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  1. The essence of the Lunar Way is Transformation. The Red Goddess was Transformed in each of her Incarnations, each becoming something else. The Red Goddess herself managed to embody and awaken all of her Transformations, proving that they were just Aspects of her. This shows in some of the Lunar deities. The Seven mothers Transformed themselves into Deities, each taking on the role of the deities they worshipped, but with a Lunar slant. Etyries did something similar, transforming herself from a Demigoddess daughter of Issaries to the Lunar Trade Goddess. One aspect of the Transformation is the gaining of Illumination. this is not just Nysaloran Illumination, but something much deeper and connected with the Lunar Way. One of the central parts of the Lunar Way is that chaos is not necessarily bad. Chaos is a tool, like many things. It can be used by sensible magicians and can be sorely abused. Gbaji is known to have sorely abused Chaos and is held up as an example of how not to do things. The Red Emperor is part of the Lunar Way and is also the Dara Happan Emperor. this is not just a pretence, he is the Emperor of Dara Happa, the living representative of Yelm on the world of Glorantha. This means that the Solar Cultists of Dara Happa follow the Red Emperor, but this doesn't make them Lunars. In fact, there is a tension between the Solar Religion and the Lunar Religion. Lunar Heroes and Heroines have tried to bridge the gap and make some of the solar Deities more Lunar in nature.
  2. It would be good to see Hawkmoon and Elric on TV. However, I would like to see Corum as well, as I thought he was more approachable. Also, a madcap, 18-certificate Jerry Cornelius romp through the time streams would be fantastic, Baby!
  3. I think they were planned, but the Lunars were kicked out of Prax before they could be fulfilled. After all, it took Duke Raus a good few years to set up his Grantland, so the others were probably seeing how successful he was before they committed.
  4. soltakss


    Their very existence means that rape is part of Gloranthan Mythos. Gorgorma grants a spell, Second Mouth that is explicitly a way to deter, or punish rapists, and gives it to all the Earth tribe Goddesses. Babeester Gori hunt down rapists and cut off their genitals, hanging them around their necks or off their axes. Orlanth abducted and raped several goddesses, as did Vadrus. Ragnaglar is the Mad God, the Rapist, with his attack on Thed being a turning point, as it forced Orlanth to side with his brother rather than giving Thed Justice, which made her join the Unholy Conspiracy. Gunda the Guilty is the product of the rape of a Valkyrie by a Philosopher. So, rape is definitely a part of Glorantha.
  5. The FHQ works in the same way as Ernalda does. She has various Husband-Kings, as Ernalda has Husband-Protectors. Some candidates prove themselves unworthy and become her slaves, others become King of Dragon Pass. The FHQ has had several Kings of Dragon Pass as husbands, but nobody has been King of Dragon Pass without the FHQ as a husband, with the possible exception of the Only Old One. Oh, I agree. He freed her from being the Emperor's Concubine and made her Queen of the Gods. I assume that was the plan. The Red Emperor, as Emperor of Dara Happa, i.e., Yelm, would marry Ernalda and put her back in her place as his Concubine, thus gaining power over the Earth Tribe and a good whack of the Storm Tribe.
