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    It depends where you are. I wouldn't expect to see a Darkness Elemental unless I was in a place full of shadows, but if I went into a deep cave then I could find them. The shade Table in Dragon Pass is a well-known haunt of Darkness Elementals and they are known to sniff around it. Water Elementals frolic in the water, as lakes, rivers and seas are actually the physical forms of deities. For me, you are unlikely to see Elementals and are unlikely to have them as random encounters, unless you are somewhere that has them. So, I wouldn't have a 50% chance of seeing one, unless I went looking for one.
  2. On Page 126 of the RQG Rulebook, it says "2. Movement of Non-Engaged Characters Any adventurer or monster actively taking part in melee combat, whether attacking or defending, is engaged in melee combat. All characters and monsters not directly engaged in melee combat may move up to their total movement rate (MOV). Those moving no more than half of their usual movement allowance may also participate in melee or perform other feats such as throwing a spell. Every 3 meters of movement adds 1 to the mover’s strike rank.". Unengaged Adventurers just move their full Movement rate, even if it is above 12. However, Engaged Adventurers are restricted, so someone moving 36m adds +12 to their SR, so that does restrict someone to Move 12. However, what I would do is to say that someone could move their entire Movement Rate in a Melee Round, splitting the extra Movement among the strike Ranks. So, someone with Move 18 should be able to move 18x3=54m in a round, so 4.5m per SR, while engaged. A human has Move 8, but a human with Mobility cast has Move 16, so moves 16x3m=48 in a round, or 4m per SR. Now, that appears a bit odd, as a normal human can move at 3m per SR but a human moving twice as fast can move 4m per SR, why not have them move 6m per SR? You could do, and that would be fine, their movement just finishes a bit earlier than someone moving for the whole round.
  3. I do like a thread about HeroQuests. I also like Gloranthan LARPs. Hopefully, this will be a great thread. Lunars can do "normal" HeroQuests, whereby they emulate the deeds of their deities and perform reenactment HeroQuests. They can also perform a kind of GodQuest, where they become a Lunar Hero and then Deity. This is slightly different to how other cultures do it, as the Lunars seem to have a successful formula. They can also do a form of Inner HeroQuest, I think, where they awaken themselves. The Imperial Lunar Handbooks mention Sevening, where they split their souls into Seven pieces, which is like Illuminatoin with knobs on. They emulate the Path of the Red Goddess, the Seven Mothers' HeroQuest, the Hero Paths of each of their Ascended Deities, for example Etyries, Hon-eel, Hwarin Dalthippa, Yara Aranis and so on. They might also have secret ways to reach into the Myths of other Deities and prove that their Deities are Aspects or Avatars of them. Hon Eel performed a HeroQuest where she waited with the Watchers to greet Yelm when he first rose at the Dawn, his light touched her and made her pregnant, so that she had a Hero Child, to prove that she defeated the Reverend Mother of Horses in a contest. She studied the inner knowledge of the Solar Cults to prepare for this. Similarly, she studied the inner knowledge of the Earth Cults to gain access to the innermost mysteries of the Earth Deities and appeared in the Tarsh Sacred Time Ceremonies. Yes and Yes, I think. Where they absorb other Deities into their Way, they find ways of doing Heroquests from the new Deity's myths but in a Lunar Way. There was a concept of some Lunar Cults being Healed versions of other cults, so Irripi Ontor is Lhankor Mhy Healed, Yanafal Tarnils is Humakt Healed and so on. I am not sure how much of that still applies, but they can certainly use some of the original deity's HeroQuests. The Red Emperor certainly performed some Reenactment HeroQuests. For example, he played the part of Basko when Sheng Seleris's relatives tried to perform the Tests to become Emperor, so the Red Emperor turns up dressed in fish scales and just kills them all. That means that he did the Basko HeroQuest, but instead of soiling himself in fear and not being noticed by Yelm, he slew the challengers, as he WAS the Emperor. The Seven Mothers' Quest is a good one, or at least part of it. There is a booklet about the Red Goddess, if you can find it, but I can't remember its name. It has a writeup of some of the Red Goddess's HeroQuest, in particular what Yanafal Tarnils did to help her escape from the Underworld. That kind of thing might be useful. Unfortunately, I don't have any Lunar HeroQuests available. Yes, the Kalikos HeroQuest might be a good one to do. You can adapt it to work against Cold or Darkness.
