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  1. Moving older version list from first post to here: v1.2 Excel version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wkN9vyyeTRjw7CtCn0PejYuiPoK36vhe/view?usp=sharing Version history: V1.9.7 Alpha 2: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1A9RfzOPgKcigkgC54j2AxTpxI2pPABhm18uK6MjMbSs Fixed translation of Sing skill alternative value in French rule set. Added new column for keeping track of changes to Rune values after character creation (values added in the Extra column will not affect the characteristic bonus, which the Adds column does affect). V1.9.6 Beta 5: https://docs.go
  2. Page 144 Ambiguous - does this mean once per session per task, or can an ability only augment once per session?
  3. Hm, I hadn't thought of it being interpreted that way but you're right, it's ambiguous.
  4. Page 144 So it can only be used once per session. Seems pretty clear to me. It's a bit unfair to players who tend to play long sessions, I remember as a student we would play for 10 hours straight at a week-end. Relaxing it to once per scene is reasonable in my opinion.
  5. I've updated my character creation and ongoing management spreadsheet! I created this a while back based on an in-development version of the rules (Working draft 2.1). Since then the category mods have become multiples of 5, the skill list has changed quite a bit. The RQG Wiki has detailed instructions. Aussi en français. Pick your Race, Culture, Occupation, and Cult in the drop-downs in Column A. Click the "Fill" button (dotted down-arrow) in column F to set up the dice to roll. Until you select a race, such as Human, and click this button, all stats will be 3D6. Click
  6. Page 398 So if the GM says "It's between 50% and 70%", then I know it's exactly 60%. Thanks!
  7. The Magic Rune in a spell means that you can substitute any Rune for that one Rune, right? So for example Castback has Magic and Stasis - if I only know Water, I can't cast it because I have to know Stasis and any other Rune. Also, how do calendar affinities and other runic bonuses work with spells that I cast using another Rune in place of Magic? If I cast Neutralize Magic in Sea Season using the Water Rune, should I get the seasonal bonus?
  8. Page 391 Perhaps "a related technique" rather than opposing, as there are other relationships e.g. Command and Tap grant this, and all techniques confer access to those two. Also "magic Rune" should be capitalized.
  9. Page 316 No Rune points are actually lost, they are just ignored. Perhaps:
  10. Starting adventurers who are initiates get 3 Rune Points. How would this work for sorcerers who are not Lhankor Mhy? Would they get 3 points of POW which they could spend on things like inscriptions and enchantments?
  11. Ok lets see how silly you can get with Enhance INT. So you start off with 3 spells, lets say you managed to get an INT of 18, so 15 free INT. Inscribing a spell so it takes up no INT seems pretty easy, just 1 POW per spell, no extra Enchant spell or die rolls necessary. So spend 1 POW to free up 1 INT, giving 16. Cast it once with 16 strength, so your INT is now 23 with 21 free INT. Cast it again, with 13 points of duration (2 weeks), and 8 points of intensity giving you +3 INT - so 21. Not bad, but not too silly. Takes quite a chunk of MP reserves to pull off, especia
  12. Page 394 Dampen Damage Extra space in "bonus es".
  13. Sorcery seems very time-consuming to cast! What does the "x Points" number of a spell mean in game mechanical terms? Is this the amount of Free INT it takes? Is it the minimum intensity or MPs to get the base effect? If the latter, then the example on page 384 is wrong. Ah - I think I get it - it's the number of runes/techniques, and the example actually says it has a base MP cost of 2 because of the two runes (Fire/Sky, Summon). Presumably it does not take two Free INT, just one.
  14. Page 385 This implies that he doesn't know any sorcery spells, since Free INT is Int minus spirit magic and sorcery spells known. Unless it is explained elsewhere that his sorcery spells do not take up Free INT for some reason. It seems odd to me that interrupted concentration aborts the spell with no MP cost, but deliberately aborting it costs 1 MP. Surely a sorcerer can just stop concentrating, and thus lose the spell at no cost as though they had been poked in the eye?
  15. Any plans to reintroduce a BRP wiki? There's been some talk on The Design Mechanism forum, but no action yet, and I don't think Pete and Loz have the time to devote to it. I would say that this is the perfect place as there are lots of people already here rather than dividing effort among separate wikis for BRP, Legend, RQ6, OpenQuest, etc. Oh, and the Wayback Machine has a snapshot of the wiki as of Nov 19 2010.
  16. That's similar to what I was thinking, but if the piper is an Orlanthi, and therefore the pipes are bagpipes, then surely he's there to help Orlanth find the way out of the underworld. *Help a kinsman to return from a dangerous journey, or help lost kinfolk find their way home
  17. I don't think I could acquire enough acid.
  18. Depends on the starting temperature... But that leaves open the possibility of interference. Caustic substances would be hard to obtain and I want it to be as much a shock and surprise to the GM as the others players.
  19. Nice. But I'd have to put up with the other players and GM trying to talk me out of it incessantly. Something that is pretty much irreversible once it's begun would avoid that, and avoid the GM making me roll Willpower over and over again.
  20. I want something that will be talked about (in the game world) for a hundred years, something that will set an example that will reinforce the importance and meaning of the rules of the order for generations. Sepuku is honourable, and wrist-slitting is just committing suicide. It has to be done in the style of an execution. Punishing oneself by death is one thing. Deliberately heaping dishonour on it will create a legend.
  21. Tricky to attach yourself securely to something like that.
  22. Warning: unpleasant content ahead! I have a character in a game who is determined to set an example. He has committed what he considers to be an unforgivable crime, but no-one else sees it that way, the other players and the GM seem to think it is no big deal and they are determined to smooth it all over and carry on. My character is a member of a fanatical order with very strict rules (Legend of the Five Rings, Kuni Tsugai-Sagasu to be specific), but he has been forced to break those rules, and as soon as certain obligations (i.e. the current campaign) are resolved, he is going to set an e
  23. Whereas my version screams for itself! http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8129635/RQ6_Improved.jpg
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