  6. I think that the Feathered Horse Queen of the Grazers is a special case, as she proved herself to be an Avatar of Sorana Tor, so she was the Queen of the Earth People of the area. Of course, the area could be the Grazelands or Dragon Pass as a whole, as marrying the Feathered Horse Queen means you become King of Dragon Pass. Wasn't the FHQ around before Hon Eel did her stuff in Tarsh? I can't remember. I have always treated them as slaves. Of course they are slaves who can marry, own things and become Priests and Priestesses, but they are controlled in many ways by the Grazers. The FHQ is their Queen and they are her slaves, with her being their Protectoress. Oh, they don't need anything against drought, they just ask Yelm to put Daga back in his jar. They have a HeroQuest for that. Orlanth needs to fight Daga, Yelm just commands him. My impression was that Lokamayadon had a lot of support among the Talastari, they were his people after all. He had a lot of support and worship throughout his tenure. The mistake he made was to support a Light God rather than a Storm God and the general population of Storm People didn't much like that. Yes, that is the impression that I got from the older sources. Lots of Storm heroes try for Apotheosis. His mistake was that he tried to prove himself the equal or superior of Orlanth and failed, He famously could not Thunder, so was not Orlanth's equal. However, had he not tried to challenge Orlanth, he would have been a reasonable Storm God, a Sky Friend. In fact, I would expect some Lunars to try and access him as an equal to, or replacement for, Orlanth. My personal opinion is that Argrath uses some of the powers of High Storm, especially when he creates the Temple of the Reaching Storm. No, they can't, unless the Compromise is broken, in which case they do, in order to mend the Compromise. One of the Heroes of Castle Blue was pleased that his sword rose into the air, as that meant the Compromise was broken and he could fight against the Red Goddess. I can't remember the source for that. What normally happens is that heroes do things that are so powerful that they break the Compromise, which allows the Deities to act. Orlanth killed the Emperor, as he was an evil Emperor who enslaved the people. Orlanth's Father had also attacked the Evil Emperor, in a different guise, so Orlanth just did his father's deeds a bit better, as he wielded Death. How was Orlanth to know that the Emperor was also the Sun? There were other Suns around, so killing one of them wouldn't be that bad, surely.
  7. First posts are always the hardest, so congratulations on taking that first step. I use them as Guidelines. Not every death follower is going to be a dour warrior, not every earth woman is going to be a fertile earth mother. Looking back at the Separation of the World, Dayzatar is given the Sky Realm, Lodril the Surface World and Yelm the Underworld, but Yelm complains and is given the Surface World and Lodril is given the Underworld. This means that Dayzatar (Light) is Aloof and Pure, untouched by the dirt of the Surface World or Underworld, Yelm (Fire) is also Pure, having rejected the Underworld, but Lodril is earthy and, to a certain extent, scary, because he rejoices in accepting that which his brothers cannot. Interestingly enough, Yelm goes to the Underworld when he dies and Lodril comes to the Surface World lots of times, so their original designations had some effect. I can't remember the list of Personality Traits, if there is such a list. The sub-runes are interesting. Dust is Earth without Fertility and is dry, sterile, dead. Shadow is Darkness without Cold and contains the terrifying parts of Darkness. Cold is Darkness without Shadow and is cold, heartless, unforgiving. Light is Fire/Sky without Heat and is pure, radiant and brilliant. Heat is Fire/Sky without Light and is sensual, and nurturing. Ice is a combination of Water and Cold, so is hard and cold. Dara Happan women have the Earth Rune, after oria and Dendara, I think. Lunar women have the Moon, after the Red Goddess, for who would be a better role model for women than Her? Light for women might work, but that is probably noblewomen. Peasant women follow Oria, or the Heron Goddess, in the same way that peasant men follow Lodril. They would have Earth and Heat and are a randy, hedonistic bunch, very different to the aloof and pure nobility. Earth has Dust, but I can't remember the purely fertile part of Earth, which would be the counter to Dust, if there is even such a rune. Air/Storm might have Air and Storm, but they are generally seen together. so, Brastalos and Mollani might be Air Goddesses rather than Storm Goddesses and Storm Bull or Gagarth might be Storm Gods rather than Air Gods, but the runes are not normally split. Water does not normally have a sub Rune, I think, but some claim that Ice is a sub-rune of Water. There are a lot of pet theories on the rest of the Thread, so I'm not going to go through all of them. Some I agree with, some I don't, but it would be opinions vs opinions and that never ends well.
  8. It's Mythology. Vinga was seen as the Daughter of Orlanth, but proved herself to be the Equal of Orlanth, or Orlanth, after many trials. When Orlanth went to the Underworld on the Lightbringers' Quest, he left behind a portion of himself, as Vinga, to protect those he had abandoned, so that he, in fact, did not abandon them.