  4. It should be in the Underworld. I prefer it being in both. You can get to the Basement from the normal Surface World, but each step brings you closer to the Underworld. You can also enter the basement from the Underworld, but each step brings you closer to the Mundane World.
  5. I have covered Islam in a couple of Merrie England books for various RPG Systems and have had no issues. Obviously, Chaosium is far bigger than me or Alephtar Games, so would be higher profile. But, if you cover the religion sensitively and are perfectly clear that this does not relate to real world Islam, then things might be OK.
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    It is unlikely that Elementals are found moving about in the normal plane, unless they are in a special place. Darkness Elementals might be found in Shadows Dance or around a Castle of Lead. Water Elementals might be found in the seas, lakes or rivers. Earth Elementals might be found in the earth, but I think they can be found deeper, near the Deep Earth. Fire Elementals might be found in great forest fires, or on burning plains. Air/Storm Elementals might be found during a storm, or when the wind is high, or around holy mountains such as Kero Fin. Lunar Elementals might be found at the Crater, on the Red Moon or within the Glow Line. Blue Moon Elementals might be found skulking around the Blue Moon Plateau. In the Spirit World, yes, sure, loads of Elementals there. Elementals can be found in the Spirit World near a place associated with that Element, so around Holy Spots or Temples. Yes, a Shaman can bind an Elemental using the Spirit Plane, all they need to do is travel there and find an Elemental, using the normal rules.
  7. My Glorantha has Always Varied. Most cults don't like Shamans because Shamans take worshippers away from Temples and Priests. A Shaman can always make a personal connection to a deity and organise a Spirit Cult based on the Shaman. Priests don't like that, but shamans and their followers do. So, I would allow a Shaman to access almost any cult via shamanic worship, as described in the Spirit Cult section of the RQG Rules. They don't get access to all the spells, though, which is the disadvantage of worshipping a deity via a Spirit Cult.
  8. It's a good scenario, in fact I played it last week and enjoyed it. It is very good that you want to GM RQ, welcome to the club.
  9. If you want it slightly less aggressive, do something like the following: Have plenty of Healing, either spells of potions Remind people that Heal wound is a Common Magic spell and is widely available to PCs Have Chalana Arroy Temples offer Resurrection on Credit, if needed, with no Credit Limit, it also allows PCs to go on adventures specifically to pay off their debt to the Healers Have massive damage to a vital location not mean instant death, but just means the PC is unconscious until healed, maybe except for a head cut off in a single blow Have 0 General Hit Points mean unconscious and bleeding for CON melee rounds, with healing possible up to that time Allow multiple lots of healing on a location, without having to wait for rounds Allow the RQ3 "Being Heroic" rule, so a PC can roll CONx1% to act when they should be knocked unconscious or functionally incapacitated However, I have found that the best way to avoid losing PCs in combat is to downplay combat and play up other areas of the game. In my last RQ Glorantha game, the PCs maybe had a combat every 4 or 5 sessions.
  10. Maybe King of Sartar and the Book of Heortling Mythology? I think Trollpack is the best source, though.
  11. A friend bought a shotgun from a shop just around the corner from a police station, so he walked in to register it, but with it over his shoulder. He got a few funny looks, then a policeman came up and asked if there was something he could help with. When he explained, the policeman said to come to his desk, then nonchalantly added "Next time, could you break it and leave it open, so we can see there are no shells loaded?" He then realised that he could have been tasered by a dozen policemen, quite easily.
  12. There must somehow just be a load of negative energy somewhere, just to balance it out. Simples. Now, all we have to do is find it and draw it into our Universe and see what happens ...
