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RuneQuest Sixth Edition Cover Art


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Wow !!!

I almost logged off, and your post caught my eye!!!

This is most impressive, I see that your art direction is more than a passing nod to the iconic art of the early RuneQuest editions, with a new interpretation of our beloved RQ2 cover.

This is very good quality artwork, very evocative, you're certainly taking up the baton and bringing RQ in line with the quality of other current games. I think the physical appearance of a ruleset is hugely important, and it must directly affect sales as well. Look at Catalyst/Transhuman products for example (Shadowrun, Battletech, Eclipse Phase). Big sturdy hardover tomes with absolutely beautiful artwork, now that's the kind of product I love to buy.

This cover artwork for RQ6 looks absolutely great, and the reference to the earlier RQ editions is very respectful. I absolutely love this, and I think the RQ product line has never been in better hands since the early 80s!

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Guest Vile Traveller

Very nice indeed, Loz. I look forward to seeing it fully dressed, logo and all. I couldn't agree more with drawing inspiration from Luise's work on the original cover, having gone down that road myself.

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I was always going to buy RQ6, but now I'll probably buy multiple copies (I'm not kidding, I have 2 copies of MRQ2 and about 7 of RQIII) ;D

What's the collective noun for a stack of RQ editions?

I've only got a single copy of RQ II, but I've got three copies of RQ III - not that any of them have stood up to frequest use...lol

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RuneQuest isn't widely known here in South Africa so I will attempt to convert my current group from D&D.


And good luck with that - my attempt to convert our gaming group/s here has taken about 10 years and has not been without resistance. Some people are really unreasonably scared by the few Hit Points (despite virtually no character deaths resulting) and dislike having to do any thinking (being so accustomed to mindless hacking).

My advice: Convert existing characters (don't make new ones, which could later be discarded to return to the old D&D ones); Do it with confidence - and don't allow any possibility of going back!

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I am new to this site and the forums and I recently purchased the MRQII product after many years playing other systems. RuneQuest isn't widely known here in South Africa so I will attempt to convert my current group from D&D.

Here is a South African RQ resource for you: http://www.runequest.za.org/

The creator of the site, Tony Den, is based in Pretoria, but he mentions that several of his group have moved to Cape Town. You might be able to use the site to form link-ups.

He also has several RQ resources on the site (mainly for 3rd Edition RQ but can be adapted), including creatures, adventures, etc.

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