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Rise of the Wildlings


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Hi! Sorry, been heads down on the book and not over here much.


Book 2 is progressing! We have completed most of the text, are waiting on a few more art pieces, and have begun the editing process. We should have it out before the VoP 1 year anniversary. 

And while I wait for the rest of the text to edit, I have begun sorting out book 3. 

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Reading between the lines & adding a bit of speculation (I have zero "insider info") I suspect:

a) the authors were feeling unhappy with the support/progress on the HQ/QW line at Chaosium, and/or perhaps were ambitious to launch their own whole game-line

and then:

b) either the imminence of the new QW and/or the discovery of how much  F'ing work it'd be  to launch an entire game-line

(and possibly some (c) opportunity to get in as the ground-floor product for QW, arriving even before the QW-rebranded CS/11L line)


got them to re-introduce the Wildlings.


But that is a LOT of speculation, reading far between some very widely-spaced lines!

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Just a quick pop-in! Yes, revised Valley of Plenty is in the works. Those who bought the first edition will be able to download the new one for free when it releases. Yes, Rise of the Wildlings is pretty close to a first draft. We're still pushing to drop VoP this year. Shawn has a deadline for his novel deal. 2 books! Whee! So, that is coming first for him and I am working away on the Wildling Saga as my primary focus.



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