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  1. We agreed that Acids and Bases worked the same way in RuneQuest terms, if only for convenience. They did double damage against Gorps in our game.
  2. For me, it's just time. I have nearly finished the text of my first contribution and have sourced artwork. Next step will be putting it all together, then on to the next one.
  3. That's what I play. Wheels stay as they are and don't naturally degrade. Of course, someone could clip them, but then they aren't wheels and I play they are visibly ruined. I would just let Lokarnos cultists use the Coin Wheel spell to split already-created Wheels into their spokes. So, you can use the same number of Wheels as the spell would normally create. As with clipping, above, I play that this would just look wrong, so nobody would accept them.
  4. This is one of the problems when talking about Chaotic acts. Some cultures believe that Ikadz is Chaotic and some don't. Some view Mallia as Chaotic and some don't. Some say that Urain is Chaotic and some don't. One way around this is to say that a Deity with the Chaos Rune is Chaotic and those without the Chaos Rune are not Chaotic.
  5. Nor do I now. I am sure we used to have a delete button.
  6. You edit the post and choose Delete Post. Like the Post I deleted before this one. Actually, you can't. I am sure that you used to be able to do that, but can't now.
  7. You edit the post and choose Delete Post.
  8. He probably inspired them, or sent them to do it.
  9. Didn't Yelornans have stars, which were small silver coins? Or were they small gold coins? I can't remember.
  10. The God Time was shattered beyond recognition during the Gods War. Heroes reconstructed it to make Time. When they did so, they did it in their own way, which caused some inconsistencies and contradictory myths.
  11. I don't have any particular insights, except that some people think that Draconism was forced upon Orlanth and some think that his Inner Dragon was always there, waiting to be awakened. He made people think it was bad for Orlanth to be Draconic. However, once Orlanth's Inner Dragon was awakened, it was always present. after the Breaking of Dragons and the Dragonkill, it was severely weakened, as very few Orlanthi worshipped or followed it, but it was still there, followed in secret by Draconic Orlanthi mystics. Argrath did several Draconic things: Found the EWF Battle Banner Owned the Dragonteeth Warriors Spoke to the Dragons on the Ship Raising HeroQuest Awakened the Brown Dragon at the Dragon Rise Caused the True Dragons to pull down the Red Moon Personally, I think that he encountered some Orlanthi Draconic Mystics and learned their secrets, allowing him to access some of the EWF Powers.
  12. In my Glorantha, Teleport makes the air to flow in, as it rejoices in Orlanth's power. The visual effect of Healing is of the wound knitting itself together very quickly, then disappearing. Humakti and Waha Healing always leaves a scar of some kind. For spells the PCs haven't seen before, I describe the effects, but don't bother after that,
  13. For me, it is about intent. If you HeroQuest as Ragnaglar and rape Thed, then you are doing a Chaotic thing, as Ragnaglar did a chaotic thing. similarly, if you devour a book as Thanatar did, that is Chaotic, if you impregnate someone to breed a chaos monstrosity, that is Chaotic, as Ragnaglar did it. However, Unicorns impregnate creatures and they give birth to unicorns, sometimes, so that is not, in itself, Chaotic. Eating a fellow human is not necessarily Chaotic. Rape is not necessarily Chaotic. Torture is not necessarily Chaotic. The problem happens when you consider sympathetic magic, assuming that is the right word for this. If you eat someone, that is not necessarily Chaotic, but you are, in some way, emulating the eating of someone that is a Chaotic act. So, you are mirroring that act and, therefore, giving it mythical power. If you give a Chaotic event on the God Plane strength, then are you not performing a Chaotic act? I would say that if you are emulating a non-Chaotic being who did a non-Chaotic thing during God Time, then you are not doing a Chaotic thing. If you emulate a Chaos act during God Time then you are doing a Chaotic thing. The trick is to find a deity that did something in a non-Chaotic way and invoke that. The other trick is to prove that the non-Chaotic Deity actually did a Chaotic act, so anyone from now on who invokes/emulates that act is making a Chaotic act. That is one of the things that makes HeroQuesting so fun.
  14. That's how I describe it. You are walking and moving slowly, as if walking through water, or treacle. I don't really look into it any further than that.
  15. Whew, I was starting to worry there. I always include 0 and started to wonder whether I should be doing that.
  16. In the Tale of the Arganauts, our last Gloranthan Campaign, the PCs were working to resurrect Genert. One of the steps was to sacrifice 1,000 people, making a 10x10x10 cube of their bodies. They took it in their stride and it became a logistics exercise about how to source 1,000 people to sacrifice, not whether it was OK to sacrifice them.
  17. One of the PCs in our RQ2/RQ3 campaign HeroQuested and got permanent Bless Woad equal to his POW, also stackable with Woad. It just meant that he had to be naked to fight. However, his PC was notoriously shy and hated being seen nude, so kept asking Orlanth if it was OK to keep one sock on.With permanent, non-dispellable woad 19, I'd have taken my kit off all the while.
  18. We just sacrificed MPs on weekly days, as standard, just with an appropriate prayer. We tended to attend Seasonal Holy Days at Temples, where possible, as they were more important, especially as our party was all Rune Levels. We attended High Holy Days at Temples, as that was when you could increase POW. Also, we had various artefacts of our Cults, which acted as shrines anyway, so we used those when sacrificing MPs or when attending ceremonies when not able to get to a Temple.
  19. Orlanthi see the Lunar Empire as bad because the Red Goddess embraces Chaos. She rode out on the Crimson Bat and sent a whole host of people mad just by seeing her. They could probably forgive a lot of the lunar stuff, but that is the defining moment. Of course, things like Ogres, Broos and Scorpionmen serving in the Lunar army and the Lunars training the Vampire Legion don't help matters.
  20. We disallowed that in our RQ2 campaign, except for Trog. Trog was a Minotaur and used to go into Battle rage at the drop of a hat. He also had INT 6. as most of his weapon skills were above 100%, he only had a 6% chance of increasing them, so we allowed him to drop weapons and pull out new ones in combat. The only time we allowed it was when fighting creatures not affected by certain weapons, so if we used a spear and some skeletons attacked then it was OK to switch to a sword.
  21. soltakss


    If you want Sunspear and Trurespear then go and join Yelm. What, your father wasn't a Yelm cultists? Tough, stop whining about it, then, or HeroQuest to join Yelm anyway. Yelmalio fans cannot stop whinging. He doesn't get Shield. He doesn't get Truespear. He has nasty geases.
  22. If anyone has any doubts, the You Tube Channel is well worth watching. I found it very accessible and interesting. He even makes Call of Cthulhu sound fun to play. Of course, I know differently!
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