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Tribal Source Editing: RuneQuest Qickstarter

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Possibly for the PDF on its 1st July release:

Page 3

Maybe a note to say that the text will continue on Page 6 (helps not to throw the reader off).

Page 8

“…called Move (MOV).”

What value is there in making it slightly harder to read by calling it MOV, especially when the Stats Blocks have it as ‘Move’?

Page 10

Issaries’ Runes: add in the Trade rune symbol. As per The Guide

Page 17

“To be subtracted from the hit points of the hit location struck, as well as the adventurer’s total hit points.” – please be explicit and clear (‘overall’ hit points: is that of all hit locations added together?)

“If a leg or abdomen, the character falls to the ground.”

Later that paragraph:

“If the abdomen…treated with First Aid within ten minutes…”

“If the chest…. treated with First Aid within 10 minutes…”

If in the head…. treated with First Aid within five minutes…”

Suggest just using words or numerals.

Also, suggest just having “ten” minutes for each to make the rules simpler.


“A character cannot take more than twice the possible points of damage in an arm or leg from a single blow: the rest has no effect.”

Yet contradicted immediately below as there is a rule where triple hit point damage does have an effect. Possible change to:

“A limb cannot take more than twice the possible points of damage from a single blow: the rest has no effect on the limb’s or total hit points.”

Page 18

Natural Healing:

“The character’s healing rate dictates” – where’s the rules for “character’s healing rate”?

“As a location recovers…and the speed of healing increase”. – where’s the rules for this?

“All spirit magic spells are either instant or passive.” Doesn’t match up with the next page SPIRIT MAGIC SUMMARY, and the ‘Type’ options (no mention of ‘passive’ spells). Maybe change to: “All spirit magic spells are either instant or duration.”

Page 19


Maybe add at the bottom of the table “Var.” = Variable

…I (Instant), D (Duration: 5 minutes)


Other than spirit combat, only spells and the magical effects laid on weapons or magical weapons can harm them,

Page 20 and Page 21


Being distracted is resisted with either POWx3 or INTx3, depending what Mediation is being used for. For simplicity’s sake, could we just use either POW or INT in all situations?

Page 20


It’s not clear here about the resistance roll and meditation: When you mediate (or any other form of Increasing the casting chance) does this BOTH 1) increase your chance of casting a spell AND 2) you use the % number from the INCREASE SPELLCASTING CHANCE table to add to your POW in the resistance table, however that works? The description has left me confused! 

Page 21

Augment with Skills: …”If only 1 melee round is spent performing the skill, the chance of success with the augmenting is halved. If…2 melee rounds.. chance.. is normal” – Unnecessary complexity for what gain?

I assume that these methods to increase Casting Chances are not accumulative?


“…and has been influential to dozens, if not hundreds more games and their designs.” Maybe instead: “…and has been influential to dozens, if not hundreds of games and their designs.” Are you not sure if it’s dozens or hundreds! Maybe better still: “…and has been influential to dozens of games and their designs.”

…several editions of RUNEQUEST have appeared (some under other imprints) – imprints??

Page 24


[Harmony] Spell Trading (Issaries)  - should this not be the Trading Rune?

Teleportation….. “Each additional Rune point enables one extra living….3, T, I”

Isn’t this a 3-point spell, so three extra Rune points per living thing? Alternatively, and maybe clearer

The caster can teleport additional living things at a cost of one Rune point per passenger, provided they are touching the caster”

Truespeak……. POW with each question. 2, R,[remove 2nd comma] D

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Here's what we're going to do going forward:

Cult of Chaos Forum (password protected) - Discussion, questions, post mortems about "The Broken Tower" scenario in the RuneQuest Quickstart

RuneQuest Forum - Discussion about the RQG rules themselves, and the rules as presented in the RuneQuest Quickstart. No discussion or spoilers about "The Broken Tower" please.

But the Tribal Edit thread stays here, for now.