  9. There is confusion between Subcults and Deities, I think. A separate Deity could be worshipped in a SubCult of a larger deity and also have a separate Cult. So, all local Lodril Temples would have a Shrine, or even Small Temple, to Gerendetho, that would grant some spells, but the particular Holy Places may well have a Temple to Gerendetho with a SubCult of Lodril the Father as a Shrine or Small temple within the main Temple. I think that Lodril expresses his control of the Earth through his Children or different Aspects. Also, each Aspect of Lodril has its own sphere of influence, so, Lodril Sky Spear would be different to Lodril the Volcano or Lodril the Husband. Monster Man is a different Aspect of Lodril that has no Heat powers at all, but is the collective spirits of Peasants rising up against oppressors and wicked Emperors.
  10. If you want to give easier access to magic for NPCs, just assume they appear with spells cast. It's a lot easier in any game.
  11. One thing I have found with Revolution D100 is that if I come up with a great idea of how to "improve" it, Paolo has almost certainly thought about it and discarded it for good reasons. There are lots of changes that would make it a different game, but few that would make it a better game. Double Advantage, obviously, being an exception. 🙂
  12. Home When good people fight WE WILL! Although, I love playing villains, so am torn One hand cheering Those might not be the answers you were going to give, though.
  13. And give them generic names, Trollkin #1, Trollkin #2, Orc #1, Orc #2 and so on. I remember when a certain Beetle Herder came to a Convention in England and brought Norwegian #1, Norwegian #2, Norwegian #3 and Norwegian #4, which I found hilarious at the time, and still do now.
  14. Have a look at The Scorpion and the Frog, it illustrates how a civilised Broo is likely to behave, as it 's nature is to spread disease, be cruel and mate with things. This is one of the reasons why Ralzakark's Castrati are to be feared, they have given up their prime Broo feature to serve Ralzakark.
  15. Dorastor, either the official RQ3 Book, or my website. 🙂 Also, Lords of Terror and The Book of Drastic Resolutions, long out of print. I seem to recall reading it somewhere, but can't remember where. Maybe Borderlands, or Elder Secrets. Broo are also in the RQG Bestiary, which is probably now the definitive version.
  16. It's not a lie from where I'm sitting. What are these "awful lot" of RQ3 rules that you're referring to? There's an entire thread (that I started) on "how much RQ3 is in RQG?" and the answer boiled down to "not a lot, and that was a deliberate choice". Here are some examples: RQ2 Battle Magic is called Spirits magic, same as RQ3, and uses POWx5% to cast, same as RQ3. Skills are generally RQ3-like. It has First Aid, Dodge instead of Defense, Lores as RQ3, Craft as RQ3, Devise, Scan and Search, as RQ3 Cloud Cover is as RQ3, Wind Strengths are as RQ3 Experience is more like RQ3 than RQ2 INT/SIZ are as RQ3 not RQ2 Don't forget that a lot of RQ3 rules are essentially the same as RQ2 rules, anyway, so are common between RQ2/3/G.
  17. Yes, but for the cults that were not described in RQ2, we used the RQ3 spells for our RQ2 Campaign.
  18. Wait for Merrie England: Age of Crusade? 🙂 In my opinion, you can treat Greater Angels or Demons in two ways: They are just powerful monsters that can be interacted with and killed, if necessary They are all-powerful beings who cannot be attacked or killed There are good and bad points for both approaches. Treating them just like any other Monster demeans them slightly, which is fine and dandy, but might not get the feel that you are after. treating them as untouchable NPCs is very frustrating for the Players, as they might have come up with a plan to defeat them. What I tend to do is make them really powerful, quite strong and difficult to kill, but not unkillable. However, killing them just banishes them to their Celestial/Infernal home and they can be resummoned again. In order to properly kill a Greater being, you have to travel to its realm and kill it there, or need a special artefact to use to kill it. However, attacking and killing Greater Demons and angels is sort of missing the point. You are better off negotiating with them, making deals with them, gaining information from them, perhaps even worshipping them, or at least gaining them as a Feat which gives you power.
