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  1. I used to roll behind a screen, but now don't even do that. In fact I roll the dice in front of the players whenever there is an attack. It makes sure you aren't tempted to go easy on the players, or to fudge. Let the dice tell the story. It normally turns out better that way, rather than forced deus ex machina and railroading things. CoC is plenty tense without GM interference in rolls for the sake of building tension or somesuch.
  2. And yet an armored dinosaur is still awesome, even if the Bat could eat it in one gulp. Can a dinosaur seriously carry platemail and a howdah? 29,700L seems about right for the costing. I know that armoring elephants was definitely a thing IRL ancient history, so why not armor a dinosaur?
  3. Based on the revelations of the HQ rules, there are a lot of questions we need to ask about Pavis. I can seriously think of few more equivocal characters in RQ except perhaps Belintar. For example, is Pavis even really a god, or is his cult simply a school of sorcery, or a bit of column A and a bit of column B? And who the hell was Iffinbix in this picture? Quite apart from the Green Age conspiracy element, the whole chaos element in Pavis is quite weird and disturbing too. For example, given that Pavis is quite probably one of the few people who actually knew Delecti before he was a vamp
  4. I think the hardest part about playing a duck is tuning them properly.
  5. What about chucking a woad wearer in a sack? Is that clothes? Or a blanket? What about a net? Or a river?
  6. Yeah, that's pretty typical of that combo.
  7. Yeah, what happens when a Hero Quest fails or goes seriously wrong? It is a question worth asking, and one not asked often enough. One might imagine that death would not be the worst thing that could happen. Let's face facts, Kallyr was not born under a lucky star.
  8. What about the Vadeli? Will nobody think of the Vadeli?
  9. And how long did his empire last? And where is he now?
  10. We both know that Illuminated Master is a synonym for Lunar Simp. Illumination is just a racist misinterpretation of Zen Buddhism.
  11. You have to remember that Yelmalions still gets all those Create Head and Mind Absorbing spells, so they can effectively harvest those much needed spells off other people. In that respect they are much stronger than other chaos cults, except perhaps Vivamort.
  12. Battle skill isn't only about strategy and tactics. It is also, importantly, about a character's familiarity with the environment of massed battles, and how to fight them as a warrior/soldier. It will include things such as fighting in formations, knowing signals given by flags and musical instruments, anticipating the enemy and the flow of battle so the character doesn't get into a situation they can't get out of. In short, battle skill applies as much to being a grunt as it does to being an officer. It is important to note that most human beings can't fight for more than about 15 min
  13. Orlanth is one of the best and most detailed cults in the game. I personally would like to see write-ups for all the Thunder Brother subcults in any Orlanth write-up. Ernalda is a good cult too, but will never be as good at healing as Chalana Arroy, but trades that against being capable of warlike activities.
  14. A single hero quest will not remake the world. Both Sedenya and Orlanth have multiple spouses in any case. Peace between the two sides is pretty much impossible. Orlanthi will never tolerate a deity made after time that worships chaos. That is another manifestation of Wakboth to them, and a breach of the Compromise. Similarly, the Lunars are not about to stop until they have conquered all of Glorantha and filled everyone's heads with irreconcilable 1984-style contradictions masquerading as enlightenment.
  15. Nysalor is actually an aspect of Seseine, and not an especially important one.
  16. Yeah, but you only lose 1d3 SAN, and never get any spells or mythos (other than Marvel Mythos) from it. Don't get me wrong, I definitely felt that Howard the Duck was destroying my mind while I was watching it, but not in a King in Yellow kinda way,even though I did regret watching it. I admit I was filled with self destructive thoughts afterwards too, but that mainly amounted to wanting to bash my head against a wall to erase the memory because I couldn't unwatch it.
  17. Sometimes you guys make it too easy: It should probably be called Howard Le Carnard. Don't get the English version, it's just awful.
  18. It isn't the same moon. Not at all. As for actually finishing what you start, how is that obsessive vengeance? Who started the War for the Middle Air anyhow? The fact is that the Lunars are simply the latest form of the Devil, using the masks of false enlightenment to disguise their true form. Anyone fighting for the Lunar Empire is fighting to destroy the world, whether they understand the fact or not. Now as to the supposed moral ambiguity of Argrath, his motives are perfectly understandable and internally consistent, unlike the Lunar "enlightened" imperialist doublethink of illumi
  19. I also agree. My only stake in the matter is that I sincerely wish the rules covered what is actually going on with regards to saddle tech. As you say, there are indeed a number of ways of solving the "saddle" question, and indeed, you don't always need stirrups if you have solved the problem with the right saddle. The fact is, the saddle that we regard as standard today has little resemblance to medieval saddles, because it is really a stockman's saddle, for example.
  20. It is pure supposition on my part, sorry if that misled you, but think about it; it fits a bit too well. Think about it in terms of Orlanthi tribal enemies and their occasional sexual taboos, but the Yelmish version. You might even be stuck in the odd situation where incest is okay (like in Parthia or Ancient Egypt), but premarital sex is chaos. Consider that Pater Familias legally owns his daughter, and her virtue, and may dispose of it in any manner he sees fit (*shudder*), and after all, incest is often a sign of divinity, you only have to see how inbred many deities are to understand tha
  21. There is a strange supposition in the rules, which is that lances in Glorantha are routinely couched for a charge, in the fashion of knights and lancers. In fact, this plumments us back into the ugly territory of "the stirrup question". Is it even possible to stay mounted if you couch a lance while having no stirrups? I have long felt that this is something that the RQ rules completely needed to address but didn't, if only to just end the discussion. The fact is, however, that cataphracts didn't have stirrups, and didn't couch their lances, but instead had pike length spears that they used
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