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Copied from errata thread in RQ forum:

p. 7, Strike Rank Modifiers table and Magical Attacks and Strike Rank section: These sections both say that the first Magic Point in a spirit-magic spell does not add to the strike rank of the casting, conflicting with the Spell Strike Rank section on p. 20 (which says every MP adds to SR).

p. 16, Thrown or Dropped Objects section: Is each 3 kg of object weight supposed to add +1D8 damage to the base 1D3, or is this a typo for +1D3? Adding 1D8 seems like a lot...

p. 18, Spirit Magic section: Says that spirit magic spells usually have duration of two minutes, conflicting with Duration section on p. 20 (which says five minutes).

p. 18, Magic Points section: In the first paragraph's fourth line, "additional magic pointed added" should be "additional magic points added".

p. 18, Resistance Roll section: The second sentence says an adventurer can try to augment their POW for the POW vs. POW contest using the Meditation skill, and refers readers to the Meditation sidebar on p. 20, but that sidebar only mentions using Meditation to regain Magic Points. Is this just supposed to be a regular skill augment?

p. 20, Spell Strike Rank section: This section says that all Magic Points in a spirit-magic spell add to the strike rank of the casting, conflicting with the Strike Rank Modifiers table and the Magical Attacks and Strike Rank section on p. 7 (which say that the first MP does not add to SR).

p. 20, Duration section: Says that all temporal spirit-magic spells last five minutes (25 rounds), conflicting with Spirit Magic section on p. 18 (which says two minutes).

Back cover (bottom centre): In the "For more information about Chaosium..." text, "seeour" should be "see our".

Edited by trystero

Self-discipline isnt everything; look at Pol Pot.”
—Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

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Very minor, but... the Multiple Activities Outside of Melee section on p. 7 includes an example with a character casting Disruption, a spell not included in the Spirit Magic Summary on p. 19. Perhaps replace Disruption with another spell in the example to avoid confusing new readers?

Self-discipline isnt everything; look at Pol Pot.”
—Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

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I agree with comments elsewhere:  a "no GM info" version of the map, preferably a full-page / print-optimized doc that can be a player hand-out (alongside other hand-outs, such as list-of-Runes, PC sheets, etc.), would be a VERY nice thing to have!

IIRC, "some" of the errata found so far (maybe all?) have made it into the PDF of the QS rules.

I presume Chaosium has a priority on getting things as-error-free-as-possible before the general 1July release... is there a deadline as to when that will be nailed down?


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13 hours ago, AlbertG said:

p. 47, Earth Elemental: The row for Movement shows what it looks to be the damage modifier, and there is no Movement listed.

That's actually a question that came up in my game.  I believe it is the Movement, but that small Earth (and Fire) Elementals cannot move.  None of the elementals have a damage modifier row.  But it would be good if @Jason Durall could clarify this point.

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p. 17, Damage section, first paragraph, line 8: change "when a hit locations' hit points are exceeded" to "when a hit location's hit points are exceeded".

Self-discipline isnt everything; look at Pol Pot.”
—Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

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On 6/27/2017 at 8:10 PM, jajagappa said:

I believe it is the Movement, but that small Earth (and Fire) Elementals cannot move.  None of the elementals have a damage modifier row. 

Errata: Based on the additional Shaman adventurer, it is clear that the MOV line for the previously noted elementals, it is clear that should be the Damage Modifier line, and the MOV line is missing.

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Not a typo, but optimizing the download version would be a good idea. The PDF crushed my tablet, taking almost a minute to load some pages. And now I'm printing this and it's taking about 20 seconds a page to process through the print driver, not even counting however long it will take on the printer side. Usually, it's about 1 or 2 seconds for something similar--like printing appendices or charts from the CoC 7E book.

I tried to run it through my PDF programs optimize myself and it crashed the program (Nuance PowerPDF Pro 2.1) after grinding at it for a few minutes.

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