  19. Making more Broo, bringing pain to the world, killing things, spreading disease, befouling nice areas, spoiling wells, that kind of thing. If Broo find feral Broo, i.e. those born without nearby Broo to guide them, then they normally adopt the ferals and bring them up as educated Broo. Don't forget that some people become Broo by various means, for example taking on more Chaos features had a chance of transformation into a Broo. Such Broo might have their own, previous, agenda, which wouldn't be Broo-like. Of course, they'd probably want the above as well. Ralzakark's Castrati Broo have a different agenda as well, to Serve Ralzakark and Bring Honour to Humakt. The Lunars accept Chaos as part of their official doctrine and beliefs, so they accept Broo. Obviously, they don't want Broo kiling things and spreading disease, except when it suits the Lunars. Some Lunars are also Priests of Primal Chaos and have an affinity with Broo. They use them as shock troops, as assassins, to destabilise society and so on. The Broo are willing pawns, as they get to rape and murder without being chased by the authorities. Lunars have some control over Snakepipe Hollow and the Footprint, as they cause Chaos Eruptions from them as distractions in the Hero Wars. As has been mentioned, Praxians sometimes hire Broo mercenaries. There are examples of exotic Broo, for example Bison Broo, Rhino Broo and even an Allosaurus Broo, or was it a Triceratops Broo, I forget. In my Glorantha, Broo normally keep small flocks of goats, to provide breeding stock. They also mate with any flocks or herds they encounter in their travels. Praxian Herd Beasts are good prey, as they are normally in large herds, so are easier to sneak up on and attack. Oh, they normally leave the animals to take care of themselves, as Broo-Birth is more frightening when it apparently spontaneously happens in a herd or flock. They often come back around birthing time to see if they can collect and adopt the young Broo. There is a Cure Broo Birth spell, from Hero Wars, available to a subcult of Chalana Arroy, so that is a possibility. Cure Chaos Wound also cures Broo-Birth, by killing the Broo larva. I would say that farmers would either cure the afflicted animal or kill it. nobody wants to see their animals torn apart from the iside by a baby Broo eating its way out of their body. Sense Chaos normally works, as could a good Animal Lore, if the beast is distressed. They'd have to know what to look for, though. Praxians would probably know the signs, as Broo are fairly commonplace, not sure about Dragon pass, though, except around Chaos Nests. They definitely stealth-fuck and leave, coming back again later. It's a common terror tactic that Broo use. Talk about job satisfaction. Sometimes they do this. Ralzakark has tried to get a Pure-Born Broo, by controlling the mating of Broo with certain animals. He is aware of some prophecies, I think, according to Dorastor or Lords of Terror, so is trying to breed certain Broo for that. Broo can also do this on HeroQuests, go to find a magical beast, mate with it and collect the offspring. For some reason, Broo mating with humans produce animal-headed Broo, often reverting to goat-like Broo. I suppose they could mate with Herd Men , as they are Beasts and could produce a Herd Man Broo that looks human. Certainly a herd Man Broo who mates with Herd Men or Humans could produce more human looking Broo. I'm not sure if they could pass for Human though, as Broo tend to be quite set in their ways. Yes, exactly that. Yes, that happens, Muriah does this in some of the Praxian scenarios, for example. She's a Human Malia Priestess, but commands a clan of Broo. I have had them infecting wells, polluting streams, mass-mating with a whole herd of beasts, but calming them with magic and casting Forget on them afterwards, so they don't know about it. I have also had them capture intelligent NPCs, mate with them in their sleep and release them all healed up, so they didn't know about it, only to explode in a Broo-Birth later on. all this takes some planning and access to specialised magic, though, so probably aren't for normal Broo. Yes, absolutely, animals are expensive and should be cured, if possible. Part of my Cleansed One HeroQuest involves talking with someone infected by Chaos and trying to persuade them to go on the Cleansed One HeroQuest themselves. There is a group of Praxians that can heal Chaos-afflicted beings, possibly the Three Bean circus, but I forget. The Wild Healer of the Rockwoods is a Chalana Arroy Broo who is not Illuminated, as far as I know. It is a special case. However, Ralzakark has some Chalana Arroy Broo who are dedicated Healers and help his Humakti Regiment. They might be female, as Thed does not allow female Broo to worship her, so they need to find another cult. Oh, it makes sense. They feel pain and misery and want everyone else to feel the same pain and misery. They follow the Raped Goddess and the Mad God, every act of mating honours both their Father and Mother Deities, an act of worship each and every time. Not necessarily. Storm Bullers are not stupid and will happily let Chaos Monsters on their side fight Chaos Monsters on the opposing side, as Chaos killing Chaos is always a good thing. They might think about mopping up afterwards. but the Waha Khans normally keep them in check. Especially if the infected beast is male. I think it means that a Broo Mating will produce one Broo offspring. I just assume the Broo larva eats any other before birth. It probably eat any unborn foetus as well. The Broo of the Wastes are quite organised, I think, so many Clans can get together and provide a military unit. They are bought in the same way as anyone else. Someone comes to their representatives, makes an offer and they are told to expect a Broo army at a certain place and time. I am not sure if the Broo Warriors are paid, or whether they serve out of the joy of killing and spreading terror.
