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  1. One of my favorite series ever. Thank you.
  2. Is the version at rpgmeeting updated to the current. And if so can you include a link. You did not provide a dtrpg link for me to download it originally. So that site does not recognize me.
  3. When the 7th edition of Dreamlands is released this might be what he needs. Perhaps using the conversion rules in the 7th edition rules could allow using the current Dreamlands.
  4. Any chance that this might be shipped to backers soon?
  5. Much better, the first one gave me the feeling he was trying to sell me car insurance.
  6. DTR seems to result in a higher price to the states than ordering from your awesome sale page.
  7. It's in Mythras - Cores Rules
  8. Thanks, this looks great. A subject I had been hoping for.
  9. I just went to the site and it says there are 52 in stock. It allowed me to add it to my shopping bag. How far did you get?
  10. It should be here this coming Wednesday. I look forward to digging into it.
  11. Use this code LULURC to get another 25% off and free USA shipping, not sure when it ends but it just worked for me. total cost for the hardback with shipping and local tax $26.57
  12. Very reasonable price. Even not knowing any Spanish i want to buy it
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1861515217/aquelarre-the-dark-and-mature-medieval-rpg-now-in?ref=hero_thanks
  14. Amazing, a BBC show that appears in the USA first. Two episodes here already. Looks good, I'm not sure how closely it follows the books.
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