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  2. I am having the exact same problem.
  3. Me too. The Fate SRD website has the highest level of formatting I'd care for.
  4. A small indie magician some of us are really into. You probably haven't heard of him, he's pretty obscure. (The alternative answer on a blog I read where people go to trolling each other with quotes from and about Slavoj Zizek would be "a Slovenian philosopher", which, really, would be just the shakeup the stodgy peoples of Genertela need.)
  5. Finally got hold of my slipcase, bestiary, and GM screen. They're rather splendid looking things. One thing that is bugging me at the moment, though, is how to deal with the GM screen. It looks cool to have the illusion rule on the spine to go with the other books. However, that sheet of paper is very light, and seems to be tricky to get in and out of the little half-box that holds everything together. I wondered if I should laminate it, or glue it to some thick card so it's a bit more robust. What do other people do to make their GM screen look nice in the slipcase, but still easy to get at its contents?
  6. Were tribes still around at the time of the zenith of the Darkness?
  7. As a mechanic, I can see the Augment chance being negative as a feature, not a bug. Any time a character wants to do two things at the same time that require both to work, making her augment one with the other and either get a bonus or a minus makes a lot of sense. EXAMPLES: Um has Hide at 75%, Move Quietly at 80%. He's trying to sneak up on a Lunar camp at night. He needs to both move in cover and be quiet, so the GM says he has to pick one skill, roll an Augment check, then use it on the other. Um Augments Hide with Move Quiet, hoping to roll under 80 and boost his Hide to 95%. Unfortunately, he rolls an 82, lowing his Hide to 55% because he's making noise. Luckily he rolls a 32 and manages to get up to the sentry undetected. Kat has Jump at 50% and Climb at 60%. She wants to move quickly through the trees to attack the Lunar camp from behind. She decides to augment Climb with Jump. She rolls a 42 and gets +20% Climb to 80%, then rolls 03. Crit Climb! She comes at the Lunars from the trees, surprising them and attacking without warning. Seems like a bit more fun and a bit more forgiving to the characters than making them roll both skills and succeed at both. With a miss on the Augment, Kat's Climb would still be 40% but requiring her to make both lowers her chance to 30%. Breaking it down, with Augment, 3% of the time she's got a 110% Climb, 10% of the time she's at 90%, 37% of the time, she's at 80% Climb, 47% of the time she's at 40% and if she fumbles (02%) she's at 10%. Rough math gives her about a 58% chance in the end. So the required Augment is definitely in her favor. With Um, forcing him to make two checks gives him a 60% chance of success, despite his high skills. With mandatory Augment, 80% the time he'll have a 95% Hide or better, 18% at 55% and 1% at 25% for a rough chance overall of 87%. He's rewarded for having two skills that synergize instead of punished. TLDR: Mandatory Augment is more fun and more player friendly that having them roll two skills separately to achieve a single result.
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  9. I'd love to play a crazy old firebug librarian trickster. I suppose that would sort the mess in the library once and for all. Crazy old firebug librarian trickster says, "Heroquest my big fat hairy..."
  10. Pretty sure we always played that move quietly was sneak as well. And yes, I see augments as a tool to be used on rare occasions when you are desperate to succeed in a specific roll.
  11. The old forms got spammed with a bunch of porn, and Nocturnal sold Pendragon to Chaosium shortly later. I guess an effort is being made to cleanout the old forum and try to salvage the old message posts and somehow migrate them to here.
  12. Not that I have anything against the BRP forums, mind you, it's just that there used to be an official forum for Pendragon at http://nocturnalmediaforum.com/, which seems to have been removed! Now, forums moving around and dying happens all the time, but there were tons of posts there which I found useful for Pendragon games. (Adventures, House Rules, Discussion Of The Timeline, ect.) Quite frankly, it's removal, without so much as a word, is quite dishearting, coming so soon after the death of Google+'s RPG communities. Would anyone here know of any extra info relating to the lost of the forums?
  13. We played again tonight and, for the first time, the otherworldly aspects of Glorantha came to the front. The previous sessions had been "every day" stuff. Tonight's session featured a holy day and clan rituals, where the PCs perceived the other side and acted "as/with" their deities (stopping Nontraya the Taker from dragging Esrola down into the underworld). And in the same session, they were doing something as simple as dealing with apple thieves. We're all enjoying the game and it was very pleasing to have one of the players say "I think I get it" now about Glorantha, and liking that collision between the mythic and the mundane and how having protected the goddess will have a tangible effect in better harvests to come. This feels good.
  14. So, has the OP settled on an idea for the adventure yet? 😊
  15. If you can crank it up to Strength 20, that's 5D6 to everyone in a 160m radius.
  16. I like this model. Note that one can easily tailor these rewards such that the Munchkinous Analysis favors non-selfish choices... Your Crop Result +100% is amazing, but the overall community output is MUCH higher with 300 farms producing Crop Result +10% An excellent point! Shamans are kind of professional heroquestors...
