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  1. One of my Rules About Glorantha is "Don't look too closely". Rules, when taken to the extreme, often break down. Tables used for one situation often break down when extrapolated or used in other situations. If things breaking down bothers people, then I'd say either handwave it or use a better table.
  2. Back then we had to write letters to people who edited fanzines or to Chaosium itself. They normally replied, though, which was good.
  3. I pretty much ran everything in the Gloranthan Adventurers supplements in my last RQ Campaign. I used everything, but just substituted RQ Stats for the HQ stats. It worked really well, although I didn't do things in the order they were in the books and messed about with the scenarios, so the PCs instigated the Boat Rise, for example.
  4. Spoilers.... Huh, I've added them in now, but can't put spoilers around your original quote.
  5. Pretty, shiny, wargod. Orlanth took his father's wife and pretty much rubbed it in his face. He is the not very dangerous Sun.
  6. 🔺Law Rune ⬛ Earth Rune ⬜ Dust Rune ⚪ Light Rune ⚫ Darkness Rune
  7. Occlusion is just a fancy Lunar word meaning 'when an Illuminated person behaves in a way that another Illuminate thinks is crazy'. So I'm sure it is true, but I'm not sure what it means. Or when an illuminate behaves badly, according to the ruling Illuminates. Illuminates in Dorastor, for example, probably see no problem with an occluded illuminate. In this case, the occlusion is behaving differently to what the Lunar Illuminates want you to behave.
  8. I think there are. For me, the Troll Arkati cults are normal troll cults worshipping Arkat, but with a close link to another cult and a link to Sorcery. So, Arkat Kingtroll is basically Arkat the Kaarg, Zorakarkat is Arkat the Zorak Zoran and Black Arkat is Arkat the Dark. A worshipper of Zorakarkat would have Zorak Zorani and Sorcery magic, a worshipper of Arkat Kingtroll might have some Kyger Litor magic and Sorcery and a worshipper of Black Arkat might have darkness Magic, control over Darkness creatures and Sorcery. Arkat Kingtroll and Black Arkat should have shamanistic practices. Priestesses of Arkat Kingtroll would be normal Kyger Litor Priestesses (Shamans in RQ3 but I haven't seen the RQG version) with Sorcery. Black Arkat worshippers might have Shamans who can access Subere, Xentha and the other Darkness Powers, as well as Sorcery tied to Darkness. One of the problems with Arkat is how much Sorcery does he get? In theory, an Arkati can learn any Sorcery spell, but in reality, how many are available through the Arkati cults? Do different Arkat Cults teach different Sorcery spells?
  9. This is exciting news indeed. I eagerly await the cascade of Gloranthan material that will result.
  10. Well, I tried, but it doesn't like multiple spoilers, as it seems to merge them into one spoiler. I might have to take the spoilers out, so everyone can see them.
  11. Not always, some ogres do move about. Ogres do breed with non-ogres, as they like to spread ogreness around. Ogres in the Lunar Army would be posted elsewhere and have the opportunity to murder folks near their postings. Ogres who have infiltrated society might kill the odd person, to satisfy their cravings, or to remember the good old days.
  12. The great thing about ogres is that they are really careful about what they do, until they get near a Cacodemon shrine, in which case they revert to type and can carry out their deeds in the open. If the PCs fail to uncover the killer, you could always have them come near such a shrine and have the killer make a simple mistake.
  13. Cults of Terror and the Cults Compendium have writeups of Vivamort, with descriptions of Vampires. I believe that Vampires are also in the Bestiary.
  14. Ah, Sable riding Orlanthi, uncommon but not unexpected.
  15. Feel free - They are all Open Game Content under the OGL. I am sure that the Three Arrow trick will appear as a Stunt as well. Trick Riding should be part of a Horse Nomad's repertoire, as well as things like Sleep in the Saddle or One With Horse. This is what makes Revolution so powerful, you can take things that were clunky in other rulesets and use them very easily as traits or Stunts in RD100. For example. Sense Chaos, Sense Law, Sense Undead and so on are specific skills under some rules systems, but under RD100 they would become Traits or Stunts, perhaps a Trait of Supernatural Sense and Stunts of Sense Chaos, Sense Law, Sense Undead and so on. Legend's Legendary Abilities could become Traits or Stunts, too.
  16. If done quickly, this will be a Good Thing, as it will allow GMs and Players to run through a truly epic campaign. If it takes years, it will be a Bad Thing, as we will constantly be waiting for the heroic campaign.
