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  2. Maybe TSR's old SAGA system. Although it used cards instead of dice (it could easily have used a D10 and some sort of critical rule instead of the cards), and just treated everything as a modifier tot he final result, it worked.Opposed results were just compared and the higher result was the winner and did the difference in damage to the loser. FUDGE/FATE is similar is directly comapring results and having "default" results for each skill level, including unskilled, as did Castle Falkestein. You could get a good idea of how it would work by using D20's Die+modifiers game mechanic with Pendragon's resolution, except you'd need to redefine partial success and failure (probably based on the difference between the winning and losing result). Not that I'm advocating doing so, just giving an example.
  3. Yeah. The thing with skills \is that they tend to note not only relative skill but absolute skill and chance of success, but, realistically some things are much easier to do than others. Pretty much anybody can hit someone with a melee weapon almost all the time, if the opponent isn't trying to prevent it. If they are, then it gets more complicated and drawn out. The old RQ/KAP model of low skill fighters missing/failing with most of their attacks doesn't really hold up to scrutiny. I could easily see allowing the winner of a "failed" opposed roll to do normal damage. In real life I once clocked a friend in the side of the head really well with a shinai that way. I was actually swings to one side of him, to get him to step in the other direction (in RQ terms a feint, or "failed" attack roll), but he did a circular parry and turned what should have been a miss to his right side into a hit on his right side (basically he fumbled his parry).
  4. Even though variant/mask cults share many things with their main cults, their cult compatibility tables are not same, I think. So, GoG will have some guidance in order to adjust its CC for variants, maybe?
  5. Oh, agreed, a lot of it comes down to people trying stuff that they would never risk in areal fight because they aren't going to get killed in a practice fight. In my particular case one of the reasons why I was more successful that I should have been was becuase I am left handed and stepped in a locked weapons in a way that a right hander wouldn't have. Then I had a knack for hitting his arm when he stepped back to disengage. It was more of a relfex move than an actual attack, but it wasn't something he expected from a novice. Mostly bad habits I picked up from old Errol Flynn movies!
  6. HA! There's only 1 "deity"! Those you mentioned and their ilk are more like angels! Being tricksy, are we???
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  8. This a vast improvement on the old school java version: https://www.glorantha.com/docs/the-movable-ephemeris-and-the-gloranthan-sky/ warning - java's been depreciated in most if not all browsers. Download the zipped version and run it locally.
  9. Gunda as a daughter of a Valkyrie/as one of Humakts Choosers of the Slain gives us me some interesting ideas, both about Gunda and about Humakt in Fronela. It has always been part of Humakts mythos that Ghosts are not considered undead, and in fact are part of Humakts traditional powers. But it doesn't get talked about much. The valkyries choose the souls of the slain to be part of the Einherjar. The main reference to Humakts einherjar was in older accounts of the Four Arrows of Light - Humakts Einherjar chose off the Young Elementals, but as a result when Yanafals faces Humakt Yanafals has allies but Humakt is alone. Humakti in Carmania are very likely to be Fronelan influenced (well, certainly more from the West than the East or South or North). Coincidentally, the same battle features an Altinae demigod (which could be taken as evidence of Loskalmi influence). The Valkyries are traditionally depicted as riding mounts through the air, which is a Ygg power, among others. Quite possible that Humakts choosers of the slain in Fronela have acquired the same power? It was originally a Gagarth power (another Vadrudi) - and Gagarth notably also chases down and captures the spirits of the dead. So I'm going to assume the Choosers of the Slain power allows gathering of spirits of the dead - and probably either allows the Chooser to command spirits of the recently dead, or summon the einherjar. Mythically they may have obtained the Windwalk power in order to get the souls of the righteous Humakti before Ygg/Gagarth can get to them. This group of the loyal dead I am speculatively a major motif/power of Humakt in local custom.
  10. Minlister

    Yelm Eclipsed

    Oh my Ten Thousands Goddesses!! This is awesome!!! As an IT-impaired barbarian I kowtow to your skill!!
  11. jajagappa