  20. We used the cults that were not in RQ2 Cults books. As I recall, we especially liked Second Mouth and Vomit Acid. Was it? I remember some very good scenarios that did not appear in Borderlands, although one appeared in White Dwarf years before. No, it's used for other things as well. The example I gave, with fear/Fearshock/Madness was because they had different effects if you succeeded/Specialied/Criticalled. It wasn't great, but had some good things in it. I liked Her Points, how they did Enchantments, how they did Crafting and adding abilities to weapons, Legendary Abilities and so on. MRQII was a lot better than MRQI, of course. Or even Classic Fantasy, or 13th Age in Glorantha, or 13th Age using D100 a bit like Classic Fantasy. Oh, I don't know, I ran a Campaign in Prax that lasted for 13 years, playing weekly.
  21. Sorry, I was confusing the mountains that Lodril threw up in Pamaltela with Aurelion's Breakwater, conflating Aurelion with Lodril.
  22. I had a plot where the Giants had a Death Cradle, one where a Giant baby was born and waited to sail down the River of Cradles, but it never happened, so they withered and died in the Cradle. If anyone took it down the Zola Fel, it would awaken the souls of those babies that died in the womb, whose mother died before they could give birth, or who died as infants, to rise up and join the Death Cradle. Then, one of our Players told us that his wife was expecting, so I shelved the idea, as I didn't want there to be any possible chance of causing upset. I eventually used it, in a modified form, but without the souls of the Unborn. Similarly, I had a creature that was a swarm of chaos worms, dropping off the Giant Worm in Snakepipe Hollow, but one of the Players said that she had a phobia of swarming things, so I didn't use it again. Some people would have used them again and again, because they knew they would cause offence, but I'm not a dick so wouldn't do that. I can totally see the point of the X-Card and would have it in a Convention Game. In our weekly games, I just steer clear of subjects that might cause problems.
  23. For me, I think we are clear. Aurelion threw up the Breakwater in Pamaltela, to stop a flood of Chaos, this was him demonstrating Earth Powers. Caladra was always the fiery lava pool, the throwing of lava bombs and the lava stream, demonstrating her Fire Powers. When they met in Jrustela, they combined, recognising each other's Powers are being part of the Great Volcano, so Aurelion was the Bodty of the Volcano and Caladra was the Fiery Heart of the Volcano. Personally, I am not at all keen on the idea that Caladra was originally an Earth Deity and Aurelion was a Fire Deity but they swapped powers. There is no evidence, as far as I can see , for that. Also, it is boring - Earth female and Fire Male, just like everywhere else. I like the idea of Earth Male and Fiery Female, as it is interesting and unusual. It depends on how to you look at Deities in general. There is a school of thought that Lodril is Caladra, Aurelion, or they are just Aspects of Lodril, in the same way that Barntar or Vinga are just Aspects of Orlanth. In the same way, Lodril is part of Aether Primolt and Orlanth is just part of Umath. There is another school of thought that the children of deities are deities in their own right and have nothing to do with the powers of their parents. I see it as somewhere in the middle. Deities Devolve, so Primal Deities are all about one thing, by and large, but they Devolve that One Thing to their children, who each concentrate on one Aspect of the One Thing, then they Devolve into children who concentrate on one Aspect of their parent's Aspect and so on. So, Umath devolved into Orlanth who devolved into Urain, or Umath devolved into Vadrus, who devolved into Valind, who devolved into Inora. Where things get complicated is when two deities merge and have children, so the devolving is more complex. So, Umath devolves into Orlanth, Ga devolves into Gata , who devolves into Ernalda, Orlanth/Ernalda devolve into Barntar, who is the combination of Male farmer and Female Earth, in particular Farmers working with the Earth to grow crops. Similarly, Aether Primolt devolves into Lodril, Ga devolves into Gata and Genert, who produce Esrola, Lodril/Esrola produce Caladra, who is Fire Within Earth, and Aurelion, who is Earth Containing Fire. You can trace the mythic origins all the way up the tree and say that Caladra is just part of Aether Primolt, or Barntar is just part of Umath.
