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13th Age in Glorantha Update: 13G & Glorantha Sourcebook PDFs to be released to backers next week!


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Rob Heinsoo has just informed 13th Age Glorantha Kickstarter backers that we plan to start distributing the 13th Age Glorantha and the Glorantha Sourcebook PDFs next week!

Right now, we're in the approvals phase rather than the production phase, and we're all thrilled! More details about next steps are in the most recent backer update, but as a preview of what's coming next week, here's a near-final version of the 13G front cover, as designed by Lee Moyer & Chris Huth: 


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3 hours ago, Roko Joko said:

@MOB Do you want to create a new forum for 13G the game? 

There’s already a 13th Age forum on the Pelgrane site, but it’s a bit of a ghost town. I’m not a fan of the forum software they use. I would like to be able to discuss 13G here so a forum would be nice.

Simon Hibbs

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Check out the Runequest Glorantha Wiki for RQ links and resources. Any updates or contributions welcome!

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I have seen the preview PDF and can confirm it’s cracking stuff. It’s chock full of flavourful feats and abilities for characters that draw deeply from Gloranthan lore to create fun action in the game. For example the Troll drummer hero Hombobabom grants the ‘Hombobabom Thump’ ability, which is basically multiple attacks against multiple opponents, with a potential ‘high hat’ attack at the end. Its a great read, even if you aren’t interested in the game system itself.

I’ve played and own 13th Age stuff. It’s by far my favourite of all the F20 games. It’s not quite at the point where I’d run it myself in it’s original form, but 13G is a distinct possibility.

Simon Hibbs

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Check out the Runequest Glorantha Wiki for RQ links and resources. Any updates or contributions welcome!

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On 2/8/2018 at 2:07 PM, Balakatun said:

I actually kind of like that 1-3-6 nick :) good point g33k!

I am quite looking forward to it (as anything Glo'related). Any ETA for PDF/print copies for people who missed the KS?

I don't expect "136" to get an en-forum / online traction over "13G" -- no savings of typing, and too anon/obscure.  But still funny... esp imho the long-form "one hundred thirty six"

But I too am looking forward to 13G core, and especially the GS volume!

C'es ne pas un .sig

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