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  1. I just treat them as buffing, to make you seem a bit shinier than you normally would. This works the same way as wearing a corset, push up bra, false eyelashes and makeup, sure you know what has happened but it still has an effect. Some people will say "No way, it's all false" and some people will say "Well, hello there".
  2. Not necessarily. All they needed to do was to get from Corflu to Karse. They didn't need to be particularly strong or seaworthy for that single voyage. Also, the Lunars get Water Elementals through the Young Elementals, so they could use them to shore up any shoddy ships.
  3. Secrets of Dorastor has a chapter on Illumination, with new powers. There are many ways to Illumination, all of which involve gaining, increasing and rolling an Illumination skill. You can gain or increase the illumination skill in many different ways, some examples of which are: Answering Nysalor Riddles Performing certain deeds (For example, touching all the walls of the Puzzle Canal) Participating in certain events (Some mythical events automatically increase Illumination) Watching certain Mystery Plays performed by Illuminated Entertainers Being quizzed by Lunars in sacred rituals Talking to an Illuminated Master Contemplating the secrets of Illumination (Research) Soltak Stormspear, one of my PCs, became Illuminated by meeting Nysalor on the spirit Plane and gaining 1D6 Illumination, he rolled 4, I think, then rolled it the next Sacred Time, so he didn't need to answer any riddles. I don't bother with thinking up Nysalor Riddles, I just get Players to roll the skill. Some GMs would prefer to think of riddles and answers. I seem to remember some examples in very old threads, perhaps the Gloranthan Digest. As to a Darkness Shaman gaining secrets of Illumination, perhaps the shadow mages from Secrets of Dorastor might be a way in. Arkati hold the secrets of Illumination, too. also, don't forget Xiola Umbar's secret of Light Within, which is a school of Illumination. They might be natural ways in to Illumination.
  4. Except that Thed absolutely hates women and does not allow them to worship her. Thed has issues. It can’t have sailed through the seas and rivers of myth to get to Corflu, that’s self-evidently ridiculous. 😛 In our last Gloranthan campaign, the PCs did this in reverse. They did a HeroQuest to equate all rivers and matched Zola Fel with the Oslir, allowing the Wolf Pirate Fleet to sail up the Zola Fel and down the Oslir in a surprise attack.
  5. The Compromise allows or mandates their existence.
  6. That could apply to a lot of Darius' posts ... Always thought-provoking, though. Arkat did fight a total war. There is an area in Aggar that is the path that Arkat took to Dorastor and it is still a blasted land, full of ghosts, where little grows, over a thousand years afterwards. Arkat, Sheng Seleris and Argrath are very similar in places and all used/will use total war in some situations.
  7. It’s good for early PDF, questionable otherwise. Microsoft Word has a spell checker and a grammar checker. Just saying.
  8. soltakss


    Sure, get them to make a skill roll, if they fail there is a chance of it blowing up, if they fumble it blows up. Not sure is Space 1889 has skills or fumbles, though, the only time we played it we blew up a ship with a 7-stick bundle of dynamite.
  9. RQ3 SR, but with 12 SR per round and 3 SRs between actions.
  10. In the end, I removed all references to Hervald's Helm from the text, on the assumption that most people would not have access to the HeroQuest. However, if someone had a PDF copy, then I wouldn't say no to being sent one. Obviously, I am not soliciting or encouraging the sharing of files and would happily buy a copy if I could.
  11. You could also use Multispell to cast the Multimissiles. An allied spirit with Multispell, access to Multimissile and some stored MPs could crank out Multimissiles as often as needed
  12. Yes, Page 41, thanks.
  13. Thanks. I don't have that as a PDF and it isn't available on DTRPG, so I'll have to recheck my creaky paperback and hope it doesn't break.
  14. I am trying to find out in which supplement the Hervald's Helm HeroQuest appeared in. Searching through the PDFs I have has not helped and gingerly leafing through my paperback copies of Hero Wars has not shown it to me. My thought is that it is in one of the Hero Wars books, but Google isn't helping much. Can anyone help, please?
  15. It depends on the cult. Chalana arroy had it reusable, but some cults had it one-use. Again, this was cult-specific, Reusable for Humakt, one-use for Zorak Zoran, for example.
  16. Personally, I would bring back the enchantments and streamline them. So, rather than learning each kind of Enchantment as a separate spell, you would have one spell of Enchanting and learn the different Enchantments individually. Then, you just drop POW into whatever Enchantments you want. Armouring enchantment does not break RQ. We played an RQ3 campaign where the PCs had 20 points of armour, due to enchantments and Iron. sure, it made them harder to injure, but the type of foes they were facing in Dorastor laughed at such weak armour. When you have Protection 10 and Shield 10 flying around, a few points of extra armour doesn't make a lot of difference.
  17. Mine is in a little memory box, with my grandfather's watch and some black sand from New Zealand sent by my late uncle. Read into that what you will. Continuum 92, Home of the Bold sounds exactly right. Nearly 30 years ago.
  18. A problem I would prefer to ignore than to solve. Or just say "You can't because you can only go down to 1 Rune Point".
  19. You could make it a stackable Runespell, each point allows one more missle but reduces the skill, so 1 point = 2 missiles at half chance (/2), 2 points = 3 missiles at /3 chance and so on. You could cast Multimissile on each arrow, though. We had a Runespell in our old RQ3 game that allowed Multimissile to target multiple foes. It wasn't stackable, though, it just allowed the shots to hit close-together targets.
  20. I have always allowed it, even if a head has been chopped off.
  21. Yes, I used a variant of it in my, currently stalled, Dark Ages campaign and it works really well.
  22. No different from Foundchild who serves harmony by killing animals. Yes, by killing agents of Disorder and rebellion, she supports Harmony.
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