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  1. Agreed. Whale Rider, 10,000BC and the Pathfinder films are all HeroQuests.
  2. Also, http://www.soltakss.com/pavis01a.html for the Timeline using the actual dates from Griselda stories and http://www.soltakss.com/pavis01b.html for using amended dates for Griselda stories, to make them fit slightly better. http://www.soltakss.com/timeline.html is a general hero wars Timeline.
  3. Just do what I do and talk rubbish all the time.
  4. The Caladra & Aurelion cult mine diamonds, earthblood and firebone. They are connected to Mostal but Aurelion is the Earth God involved, I think.
  5. Enjoyed the Stirrups in Glorantha threadjack. Anyone want to discuss why slings are better than bows, or why bows are better than slings? How about the need/not for stirrups when using horse archery?
  6. Most have been mentioned. Pathfinder (Both original and USA remake) Whale Rider 10,000BC 13th Warrior Conan the Barbarian Apocalypto
  7. No, Orlanth did it as well. The Scarf of Mist is effectively Orlanth taking a concubine from the water tribe, for example. Historically, it happened quite often. Genghis Khan's first wife was stolen by a rival and he had to steal her back again. In the Middle ages, heiresses were often abducted and married against their will.
  8. Ernaldan and Asrelian Matchmakers would be common and might have conflicting goals. I can also see Voria and Voriof Matchmakers trying to make Love Marriages. If people manage to find matches themselves, then the rest of their families try to see if they are a good match, using Customs, Manage Household and so on. I can see the Marriage Tour happening as well, with eligible men and women being paraded around the rest of the clans, to see who likes the look of them. That's for bigger clans, anyway, small clans would probably know everyone really well. The tribal ring would probably only get involved in important or contentious marriages. The clan ring would be a formality, as the womenfolk would already have decided if a match is good or not.
  9. It might be possible to live in a gold one as well.
  10. Yes, I'd have said Yelm for those reasons. He does a pretty ballet and plays the harp. A courtly Dara Happan would do whatever courtly people do, maybe dance, play musical instrument, recite or write poetry, sing, that kind of thing. I wouldn't restrict it to particular skills, sometimes just putting an expensive cloak over a puddle to let someone pass unsullied is courteous behaviour.
  11. Everything except the Guide to Glorantha and Gloranthan sourcebook. It probably hasn't been taken out, it's just not in the current timeline, so happened in the past. The Dragon Pass Gazetteer is probably not reliable, as things have changed. Sartar and Sartar Companion might be OK, but might have changed. RQ2/RQ3 Mythology pieces probably have not changed and most of the RQ2/RQ3 material is still valid, but happens in the past. A lot of the Hero Wars material has been done again, especially the third-party material. So, better off using the Guide to Glorantha or Gloranthan sourcebook as a guide and then the older stuff as interesting flavour.
  12. Oh, I missed that, thanks. Time to change some stat blocks, then.
  13. Sun Dome, Mountain Sun, Forest Sun, there are different ways of describing the cool light of Yelmalio. He's a cool dude, after all.
  14. Vampires used to have double hit points in each location, which made them awesome in combat, but that has gone now in RQG, unfortunately. Hopefully, that will come back, with their special vulnerabilities, with the Vivamort cult.
  15. In Secrets of Dorastor, Arkat cursed Dorasta for helping Nysalor, so he salted the earth and made it barren. However, Pocharngo married Dorastor and taught her how to mutate plants to escape the curse, so Dorasta's crops are always changing. So, you get lots of different crops and a wheat plant might change to become something else and need weeding out.
  16. A Jonstown Compenium supplement that I am near to finishing. It's partly a writeup of my Dorastor Campaign, but has a lot more material. I have attached the Table of Contents from a couple of weeks ago. It has changed slightly, but not by much. TOC_Secrets_of_Dorastor_10052020.txt
  17. Possibly, but it is a brave GM who gives adventurers a prediction of the future via Divination, as PCs tend to go their own way. I normally say "This is what is going to happen unless you act to change it", so it is a warning more than anything else.
  18. Essentially the same skill, but I might impose a Penalty to the skill, depending on what was being asked. At the start, the temples backing the HeroQuestor would get the benefit. so, if the HeroQuestor is backed and given support by his local Elmal Temple, then the benefit would go to that Temple. If, however, he got the backing of all the Elmal Temples everywhere before he did the HeroQuest then all those Temples would gain the benefit. Basically, they shared in the Myth to get the benefits, so they have access to it. After a while, though the HeroQuestor could establish the myth in other Temples, by teaching it or taking others on the HeroQuest. Similarly, he could teach it to the Yelmalio cult and so would become the head a shared subcult.
  19. Hmm, probably not a big help! I am sure if I made all the Horrors of Dorastor female, that would lead to complaints as well. Dorastor does not discriminate, its denizens will abuse, mistreat and eat people of any gender, or no gender, equally. Except the cult of Thed, as Thed just hates women and doesn't allow them in her cult. The Personalities of the Borderlands describes the following: Barstan Ram-Friend, Ketil Eriksbane, Hakon the Swimmer, Bolthor Brighteyes, Renekot the Stone, Hahlgrim Ironsword, Oddi the Keen, Lanstan Longspear and Halim, all very eligible warriors, many are chieftains and only one is an ogre.
  20. A Jonstown Compenium supplement that I am near to finishing. It's partly a writeup of my Dorastor Campaign, but has a lot more material. Land quality, I should add that as well, as Riskland might have poor quality land.
  21. p209 says STR 9 DEX 7 for a Lance and Short Spear or STR 9 DEX 9 for a Javelin.
  22. The "Lunar Soldiers" in Pavis largely consisted of paid mercenaries rather than regular Lunar Soldiers. Many of their patrols in Prax were Sable Riders rather then regular Antelope Riders. Why would the Lunars use mercenaries instead of regular troops? Because they were spread too thinly.
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