  13. I just assume that the Healer knows the best way to purge the poison. Animal sting - Cut it and suck out the poison * Vapour/Gas - Blow healing smoke into the lungs Irritant - Put some kind of salve on it Swallowed - Make them vomit it back up It isn't necessarily going to be accurate and Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics can tell us of the many reasons why this wouldn't work in the real world, but for a Fantasy World and a RPG Rules system, it works well enough for me. * Reminds me of the old Castlemaine XXXX advert, where someone has been bitten on the backside by a snake, so his mate calls the Doctor. "You need to suck out the poison, or it'll be really bad", he says. "What did the Doc say?", the stricken chap asks, "He says it's going to be really bad ..."
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    It is too far away for sense chaos to have any effect. Also, it is buried under a lot of rock and soil, so this masks Sense Chaos.
  15. I am sure that there are different origin stories for the different types of dinosaur. Some may well have multiple origin stories. The point that I was trying to make, probably clumsily, is that some dinosaurs are broken dragonewts, some descended from Maran Gor and some were, perhaps, draconic mutants. When a Dragonewt becomes a Triceratops, it might meet another Triceratops, perhaps one descended from Maran Gor. The two might mate and produce offspring that are both descended from Maran Gor and a broken Dragonewt. that might meet a Triceratops that was created as a curse when a wizard shape-changed a rival. They might mate and produce another Triceratops that has even more mixed origins. My point is that not all dinosaurs are necessarily descended entirely from Maran Gor, or from broken Dragonewts or whatever. They are mixed and have mixed origins.
  16. Don't forget that you cannot toss a pancake properly in Zero-G, either.
  17. The way I see many of the Thunder Brothers is that Orlanth did something, then Orlanth became known for doing something, then Orlanth cast off doing something into a devolved son, or Thunder Brother. So, Desemborth is both Orlanth the Thief and Desemborth the Thief, Son of Orlanth. Vinga is both Orlanth the Woman and Daughter of Orlanth. Orlanthcarl is both Orlanth the Farmer and Barntar the Farmer, Son of Orlanth.
  18. Some dinosaurs are degenerate Dragonewts, but not all. Some dinosaurs are descended from Maran Gor, but not all. Some dinosaurs are descended from immature or broken dragon eggs, but not all. Dinosaurs have a varied descent, but similar types of dinosaur can breed with each other regardless of whether they are descended from a rogue dragonewt, from Maran Gor or from a bad dragon egg. After all, a brontosaurus is a brontosaurus is a brontosaurus.
  19. This has always been an issue with various versions of RuneQuest. For roughly human-sized humanoids, if you use a rule of thumb that 1 SIZ = 1 Stone (14 lbs or roughly 6kg) then that is a good approximation. For larger creatures, doubling the height multiplies the weight by 8, so creatures get very large SIZ values, or larger points of SIZ cover a broader range of weights.
  20. The Hero could be anyone, really. The examples you gave are good ones, so it would be OK to use those, or similar ones. When the Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha I and II come out, you will have a lot of heroes to choose from. That will contain 100 cults, not quite your 5,000, but probably a good start. Generally, I would ask some questions when choosing a Hero for the Heirloom: Is this a Cultural Hero of my culture? If so, choose a hero related to your cult or culture. Is this a Clan hero? if so, choose your Clan Founder, one of the Founder's children or another important person in your Clan's history. Is this a Hero from a different Culture? If so, choose the culture and choose a hero from that culture.you might need to invent a reason why you have this heirloom.
  21. I was confused mid-series, until I realised that some of the scenes were flashbacks to several years ago. Overall, I enjoyed the Witcher, solid modern-style Fantasy.
  22. I think you have to belong to the Yelm Cult to take the Ten Tests and Yeml is restricted to males. Of course, if a woman took the Ten Tests and passed, then she would automatically, by default, be a member of the Yelm Cult and would be qualified to be Emperor. That's the beauty of HeroQuesting, by completing the HeroQuest successfully you prove your place in the world.
  23. That's their problem - No Rhinos in Australia.
  24. Unless you are giving your knowledge to the deity, perhaps by sharing it as a Hero Subcult.
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