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Battle rules

Rob Darvall

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5 hours ago, Rob Darvall said:

A long time ago someone wrote some Battle rules similar to KAP's but giving more specific opponents.
Does anyone know what I'm talking about? cos I don't.
I don't even recall the system other than that it is not KAP.

You might be referring to Pendragon Pass by David Dunham. Pretty easy to find info for it so I won’t post urls... 

... remember, with a TARDIS, one is never late for breakfast!

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21 minutes ago, Rob Darvall said:

ToTRM wasn't it?

Actually I was not going to post the url so as not to limit your choices but to be helpful here is an URL from DuckDuckGo. This is the second option given... https://www.pensee.com/dunham/pdp.html.  Dave gives a summary the rules here and sends folk to a couple of other urls for complete info. Do not know if Enclosre 1 or TotRM are still available but a search should pull up the info...



PenDragon Pass"PenDragon Pass" is the name of the variant rules I created to run a game of the colonization of Dragon Pass. I liked the simple rules of Greg Stafford's Pendragon (published by Green Knight), and wanted to explore the idea of a game that lasted more than one generation. But I didn't feel comfortable running a game with Pendragon's Arthurian background, since one of the players was a medievalist.

Essentially, the rules are just RuneQuest magic added to Pendragon. (When I designed the rules, Pendragon didn't have a magic system. And its Celtic magic doesn't seem appropriate for Glorantha.) This allows using standard supplements like Gods of Glorantha.

The most complete and recent version of the rules is a 28-page insert in Enclosure 1. I described a slightly earlier version of the rules in issue 6 of the fanzine Tales of the Reaching Moon.




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... remember, with a TARDIS, one is never late for breakfast!

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It was probably Warhamster.by Sandy Petersen in Tales 12. https://www.shopontheborderlands.co.uk/product/tales-reaching-moon-issue-12/

search in this site for more info.

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Search the Glorantha Resource Site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com. Search the Glorantha mailing list archives: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/

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5 hours ago, Rob Darvall said:

Nope, but my marginalia in ToTRM 12 have led me to p85 of ICE's War Law.

Oh wow I haven't heard about this in, like, 20 years. Makes me want to play Rolemaster again... (the new unified edition is supposed to be released this year I think?)

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4 hours ago, Steve said:

RQG mass battle rules are in the upcoming GM Sourcebook.

Very good news !

I hope to see (just few ideas, I m pretty sure you will do more)

- mass magic (how to participate, what are the effects)

- as a participant, what can I do (more than battle skill) : be in front line, be in support, berserk or prudent, ... and associated event (meet a known enemy / champion / hero / god ?! 😛,  look for an ennemy, see a friend / love / chief in danger, see a friend death ...)

- as a team leader, what can i do

- as the army leader, what can i do

- mass weapon ( not only siege, but also maran beast and things like that)

- ambush / wood / city / ... battle type

 really enjoy the L5R battle system for  the capacity to choose how you will manage your battle (looking for glory or for life) And the battle skill gives all its sense then : define if the PC succeed or not to be where he wants to be

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According to various snippets from various panels at various cons, the battle rules in the upcoming GM book will focus on what happens to you as a PC within a battle rather than on the outcome of the battle itself. So do not expect wargaming rules.

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