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  1. Don't kill one of us, just kill those I tell you to. Don't steal from us, just steal from our enemies. Orlanthi are hypocrites, really. Exactly. "It wasn't me, it was my Trickster. Bad Trickster! Let's flog him as a punishment. There, all done, now. Just don't do it again, do you hear me?"
  2. I bet those Archaeologists have not spent hours kneeling in the mud, in the pouring rain, or washing soil samples when the water freezes when it hits the rim. They would be more along the lines of Indiana Jones, or the kind of archaeologist who goes to a town, recognises a possible dig site by passing bay, spends a couple of hours digging and finds a tomb full of Mythos artefacts.
  3. We used Roll20, which I am sure increases the number of Fumbles just for a laugh. Yes, I agree, I was robbed! My argument is not against Augments, I think Augments are great. I just hate rolling for rolling sake, and for me rolling for Augments is exactly that. Just give me a straight +10 for an augment and I would be happy.
  4. Part of the discussion is working out how "traditional" cultures deal with this. Part of the discussion is working out how runic affiliation deals with this. Part of the discussion is working out how the stated multi-genders fit into this. So, people are tying themselves in knots trying to work out how all these things interact. For me, it is simple: You are who/what you are. I treat the Before-Times as like Initiation. Here, "you" means "People in general". You were a child and then you became an adult. You were unaligned and them became an initiate of a deity. You were a man and are now a women, or were a woman and became a man. You were a human and became a troll. In each of these, there is a Transition Point and you are different afterwards than you were before. Do people say "Ah, but you have only been an Initiate of Orlanth for 3 years, you were not an Initiate of Orlanth for 15 years before that, so how can we forget that and treat you as an Initiate of Orlanth?" Of course not. Do people say "Ah, but you have only been an adult for 3 years, you were not an adult for 15 years before that, so how can we forget that and treat you as an adult?" Of course not. So, the same thing applies to people changing gender, at least in my game. Of course, there may be role-playing opportunities in struggling to fit into/break out of stereotypes. "You didn't accept me into the fyrd as Handra the Seamstress, but now I am Handron the Sword I can join! What do you mean, I am still Handra in your eyes? Take that, and that and that!" There might be some issues around certain cults. Waha initiates can only be male, so a trans-man should be able to join. However, that applies to people who have been magically transformed from female to male. What about people who identify as male, can they join Waha? I would say no, generally, because they are not physically male. However, it is possible for someone to have been brought up as a boy, acted as a boy and been treated as a boy, to go on an Initiation Quest, if those happen in Praxian Culture, and have been accepted by Waha as a male, and that would be perfectly fine and acceptable.
  5. No, because you are taking the role of your deity, you are not your deity. Which is how Sects and so forth are started.
  6. Worship Chalana Arroy 50%, Augmented with Harmony 90%, success (+20), also augmented with Meditate, as I have a nice GM, success (+20), Augmented chance 90%, roll 100, Fumble, Psychic Trauma. Both Augments were well below 50%, so both would have succeeded in the Worship.😱 I hate rolling for Augments.
  7. I normally play that your skill is with 1H Sword, 2H Axe and so on. It doesn't matter to me whether you use a broadsword, Bastard/Long Sword or Shortsword, the techniques are close enough. But, my experience with using weapons is playing Robin Hood with my brothers using sticks, which is good enough for what I need in RQ.
  8. In my opinion, if the clan that currently controls the Oasis is happy to move on, they will do. However, if they still need to do things they will only move on if the new clan is stronger or bigger. Oases are not really worth fighting over, as they don't have anything of use, except water, herbs, food and that kind of thing.
  9. RQG does not have Structure Points, yet. However, the Book of Doom covers Structure Points, but they are a little less than the RQ3 values. On that scale, maybe Alda Chur might have 20 point walls.
  10. Also, have a look at http://www.soltakss.com/gmap01.jpg for a map of Central Genertela
  11. Hereditas Novae Angliae domui cum domatis: What to do if you inherit a New England house with an attic.
  12. Does she get on with Rhondabarbaraannannette?
  13. With a silent F at the start?
  14. Revenants are basically the same as Mummies. The RQ2 Gateway Bestiary had stats for Mummies. They are similar to RQG Revenants but have slightly less natural armour and move a bit slower, of and they have 1D6+12 POW.
  15. Muriah is written up somewhere. I am sure I have seen stats, maybe in Heroes or another supplement.
  16. Are other kinds of abuse OK? Could we list the acceptable kinds of abuse, to save time pussyfooting around what might be gratuitous? 😀
  17. Obliged to heal is an odd context. There are people that my PC just will not heal, so don't bother asking him. I would say that the bare minimum is enough. In my opinion, no. What if someone had used Shapechange Rabbit to Rock first? But, other Healers might say that it is fine. The Healer Handbook probably doesn't include it.
  18. Probably not very tasty, but Ok to eat. People in Cults have established ways of working and would be taught what they can and cannot eat. The odd worshipper who constantly questions the rules, pushes them and always looks for loopholes either makes for a very bad cultists who won't last long in the cult, or a very good one who founds their own Subcult.
  19. Oh, I know I am doing it wrong, in many ways, sometimes quite deliberately so. I just don't care.
  20. I already Hate several groups of people, form my Family History, for killing Chalana Arroy Healers. So, I have an idea of which groups of people cannot be trusted and will happily tell people that. Same with people who do not respect my role as a Healer. Their names go in the book. "Hey, you can't eat bacon, you are a Healer!" "Are you a worshipper of Chalana Arroy? have you sworn her sacred oaths? Do you answer to her High Healers? Do you know her sacred doctrine? No? Then how can you tell me what I should and should not do? Anyway, it is mock-bacon, leaves from the Little Pigglee Tree".
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