argrath apparently for being a bit too genocidal with regards to the Monster Empire. Beat Pot is a hypocritical monster. Jar-Eel is a fascist poster girl with no conscience to speak of. Then there's Ralzakark... Yeah... Ralzakark... And there's Oddi the Keen, who joins up with Ralzakark before ultimately betraying him. I could get into how Arkat and Nysalor are both Gbaji. So, are all illuminates a pack of axehole
  8. If any part of Ralzakark is a broo then all of Ralzakark is a broo. Normal female child, or covert ogre illuminate?
  9. Why kill them when you can simply render them unconscious with an uppercut, a sleep spell, a befuddle. "Chaos stalks my...ooof!"
  10. If Argrath were only devoted to destroying the Lunar Empire he would never have taken the time to court and marry the Feathered Horse Queen. As to what Kallyr's long term aims were, why do you suppose that they were so very different to Argrath's? She wanted to restore Sartar, but really could Sartar be restored as an independent and sovereign power while the Lunar Empire still exists? Probably not, given the determination of the Lunars to kill Orlanth and subjugate Sartar at all costs. Do we ever hear of the Lunars seeking a long term peaceful settlement with Sartar or Argrath's Empire in
  11. In essence every hero is a proto-god by this reckoning. Most heroes, for example, have a Nemesis, and many have a fetch of some description. To say Ragnaglar is somehow not a broo is however absurd. Just because he is embodying the Unholy Trio doesn't make that less the case imo. No illuminated broo detects as chaotic, but does that mean they are no longer broos, or no longer chaotic? No. Illumination just hides this component of their character, but they can still have active chaos features. He isn't a deity, he's just a very naughty broo.
  12. Ultimately the slaughter of Peloria is a mass Hero Quest. Orlanth killing Yelm... A lot. But seriously, by the time the slaughtering gets going in earnest the Lunars have devolved into the monster empire, and likely Argrath is getting the blame for the "Lunar" Empire imploding. Remember that the Lunars would "mainly" try to avoid feeding their citizens to the Crimson Bat...Mainly. I take the situation of the destruction of Peloria as being very similar to the way the Roman historians blamed the Visigoths and the Vandals for sacking Rome, when in fact it was the Romans themselves who sacked
  13. Jeff, I have always been curious about the Pavic cult of Iffinbix. It is apparently an Earth cult that practices sorcery, has square, slope roofed temples which require people to eat agipith roots before entering ( I assume they are filled with poisonous gasses), and likely practice a fair amount of teleport magic. Iffinbix also seems to be linked to the rise of vampires in Pavis. Can you tell me anything about the mythology of Iffinbix, or detail about the cult's history after Time, or what it's magical abilities are like? Was the cult originally from Teshnos, for example?
  14. A fair assessment. Yeah, it is a bit like that. Beat Pot is a less-than-sympathetic character for that reason. Who knows what Jar-Eel sees in him. I think it expresses a huge deficit in her character that she takes him as a lover. That is a very jaundiced reading of those characters. They are both aware of the terrible dangers that illumination represents. The whole notion that chaos is somehow okay is fundamentally flawed as an idea, and the license to riot that illumination represents is something that a person with a conscience should oppose, even if they are illuminate
  15. I think it runs deeper than that. Destroying the Lunar Empire isn't only something Argrath wants. Pretty much everyone in Sartar and the Heortlands wants that, and likely many folk from further afield too. Argrath is just the one who can and does bring it to fruition.
  16. Broos can look like just about anything. If a broo buggers a unicorn, you get a unicorn broo. If a broo buggers a mold for a statue, you get a hollow human, and kudos for creativity.
  17. Sry, every part of Ralzakark is just a broo, and this weird connection they have is just a chaos feature. Prove me wrong.
  18. Glad you agree. The next lesson for the newly minted illuminate is that "liberty is not license". That's a hard one.
  19. Not so much imo. The thing about illuminates is that they are undetectable. If an illuminate wishes to go without creating suspicions about their state, they simply need to follow their religious precepts to the letter. An Orlanthi who cops impests because they break a precept like generosity is obviously not an illuminate, but an Orlanthi who never breaks precepts is a hero in the making, and places themselves beyond suspicion (despite being an illuminate). A known illuminate is put to death when discovered in an Orlanthi society. The very best they can hope for is exile. Argrath
  20. I have also spoken to Greg on the issue many years ago, and while he may have changed his opinion on matters 160 times since then, can we really say that you now speak for him? Seriously, no two forms of mysticism are so very alike. Even in India where you have multiple sects of religious ascetics teaching overtly similar things, the truth of narcissism of small differences makes that sort of behavior all but an impossibility for humans.
  21. I completely concur with all of this. I really wouldn't leap to this conclusion. Consider Buddha's behavior after he finished his direst austerities. He accepted food from an untouchable caste woman and ate heartily. While nobody accused him of rape per se, his actions were seen by his compatriots as a shocking betrayal of ascetic principles. Upon crossing the river, one leaves the boat behind, for it has served its purpose. So too with austerities upon achieving enlightenment. The extremity of the reaction to no longer being subject to austerities is a matter of the individ
  22. Remember that the God Learners did in fact accidentally obtain Arkat's hero questing secrets disguised as another text. As Arkat was an illuminate, there is every likelihood that illumination and its secrets were a powerful key to opening up God Learnerism. It need not have been necessary, and I agree that a deductive approach could have worked, but only if the information was already available. As it is, I suspect that the book "Impossible Landscapes" was "riddled" with Arkati secrets.
  23. Most people in Glorantha are not illuminated. They're peasants. All they know is that illumination is an undetectable chaos cult from long long ago that involves riddles and power mad infiltrators like god learners, Lunars, and so forth. They won't give a damn what an illuminate protests about their politics. You can't believe a word that comes out of their riddling mouths. The only answer is to crucify the illuminates on a death rune and then burn them alive once the matter is proven. Remember that Orlanth, Issaries and Lhankor Mhy treat Nysalor as a Zero (Hostile) relationship. As far
  24. There is a simple pattern in Gloranthan history. Every age, some clowns form an empire and try to create a deity. This breaks the compromise, and Glorantha's immune system springs into action. By analogy, chaos before time was akin to a brush with cancer. Nysalor was a simple virus. Zistor was all about the early symptoms but the disease was relatively easily fought off once it manifested. The Red Moon Goddess is a retrovirus. When every deity comes into existence, it awakens a shadow. This nemesis starts developing on its path to correcting the outbreak. Then there is a bloodletting
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