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  1. Are you familiar with Nikk Effingham's points system?
  2. I'm not aware of any elven races that are sickly or unhealthy. Usually they have very high resilience and resistance to diseases and poisons. No, elves are just better than humans at nearly everything (except breeding and abusing the natural environment), so trying to "balance" them is futile. They are unbalanced. Live with it. Tolkien never worried about his races being balanced, why should a roleplaying game?
  3. Which is fine, as medical science is probably not as advanced in most RuneQuest settings, and I don't recall seeing "oxygen mask" anywhere on the equipment lists.
  4. CON in rounds is nice and simple. Any "Casualty" fans recall how long it is before brain damage starts?
  5. I can now calculate special chances in my head almost instantly. It was quite a revelation when it clicked. Maybe everyone could do it, if they spent long enough figuring out how they can do it - not everyone does maths in the same way, different methods work for different people. Here's roughly how my brain does it: Find the nearest 5%. Did it end in a 3 or an 8? Then go up rather than down. Other rounding directions are then obvious to me, and 3 and 8 look similar. For results of 50 or below, I can divide by 5 straight away. For results above 50, if the result is a multiple of 10, either
  6. Balancing is very different for superpowers as against spells. Also, many superpowers are "always on", such as strength, speed, flight, invulnerability, etc., and superpower strength should be much, much more potent than a strength spell, whereas a lightning bolt spell and a lightning bolt power should be fairly similar.
  7. I've never come across the latter two in a published BRP-based rule set, and the first one is only used for POW in RQ3.
  8. * edit * ok I misread you, didn't notice "below", I read that as "10 or below" in case you saw my original reply questioning your calc.
  9. Another datum, in the interest of fairness, I just asked one of my players what the special chance is with a 78% skill, and a minus 15% penalty, and he answered instantly "13", which is correct. I had to think for about 10 seconds to decide that I agreed.
  10. So if I roll a 17, then I have scored a special if my skill is 85 or more? No, I only need 83 for 17 to be a special.
  11. No, you only need 28 entries for 1-100. On your table, given that special and crit have a minimum chance of 1, the first 7 entries are all the same. This is the Avalon Hill table: It isn't ideal having to use a table, but it's better than doing the maths in your head. If you are going to have crits and specials on 1/20 and 1/5, then I think the new BRP table is better, and the rules need to be errata'd to say "round up" to match the table.
  12. Which I do. Every time he rolls his dice and gets a low number, I figure out the 10%-rounded-up for him, which I can do almost instantaneously. 83%? That's 9%. Having to do the RQ3 crit and special calculations for that gives me the heebies, let alone him. And writing down the crit chances is no use as the chances keep changing with modifiers.
  13. What are you multiplying by 5? How do you refactor the rules to use multiplication instead of division, and why is that any simpler? *Edit* And no, not trolling, dead serious.
  14. Yes, I mean MRQ2. Dropping the RQ name isn't ideal, but if they're pouring good money after bad into the RQ/Glorantha licence hole, I don't blame them for ending it. Sub-licencing the RQ brand to 3rd party vendors must have been a tricky prospect given that it isn't their trademark, and the 3rd party vendors must have known that. If they wanted to hitch a ride on the goodwill of the RuneQuest name, then they must have realised the ground on which they were treading.
  15. Good grief that's hideous. Why would anyone agree to that licence?
  16. They produced what I consider to be the best incarnation of the RQ/BRP system so far, and a cracking set of Gloranthan publications that I'm having a great time running. I accept that they also produced some stinkers, though, and made a lot of enemies early on. I wasn't burned by an early negative experience, I bought into Mongoose RuneQuest after they put their house in order. I can understand that some people are skeptical about whether they might revert to their earlier form.
  17. Fine. You go play with your elite genius friends. I have friends who aren't that good at maths, and I am having a lot of fun roleplaying with my friends. Your insinuation that they aren't worthy of the fine art of roleplaying is grotesquely insulting. Maybe that isn't what you intended to say, but it is what you said. Nope. No smileys at my end.
  18. http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=47648 http://blog.mongoosepublishing.co.uk/ RuneQuest is now going to be republished as "Legend" in October, and Mongoose will be helping publish a new edition of Ye Olde Gaming Companye's "Wayfarers".
  19. Unless the weapon was a pilum thrown specifically to disable your shield.
  20. Nope. I have a player in my group who would quit roleplaying if there were any more complex calculation that addition and subtraction, even the 10% crits in MRQ2 make him nervous.
  21. That's awful. Fine for you, if you find that easy to remember, then great. I think it's a ridiculous thing to ask players to do.
  22. If I have a skill of 75% with a 4% crit chance, and I take a -10% penalty, what is my crit chance? If I have 33% skill with a 2% crit chance, and I double it to 66%, then do I have 4% crit chance?
  23. So what would you do if someone rolled those? Increase their SIZ to realistically balance their strength? Because I can see a mutiny coming if you take someone's rolled 18 away. Of course, I may be maligning your group, not all roleplayers obsess over big numbers, but plenty do.
  24. The fact that the table is grained at 5% intervals means that it must be rounding up. If it were rounding down it would have to be 0-4, 5-9, 10-14 etc., but as it's 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 then it must be rounding up. If it were rounding to nearest, it would have to be split like the AHRQ3 chart which is 1-7, 8-10, 11-12, 13-17, 18-22, 23-27, 28-29, 30, 31-32, etc. because the crit and special chances change at different points. And in case you think it's only a small change, when comparing a mixed skill range of people using different methods, half of the people using the chart have a higher crit
  25. Indeed - in the MRQ2 weapons table, the Bastard Sword does a little more damage than a Broadsword, is a little cheaper, a little easier to use on the STR requirement, and in all other ways exactly the same. Well, it has 2 fewer Hit Points, but that's rarely relevant. In other words, anyone that chooses a Broadsword over a Bastard Sword is doing so purely for aesthetic or cultural reasons.
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