  17. Many of the newer D100 games do this, but with 2 Characteristics.So, a skill might have a base of STR + DEX and then be increased by Previous Experience to have a skill. Legend, Mythras and Revolution do this, I think OpenQuest does, but am not sure.
  18. Some of them would work as normal Stunts, for example Heroic Aura, Hidden Meaning, John Barleycorn, Fair Judgement, See the Wrong or Excellent Shot. They could just be examples of learning specialised techniques.
  19. Try and get to a Convention, if that's the kind of thing you enjoy. You should be able to play some Chaosium games, depending on the convention, just to see if you like them.
  20. It depends on what kind of game you are playing. If you are playing a game where martial arts are just a normal extension of fighting, then limiting this makes some sense. However, if you are playing a game where a martial artist can punch through a stone wall, then why have limits?
  21. Here are the Stunts from Merrie England:Robyn Hode. Some of them have been reused in Revolution SciFi, as they are generic stunts. For some reason, I didn't put in any Archery stunts, even though Robyn Hode was a superb archer. The following list details the various Stunts used in Merrie England:Robyn Hode. They are of the form Stunt [Trait], showing which trait the Stunt belongs to. Magical Stunts (Cantrip) [Morris Dance] – The Cantrip allows the adventurer to cast a particular spell, usually from Bladesharp, Bludgeon, Fanaticism, Haste, Heal, Protection or Shimmer. Hidden Meaning [Mummer] – The Mummers’ Play contains a hidden meaning which can be determined by rolling Knowledge and applying an applicably trait, perhaps Knowledge [Heresy]. Success means the hidden meaning is recognised whereas an Advantage means the full meaning is understood. Hidden Knowledge [Freemason] – This allows the Freemason to encode hidden and heretical knowledge into buildings. This can be used in the same way as Hidden Meaning, allowing heretics to read the buildings for secret messages. Sacred Architecture [Freemason] – This allows the freemason to incorporate magic into a building. The building might be able to store magical power for the occupants to use, or might harvest a Ley Line. Corn Dolly [Farming] – This provides a Support Bonus in any Conflict involving use of the Craft [Farming] skill. Corn Dollies in the form of Fancies can be given to sweethearts, these can be used as the focus of a love charm to gain their heart, giving a Support Bonus to any attempts at seduction, as these Fancies are treated as talismans. John Barleycorn [Farming/baking/Brewing] – This provides a Support Bonus in any Conflict involving the use of the Craft [Farming], Craft [Baking] or Craft [Brewing] skill in any attempt to grow barley, make bread, or brew beer. Clootie Wells [Healing] –This allows anyone using the well to perform a Healing Conflict in order to heal someone brought to the well and washed with water from the well. Bow Down in Front of Me [Status:King] – The King of England can use this to initiate a Contest with onlookers, to force them to bow down in front of him. Anyone reduced to 0 Resolution Points must bow before the King. Fair Judgement [Status:King] – The King of England gains a Support Bonus in any Conflict involving Knowledge [Status:King] when judging cases. Obey Me [Status:King] – The King of England gains a Support Bonus in any Conflict involving Communication [Status:King] when giving orders. Majestic Demeanour [Status:King] – The King of England can use this to appear more majestic than usual, granting him a Support Bonus when using Communication [Status:King] to cow opponents or when majesty is an advantage. Royal Healing [Status:King] – The King of England can cure some illnesses by laying on hands, this allows the King to initiate a Healing Contest, matching his WIL against the Disease’s Might. See the Wrong [Status:King] – The King of England sees through any attempt at deceit in any Conflict involving Knowledge [Status:King] when judging cases, removing any bonuses gained by petitioners using deceitful Traits. (Blessing) [Piety] – The Adventurer can cast the stated Blessing as a spell but the power comes from the deity Absorb Sin [Mysticism] – This heretical stunt allows the user to consume sin, absorbing it from the sinner. This means the sinner is absolved and is free from the effects of that sin. Wash away Sin [Sacred Texts] – This heretical stunt allows the user to wash the feet, hands, head or body of the sinner, absorbing it from the sinner. This means the sinner is absolved and is free from the effects of that sin. Excellent Shot [Herne the Hunter] – You do not suffer from penalties when using a bow. Track Anything Anywhere [Herne the Hunter] – You do not suffer from Penalties when using Perception [Track] Pass through Forest [Greenwood Jack] – Removes Penalties for Movement when moving through a Forest Wash away Pain [Healing] – A healer can use this to wash away