  24. Rune magic is different from Spirit magic, isn't it? I'm not good on the actual rules, I've just noticed that discussing spirits versus deities is a topic that pops up with some regularity. RQG has the old RQ2 concept of different levels of Deities, very roughly speaking, So, you have spirit Lords, Heroes, Demigods, deities and Greater Deities, although they are not explicitly defined like that. There was an old Fanzine article about Spirit Lords, which was excellent, basically the idea was of Spirits that were quite powerful, so powerful enough to grant Rune Magic but not powerful or important enough to have fully-fledged cults, so were contacted by Shamans who had loose spirit Cults around them. RQG has examples of these, Frog Woman, River Horse and Black Fang. Spirit Magic is the equivalent of RQ2 Battle Magic and the same as RQ3 Spirit Magic. It is not RQ6/Mythras Spirit Magic, which is a very different thing. So, powerful Spirits can teach Spirit Magic, sometimes standard ones but sometimes cult special Spirit Magic, as well as some Rune Magic, again normally Cult Special magic with some Common Magic. Heroes can normally teach their own special spells and often do so through Sub cults of more important deities, sometimes as Sub cults of several deities. So, Yelmalio and Yerlorna both learn Horse Archery from Kuschile, for example. Hero Wars had the concept of a being being Animist, Theist or Sorcerous, which introduced a lot of problems, in my opinion. The idea of the Three (Four) Worlds colliding was a clumsy one, in my opinion, which didn't really reflect how RQ2/3 Gloranthan Deities worked. I much prefer the idea that every Being from the God Time is just another person, in effect, the same as everyone else from the God Time. What benefits you get from following that Being are based on how you follow the Being. So, a shaman could contact a Being and learn magic from it, as Spirit Magic or Rune Magic, or could set up a Spirit Cult that teaches its followers the same magic; worshippers of a Being in a cult get taught skills, Spirit Magic and Rune Magic; Sorcerers might learn Sorcery Spells from a particular Being, or might listen to the Being's teachings and philosophy and gain insights from that. The difference is in where the spells originate: Spirit Magic is internal to the caster, they are things the caster can learn and use, but all the power comes from the caster. Rune Magic is a part of the Deity's power that has been shared with the worshipper, using it doesn't cost Magic Points, although it does cost Rune Points sacrificed to the Deity. Some of the confusion is caused because most deities or Beings that are contacted for worship grants some Spirit Magic and some Rune Magic. Lay Members can usually learn Spirit Magic, but cannot learn Rune Magic, because Rune Magic is not available to casual members of a cult. Only Initiates and higher can learn Rune Magic, but they can continue to learn Spirit Magic.
  25. I don't think so. Pavis, Big Rubble, Trollpak, Griffin Mountain, Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror, Borderlands, Snakepipe Hollow, Apple Lane, plus some more stuff I don't recall off the top of my head. RQ2 had an awful lot of very good Gloranthan material, but so did RQ3. Elder secrets was good, Gods of Glorantha was good, the Praxian/Pavic supplements of Sun County, Strangers in Prax and Shadows on the Borderlands were excellent, even Griffin Island was a good scenario pack and could be used to provide extra info for Griffin Mountain. We used Gods of Glorantha spells in RQ2, before we moved to a single-GM RQ3 Campaign.
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