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Impressed with Warlords of Alexandria


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I just downloaded Warlords of Alexandria and am perusing it now...plan to absorb this thing in full this weekend.

Anyway, I just wanted to make the comment that I am thoroughly impressed with this PDF; it looks remarkably well thought-out and researched. Kudos! Any plans to offer it at a POD location like lulu.com, or would that require some lisencing considerations? Just curious.....hope you see this, Paul, and can let me know. I would definitely grab one if offered in print form.

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And just what, pray tell, is Warlords of Alexandria?

It's a really nice free rpg pdf which is based on the Greek City-States during the time of Alexander the Great. It incorporates magic and religion, but I don't remember off hand whether mythical beings are present. It's fully self contained and can be run without any references, but it helps if you have another BRP or RQ book handy.

If I were to run a Greek game, this would be my primary document.

Totem is a game where you play tribal warriors during the ice age and Zenobia is about the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire. Both are really fun and easily translated into the BRP system.


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I could have sworn that WoA came with a character sheet, but I don't see it in the PDF I got from his website awhile back.

Funny thing is, I recall looking at a character sheet that had the skills divided up under the various gods, but that must have been for another game.

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Thank you camazotz!

The whole project was burning a whole in brain from my university days, bac k in 1991 when I studied the Hellenistic KIngdoms and throught that the entire set-up of international standards (coinage, language, gods) with famous mythical creatures (medusa, giant animals, giffins etc) and official mercenaries travelling around trying to find jobs - just screamed ROLEPLAYING SETTING!!! to me. I immediately began to create a few cults in the era for RQ2 but quickly gave up on that task. It all resurfaced a few years later as Warlords of Alexander. I've allowed the 'realistic' magic system (which I am very proud of) to be used in an upcoming Roman supplement for the new BRP game.

Pax Romana | d100.org

Again, thanks for the kind words!!!!! Any plans? No - none at all...!

Paul Elliott

Warlords of Alexander - Roleplaying in the ruins of Alexander's Empire

Zenobia - Fantasy RPG in the Eastern Roman Empire

Zaibatsu - Fast-play Japanese cyberpunk - Gibson-style


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Thanks Mithras. Here's my LibraryThing review of Warlords of Alexander:

An interesting historical setting for Basic Roleplaying: the warlike successor kingdoms which emerged after the death of Alexander the Great. Alexander's empire stretched from eastern Europe to India at its greatest extent. The author points out that this setting contains many fantasy roleplaying tropes: the remnants of a great empire, a common currency and language and bands of adventurers seeking plunder.

Rules for character creation include modifiers for many human groups as if they were different 'races', characterised by Greek stereotypes at the time. There are very detailed descriptions of the power groups and regions of the shattered empire. These power blocs (and armies too) are given human-like statistics. This is an interesting approach but it doesn't quite work for me to describe organisations this way. One great rule is the ubiquity of the Olympian gods. Each god governs certain skills and any character (except those with any Science skill) can call on a god to improve a skill roll governed by that god or goddess. Calling on the gods too much results in godly disfavour however. There are also rules for army battles, once again using not-quite-right human attributes for armies, and descriptions of military troops and styles.

Famous Greek monsters of myth are mentioned, but later downplayed; this setting is more historical than fantastical. Nothing to stop a referee adding some monsters though. Overall a very interesting pre-Roman ancients setting, with a huge and diverse (and not all European) empire to explore.

(from http://www.librarything.com/work/11051921/reviews/71032896 )

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