  17. What am I missing? It didn't seem that powerful when I read it?
  18. I'd try again it's not like @Helliwell to not reply (he's one of my players). Or summon his minion @Stormwalker to do his bidding... His figures look great, we have them in our game, but I'm biased. I love the Strike Rank Tracker, I wish I'd had one years ago. It's the single thing that makes combat easy for me. https://www.infinity-engine.com/index.php?id_product=122&controller=product Although I've never used the Rune Biscuits (I was so disappointed when handed one at a con), we've realised they'd be really handy. One day I hope to try them. https://www.infinity-engine.com/index.php?id_product=124&controller=product The ivory coloured ones look best and less like biscuits: https://www.infinity-engine.com/index.php?id_product=128&controller=product&search_query=augment+&results=2
  19. One of my players had Burble with Waterfolk 1W
  20. Yes, it's amazing how well Fran Striker was at recreating the Lone Ranger for the modern day. Sometimes the villains are somewhat predicable, but that was probably more to the need to get so many stories out each week. Yes, while like most actors in the role, Price is miscast, and radio Templar is more of a typival radio mystery good guy than the Saint, but Prince is still very entertaining in the part. I'm not familar with thart one. I'll have to dig up an episode or two.
  21. Those sound more like the Uncolings, the reindeer hsunchen.
  22. Everybody likes the ability to talk to animals. Always good.
  23. An illustrated version of the story tent would have been awesome! ... but yeah, also a ton of work (all those variations!), so I can see why it didn't happen. The drunken bears are great, though! I like the idea of Sedenya being the Changer Elmal fought. Some (potentially silly) speculation about antlers and deer people: Heort seems fairly likely to figure in this game, considering it’s about Orlanthi in the Great Darkness. I tried to look up Heort’s tribe on the Glorantha wiki, since I was curious about how he might come in. And I couldn’t find anything. (I did find out that the Berenethtelli king contemporary with Heort was a guy called Venef the Stallion, though, and a direct descendant of Beren and Redalda.) Heort has parents, who have histories and families. He’s got a clan. But no tribe. (Maybe because he’s supposed to be an ancestor to all Orlanthi, so no one has that extra claim on him? Alternately, I am just really bad at navigating that wiki.) Heort’s mother is Red Drenyan, Vingan warrior of the Alynx Clan, who had an Esrolian marriage despite owning only one sword and two spears, which implies either that her clan couldn't afford to give up any warriors or that her husband was even poorer. The Alynx Clan live in Dragon Pass, but they have no tribe listed. Heort’s father (who married into Drenyan’s clan) is Darndrev the Horned, who had antlers on his head and came came from the Winter Deer People. One page of the Glorantha wiki says that the Winter Deer People may have relied on shapeshifting to survive the Darkness; another says that Heort’s grandfather was cursed to take the form of a deer by his lover, and that his descendants had deer traits after that. But the name “Winter Deer People” definitely makes me think of the Omaseg—who herd reindeer, travel in constant winter, and may be deer hsunchen—even though the details don’t quite match up. And the “antlers on his head” line makes me think of the forbidden worship of Seg, the Stag Father (forbidden because those who wore antlers were at risk of turning evil). And there’s the Antler Society… And one more thing: Both Darndrev and Drenyan were killed by the terrible monster Mogjorbor, who could grow any kind of antlers on his head. So. Mogjorbor doesn’t sound exactly like the antler monster from “Rivalry between warlords”, but they do remind me of each other. And I’m really curious about Darndrev.
  24. Some suggestions: Terms, fourth bullet: "dur" -> "due" Limbs, point A: "cumulated" -> "accumulated" or "cumulative" (?) Limbs, point B: should "cannot exceed the LHP" be "cannot exceed twice the LHP"? Limbs, point 😧 this might be better placed as the first point in this section to make the order of operations clearer. First you check to see whether the damage meets the 3×LHP threshold for maiming or severing, then you cap damage at the 2×LHP threshold before applying it to LHP and THP. Example 3, point 1: "will reduce it to below –4 LHP" -> "will not reduce it to below –4 LHP" (?) Example 5: the numbering of the points should start at 1.
  25. A work in progress (replacing older picture of Pentan horse-archer). Stage 1: pen and ink.Stage 2: digitally colour rider and make a few changes.Stage 3: basic shading of horse. Stage 4: tomorrow hopefully finish...
  26. I would contact them directly; a quick look-see doesn't find these coins on their website (yet). I would not expect them to monitor these forums, and Chaosium probably doesn't keep close tabs on every licensee who is still in pre-production ... Also: new expressions of customer interest is likely to raise these in the priority queue! 😎
  27. Here is a link to a blogger who makes templates for papercraft figures. This link is to a few Cthulhoid monsters he made. I built the shoggoth, it looks pretty good. Mythos Creatures
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