the pain from a wound, as long as the healer mixes her tears with the water, this removes the pain of a wound for the time being, allowing the patient to operate without pain. Empathic Wound [Alana] – Allows the user to use the [Alana] trait when healing any descendant of Alana, whether male or female. Heroic Aura [Hereward the Wake] – People naturally follow the adventurer, especially when fighting against Normans, this grants a Support Bonus when using the Communication [Hereward the Wake] skill. Salmon Leap [Salmon Falls Guardian] – Can leap STR in feet vertically or STR in metres horizontally with a successful Agility [Salmon Falls] roll Swim in Armour [Salmon Falls Guardian] – The user does not receive any penalties due to swimming while wearing armour Nine Herbs Charm [Healing] – This gives a Support Bonus to any attempt to use Knowledge [Healing] to cure an illness or injury. With Faerstice [Healing] – A charm to combat a stabbing pain, this is used with the application of a salve and calls on the powers of the Elves to cure the pain. This gives a Support Bonus to any attempt to use Knowledge [Healing] to cure a stabbing pain. Cockle Bread – A love charm, designed to attract men. A young woman can press dough against her private parts, then bake the dough in the shape formed and give it to the object of their affections. This gives the user a Support Bonus to the Communication [Seduction] skill when trying to attract a lover. Open Door [Hand of Glory] – The user can magically open locked doors on a successful Concentration [Hand of Glory] roll. Corpse Light [Hand of Glory] – The user can set alight one of the fingers of the Hand of Glory to provide a light that only he can see. This acts as a candle shining a light that nobody else can see. Still as a Corpse [Hand of Glory] – Placing a lit candle made from beeswax, sesame oil and fat from the hanged man in a Hand of Glory causes anyone to whom it is presented to become motionless on a successful Concentration [Hand of Glory] roll. Agility Stunts Flick Flack [Acrobatics] – This allows the user to move in a surprising way, gaining a Change Distance Close Combat Effect, or a daze Close Combat Effect on an Advantage Bash Down [Brawn] – This gives a Support Bonus to any attempt to bash down a door or go through a wall No Ropes [Climb] – This negates any penalties when climbing without any ropes as the adventurer is trained to climb in this way No Fear [Jump] – The adventurer does not fear the gap or height being jumped, so does not receive any penalties due to the distance jumped Ride Stunts Stay Mounted [Horse] – This allows the user to remain mounted when receiving a blow that would normally knock him off his horse, acting as a Support Bonus to Ride [Horse] for the purposes of staying on the horse Trick Riding [Horse] – Normally known by Saracens and Moors, this allows the rider to gain a Support Bonus to Ride [Horse] when trying difficult tricks, such as picking something from the ground while galloping, or making a horse ride backwards for short distances. Teach Trick [Animal Training] – This allows the user to teach an animal a particular unusual trick, for example teaching a bear to dance or a dog to sing, no bonus is gained, as this merely imparts the ability to teach this unusual trick.
  22. New skills are generally fine, as long as they are not really Traits in disguise. I don't generally use Dedication, as that just has too many Traits. I just allow a PC to have up to their tens digits in Traits, with each Trait having the same number of Stunts. It means no working out, which is good. It also means that you don't need to choose between traits and Stunts. Those are House Rules, though. Sure, that could work. It all depends on what works in your campaign. I use spells as stunts, so that gives me more spells, using my House rule above. A new skill works just as well.
  23. In my Glorantha, the Dragonewt Dream was a HeroQuest event that was possible to reach by HeroQuestors, but so was the Dragonkill. For me, dreams in Glorantha can be caused by many things. Deities can pass along instructions, warnings and general feelings through dreams. Apostates can be plagued by nightmares as punishment. The Ancestors can warn people in dreams, or call them to action. PCs with Dreaming Magic or skills can enter the dreams of others, effectively interacting with their dreams in a form of lucid dreaming. This could be in the form of a dream scenario, where you perform actions in the dream, or it could just be shaping the dream or giving instructions in the dream.
  24. Some Chaos Features are obvious, some aren't. An extra limb is obvious, as is Appears Harmless, but one is clearly chaotic and the other isn't. I play that Chaos features are only really obvious if they are clearly visible. So, extra skin armour might be scales, horny hide and so on, but increased Strength might just be a muscular physique.
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