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  1. RQG p366 adds: "The binder of a spirit can use any spirit magic the spirit possesses and the magic points of the spirit to fuel spells." So I'd say you good with 1-4 & 6. With 5, the binder has access to spells and MP. If you want the spirit to cast spells or use it's powers, it must be released followed by a control spell.
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  3. So far that's how I read it...
  4. Thanks guys, some food for thought. I signed up for Astral but my old pc wasn't too happy with the WebGL so I'll stick with Roll20. Also wasn't aware of MapTools so thanks Rosen for the tip!
  5. P368: "Spirit combat is always resolved on strike rank 12 of each melee round, regardless of any other actions taken by the characters. If a spirit is attacked with physical weapons or spells, that is resolved on the attacker’s normal melee strike rank." To me, this suggests that physical and spell attacks are in addition to Spirit Combat. The melee attack occurs on the appropriate SR followed by Spirit Combat on SR 12. Say Bill and Bob are jumped by a nasty Spirit, with the Spirit choosing Bob. Both Bill and Bob can attack with swords on SR 6 and 7 (for example). As this is an Opposed Roll, there is a risk that both could receive damage*. Bob then has to survive another round of Spirit Combat on SR 12. *I play that as Spirits are not bound by physics, they don't suffer penalties from multiple opponents, multiple attacks, etc. In some cases it might be safer to just use Spirit Combat.
  6. I'm looking at running an online game soon. I've used Roll20 in the past and it had some nice features, tough we'd usually end up using Discord for audio, I'm not too keen on multiple solutions. Lately Astral Table Top looks interesting, with some immersive options. My main beef with VTT is that it's challenging to get players engaged with each other - too much solo play and not enough teamwork (I've actually encountered adversarial play, which is perhaps it's a hangover from playing online FPS??). I really enjoy the collaborative element you get with a bunch of people actually sitting around the same table. So, does Astral bring anything to the virtual table that would help? And, from those with more VTT experience, what tips would you have for promoting supportive play? PS: I'm not looking to go Pro with any options yet, so FG is off the table.
  7. For convention games I provide a single page synopsis of each PC's magical abilities - but that can overwhelm some players with too much info. Having all PC's cast magic is a big thing for some coming from the 'other game', I've heard the "can't I just play a regular fighter" more than once. Still I find the reference sheets very useful.
  8. I once created photogrammetry 3d models of some of the NMS collection of the chessmen, along with some Skara Brae artefacts. The pieces biting their shields are referred to as berserkers 😄
  9. Psullie

    New Stuff!!!

    Or just Command+Shift+4 and drag the crosshairs around your graphic 😉
  10. the map on p29 Hill Pear to the East of Wilmskirk, should this be Hill Pearl Inn?
  11. Just thumbed through this, and it looks great!
  12. thank you both for the clarification
  13. For the duration of the spell. Nowhere does it say that Boosted MP's fade, in fact by saying in the example that they effectively become higher value spells, suggests to me that they stick around. For Dismiss Magic could you not Boost with 10 MP plus the 1 RP? But that does open the possibility for Boosting Dismiss Magic 1 with MP's rather than needing Dismiss Magic x? I'm not so sure... In your Axe Trance example do these boosted MP's count for defence as they are consumed by the spell effect? If, as you suggest, these extra MP's don't count against Dispel, then it only takes a Dispel Magic 2 to cancel, the extra MP's don't count.
  14. I don't see anywhere where this is supported. Adding 5 MP to Bladesharp 1 "making it effectively a 6-point spell" (p248), would by my interpretation make that casting of the spall a 6 point spell for it's duration, therefore requiring a Dispel Magic 6
  15. Boosting a spell is not the same as going from Bladesharp 1 to 2. You have to know the higher value spell to get the more powerful effect. Boosting allows you to overcome magical defences. For example, adding 3 MP to Bladesharp 1 still only gets you +5%, but counts as a 3MP spell for resisting dispel magic etc,
  16. and 131+ pages too, I love the pic of Zhoulshia - using a great troll as shade!
  17. yes combat is brutal, but survivable with planning. It really pays to think and act tactically - use magic and Passions to boost skills and damage, use ranged weapons when possible and alway have an exit strategy.
  18. Oops, yes. However, Opposed contests are different from melee combat in that it's the level of success - not the attack/parry table. If both get the same level of success then "the situation is temporarily unresolved [...] Both parties do spirit combat damage to the other." so spirits could actually do damage. As they would also get their own Spirit Attack at the end of the round, attacking a spirit with a weapon essentially gives it a second attack, albeit your melee attack is likely better then your Spirit Combat skill. I agree though that it is not clear. It would really of benefited from an example.
  19. Absolutely, given that Rune Magic is, by its nature obvious, it would be an clear target for a 2 Point Dispel Magic; and having spirit magic is something spirits are known for
  20. P369 of RQG explicitly states that you can hit spirit with enchanted material weapons using the relevant skill. But the attack is not parried or dodged but an opposed roll v's the attacking spirits Spirit Combat (yes this is a contradiction of the bolded statement on P143). The spirit then fights back on SR12 with a Spirit Combat v's Spirit Combat opposed roll.
  21. Also Spirit Combat uses its own skill, a Humakti who drops 10 MPs into a Sword Trance may attack at 200% but defends with their regular Spirit Combat Skill at the end of each round and with 10 less MP's. A handful of spirts could make short work of a humakti with only 5-8 MPs remaining.
  22. My scenario from last years conventions, Remembering Caroman, benefits a lot from having a shaman - its available in the Cult of Chaos sub forum: link
  23. Chen Durel, from the Guide: "It is dotted with ruins dating far back to the God Time, most notably massive pyramids covered with strange picture-writing." I've been tempted for years to port the D&D campaign Desert of Desolation to the Kingdom of Ignorance. (I see that dumizid also mentions here, but I always felt that this was more Egyptian than Mayan)
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