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  1. I agree completely lordabdul. This is the sort of thing that would be part of the criminal underworld. This is something spies and thieves would do. Of course the next questions are who, and how. Obviously Lanbril is an obvious choice, but potentially also Krarsht, and of course Eurmal. As to how to do it, well, I would argue that low potency acid, or flaying, combined with rapid subsequent divine healing would be the answer, provided the healing is done by a deity who would be sympathetic to such a dubious undertaking. The process will be at least as painful as actually getting tattooed
  2. I'm not quite getting the mythos angle... I mean, soap operas do awaken a certain cosmic dread in me, but I don't think that is what you are going for. On the other hand I am genuinely interested, so, perhaps a little more exposition is needed? For example, what is the horror element?
  3. While I regard the walls of AldaChur being vitrified as perfectly legit, there is part of me that likes the idea of translucent glass walls manufactured, not by EWF dragonewts but by the Mostali of Dwarf Run, who were also major builders. Chert, Flint and Obsidian are all natural glasses, and are not nice to try to cut through. They make sharp flakes, blunt tools, cut miners, and spark (creating fires). All-in-all, a huge nuisance, and in many ways, more annoying than trying to besiege a concrete structure.
  4. LOL, no probs. I got it wrong too after all. It's hard to remember. While I can see how truesword could work... sort of... to hit spirits, it isn't a rule I like tbh. I mean, from where I stand, Truesword is about sending the living into the land of the dead. The notion that it destroys spirits (other than ghosts and revenants who, lets face it, are breaking Humakt's rules), doesn't sit well with me. It seems unnecessarily OP.
  5. Truesword explicitly works, but spirit magic like bladesharp or fireblade explicity doesn't, now I have re-read the rules.
  6. So the timeline has been contracted then? I thought the Moon was pulled down in 1725.
  7. Fair enough, Truesword or enchanted metals will work, to a degree, but bladesharp and other weapon enhancing spells will have no effect. It specifically says so. I would imagine that most spirits would see some value in dispelling the truesword if they have the ability to do so.
  8. Fair enough. I can see how salt water might stop the superforestation plot of the Elves, but what about the dragging of Slon to Jrustela by dinosaurs and winches? Also, won't Anilla simply smash through the iceberg ? I can't see a heavenly body with that much built up momentum coming to a gentle stop. And if somehow Anilla doesn't smash it, concrete fortress ships with incendiary cannons, and quite possibly retrofitted Jrusteli firey ice magic certainly will, mermen or no mermen. Explosives work far more effectively underwater after all, and a waxed fuse is cheap and easy tech. It just d
  9. The stat blocks do not easily translate between HQ and RQG, but the plots and the settings certainly should. Considering that effectively a skill of 1W is 105%, most HQ characters are ridiculously OP by RQG standards. It should be pretty obvious that if you can automatically choose which skills to improve after each adventure rather than rolling ups, you can get very powerful very quickly in a most munchkinesque fashion. RQG is about playing people of a more ordinary level of ability than HQ. It isn't unusual for HQ to have characters without any major cult allegiance who have skills
  10. I don't think that either sword trance or truesword can actually hit a disembodied spirit in a fight for dominant possession as material swords don't affect ghosts. Yes, they affect werewolves, but not ghosts. You actually have to use the Spirit Combat rules unless I am somehow every much mistaken. RQG is not like HQ in that respect. One of many reasons why I never liked HQ; one answer fits all.
  11. Or it might just require a ritual. Considering that most temples will be built on a clan tula where Hero Quests are played out, the space is more than a little sacred to begin with.
  12. Rhino Leather tends to have more AP and be thicker than standard leather. I would assume the same to be true of dragon hide. Also, dragon bone might also be used.
  13. It seems a bit difficult to reconcile the fact that the Great Flood takes place pretty much in the middle of the Hero Wars, but doesn't rate more of a mention in the chronicles of the time. How long is it supposed to last for, and how does it resolve itself? Also what is the purpose of the "plan" in the first place?
  14. BTW, has everyone been watching Babylon Berlin on Netflix? It is set in Weimar Germany. I recommend it, but not for children.
  15. I don't entirely disagree with what you are saying, don't get me wrong on that, it's just that the Praxians HAVE seen what the Empire brought when they came to Prax in 1610. I don't think it was enough to just have Argrath present, and the society present, I think what likely turned everyone's loyalty was the Dragonrise. It would have been visible from Prax, and that would have been pretty alarming to witness.
  16. Darius West


    It is variously described as being in Karia and Delela thus it would logically be near the south-eastern border of modern Karia but within modern Delela. Clearly it is now too ruined to even qualify as a ruin.
  17. Firstly, lay-membership is very fluid. If you show up to worship, pay your clack and spent your magic point, you're a lay-member. Those who want to get more involved in the temple and aim for initiate status will be a lot more serious about their lay-membership, and it will be pretty obvious who those people are. It is therefore pretty easy to scrape together 150+ lay-members, and often a tribal ring will insist that the numbers, sacrifices, and payments be met for the sole purpose of keeping a temple and its blessings available. So think in those terms; a priest who wants to found a new t
  18. Praxians have a good idea about who controls what territory with how many warriors. They are a raiding culture, and this is their livelihood. Praxians will have solid intel on the strength of the Lunars if they are near them, and this will be updated any time they follow a caravan into a Lunar settlement as guards. It's part of their raider culture mindset, just like a robber and every security guard will case every shop they walk into. Given that prophecies don't always quite mean what they say, there would need to be a shift in the balance of power, (most likely the Dragonrise), that wou
  19. Yeah, Masquerade Vampires are a horrible pack of edgelords, I completely understand why you don't like them, but at least they don't sparkle. (Yes, I am deliberately misinterpreting your comment).
  20. I completely agree with you, that switching loyalty is pretty characteristic of Praxians, but the Lunars don't represent your usual tribal alliance of convenience, they're a colossal empire, and the initiates into their cult are forever tied to the cycles of the Moon. Arguably, the White Bull Prophecy is the only thing that gets some to change sides, and that is a pretty slender thread to hang a long term alliance on when compared to what the Lunars bring to the table, even when they are losing. That was all I meant.
  21. Waha Priests and Khans have their allied spirit bound into their mount, and if it dies, they have to bind it into an object subsequently according to the RQ:GoG Preview Edition. As you say, there is no mention of dominant possession powers for most allied spirits.
  22. We are told a number of conflicting things about the Sable Tribe in and around the time of the Whitebull Army's victory in Prax. We are told that the Sables joined the Whitebull Army. We are also told that the Sables were defeated by the Whitebull Army and driven into the Chaos Wastes. Given their alliance with the Lunar Empire, the Sables are in an interesting political situation, effectively having a foot in both camps of the conflict. This ambiguity is well worth some detailed discussion. How did this all play out for the Sables? It seems like some clans stayed loyal to the Lunars, a
  23. I am mainly in agreement with you on this. It is a somewhat fraught area of Gloranthan history so I am going to put it up as a separate topic for discussion, mainly to underline that it needs some clarification to the authors on the forum.
  24. Saying stuff like that would get you shot dead in 1860s Kentucky.
  25. "Lab assistants were becoming too attached to their lab rats so they started hiring lawyers, as nobody could form an attachment with them." Basically you care about your loyal vassals in a way you don't care about mercenaries. You can throw away the lives of mercenaries, but you pay for the privilege, plus they will serve over the winter if you keep paying them. This is useful during a siege. Obviously mercenaries are clued in to the fact they will be misused and abused by their employers, hence the low loyalty. They will know a suicide mission when they see one, but if the odds are d
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