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Observations on Weapons and Equipment.


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7 minutes ago, AndreJarosch said:

Found it!
Doesn´t work that way...
"If an enchanted item is broken, it may be fixed with the Repair spell (RuneQuest, page 264), or re-crafted. In either case the enchantment is lost, and the item must be reenchanted."

Nahh, it's more the mindset of 'what happens if we enchant sacred-to-Shargash tin and mix it with the Earth-sacred copper' ...

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Chalana Arroy Resurrection has become massively cheaper (one year's income instead of ransom value), so something like 80L instead of 500L for a Free person. But it has also (sensibly, IMO) been stated that Resurrection is low on the list of CA priorities (the Rune Points might just not be there, or saved for something more important, or you're just not relevant enough).

Interestingly, this means that if you accidentally kill someone, it can be worth at least trying to get them resurrected instead of paying wergeld.

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15 hours ago, AndreJarosch said:

All metals in Glorantha, save for bronze, can be enchanted,..."

This is the same as The Red Book of Magic page 47.

14 hours ago, dumuzid said:

It is though.  The Gustbran cult provides the exception.

e: Pegasus Plateau p. 56, Viborna the Gustbran initiate knows the rune magic Enchant (bronze).

See, the Corrections and Q&A for The Rattling Wind.

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The Mostali certainly will have magic to enchant brass, the copper-tin alloy that resulted from Lodril leaping down into the gound and mixing his hot essence with that of the earth.

In my Glorantha, much of the bronze dug up is from mountain deities - sons of however Lodril is locally called - killed by Storm Gods or other such foes. If you have to move rock to get at the metal, it is most likely brass. If you can pan it out of heavy sands, a Storm origin is likely for that bronze.

I suppose there were plenty of gods who lost and after a while regrew limbs. There are hardly any disabled archetypes among the known pantheons, other than Hippoi, Gerra, Heler (who lost his connection to the Seas) and Humakt (who severed ties and possibly fertility).

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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