    Yelm Eclipsed

    Neither. Guide p.647 "This is a highly erratic pathway across the sky. The area from which the Southpath planets rise is called the Eastern Mouth, while the western area where they set is called the Dodging Gate. The meanings of these terms are unclear but widespread, and equivalent names are found in many languages." Under the subsequent entry for Shargash, it notes "[Shargash] always rises in the exact spot on the eastern horizon, just north of where Lightfore and the Sun rise." Also under the Artia entry, "the Southpath varies in length" IIRC, there was a bit more about it in the old Elder Secrets book. The gist is that it starts in the northeast, north of the Gates of Dawn. The path runs to the southwest (i.e. southward, hence the Southpath), crossing the Sun Path (which allows for celestial battles), and ending at a location in the southwest (well south of the Gates of Dusk) though its position varies (hence "Dodging Gate").
  12. For a dwarf, it must be project based! Did you complete on schedule, what disrupted the schedule, etc. The Dragonrise would seem to be a major disruption, a breaking of the ritual to complete the Perfect Sky (that crack that Umath made is visible again!) The most recent completed task is the Restoration of the Boat Planet. Finally got that spell by Zzabur dismissed. Was the Great Winter a completed task? A primary step towards the completion of the Perfect Sky? Or was that an unexpected failure? Have to get Orlanth's Ring working again, oh, and this time get all the stars out there!
  13. Byll

    Yelm Eclipsed

    I get lots of eclipses in my 3d model (video here), but they just depend on (terrestrial physics) size, orbital diameter and orbital plane offset and inclination which perhaps should be (Gloranthan physics) importance, and mythological relationship, so that as mentioned while Artia might eclipse Yelm, Shargash might never do so. Moskalf might only eclipse Yelm outside Dara Happa for instance. Returning to my model, the red moon should eclipse anything on the sunpath or south path. In oder for the red moon to look full in thrice blessed while it is empty in dragon pass it must be relatively low in the sky compared to a circular orbit through the gates of dawn and dusk. If the red moon is high it just always looks about half full as you are looking up at the base of it, all that changes is the (north east south west) direction that the full half is pointing towards. My assumption is that the planets all have a slightly lower orbit than Yelm and that they never cross the orbit of another planet. I have probably made the planets bigger than they ought to be to make them visible in the resolution of the animation, so the orbits may be further apart than necessary. I'd forgotten that the sunpath tilts the same way as Polestar, that might be tricky to implement. Do we know whether the south path is in a plane parallel with the sun path (as in my version) or one that intersects it at the gates? That would make the underworld south path travel north of margastas's pool? (and also make collisions at the gates potentially possible
  14. Good videos with well presented fundamentals Seems quite new channel with not a lot of content to pop up here or there.
  15. Great game if you feel like having 8 characters in one sitting lol.
  16. I can see why they would think that, I confess to not having worked through the whole rulebook yet myself and, for example, am frankly not that interested in sorcery, for which reason I will steer my players away from it. There are a lot of elements to the rules, but the same can be said of D&D – there's so many class traits, spells, monster specific rules, etc. that it's impossible to track them all and something is always forgotten in play. I guess one advantage of D&D rules wise is it starts simply and the complexity develops over time as they level up. We are playing D&D5e at the moment as my players wanted to try it, and TBF it's a cracking iteration. Even the initial doubter is now saying how much he's enjoying it. Personally, I've had enough now – The Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign is good, but it does go on somewhat. I'm sure you will all have a good time with 5e. You have made me wonder if I've fallen into that trap, waxing too lyrical about Glorantha. But I have also sold it to my players as something which can be episodic with fairly self-contained adventures, much like Call of Cthulhu, and as such we can drop in and out of it rather than be committed for six months (which I feel has happened with our D&D). This sound odd to me, but then for me the two are synonymous. Runequest without Glorantha is Mythras, I guess. When I got back into gaming I looked at RQ6/Mythras, but without Glorantha it just wasn't RQ for me. Of course, we all have different tastes, the world would be a far less rich place if we didn't.
  17. I never saw a french edition with this illustration. As a matter of fact, of all Young Kingdoms-based games (StormBringer 2nd and 4th, Elric!, Elric of Melniboné, Mournblade), only Elric had an original illustration from a french artist : All others were from Chaosium or Mongoose. Even Mounblade has a cover by Brom: Dragon Lords of Melniboné, also by Brom:
  18. Well, the "half damage" part should make it not very dangerous for an armoured knight. Yes, but if you and your opponent decide to simulteanously use Berserk or Defensive stance, we're back to the original opposed roll.
  19. Interesting suggestion, but I think it would make low skills even more lethal for the user, since someone with even skill 10 would be much more likely to slice and dice them, probably doing damage even on a 11+ roll. There is a sorta way around the low skill already that does much of what you are suggesting, and it is the berserk attack, with mutually unopposed attacks with +10 to skill. I mean, if my opponent and I have skill 5, it is very much in my advantage to do Berserk attack at +10. His chance to hit is just 25%, while mine is 75%.
  20. In my view, you made the same error french publishers did for gloranthan games since the beginning : presenting the world as a huge and intimidating setting full of details, instead of starting with smaller scale areas.
  21. One way to make low skills less abysmally bad would be to change the oppositions rules : In case both characters fail their roll, the highest roll wins, doing half damage. I think Paranoïa first edition did, with its skill trees. For instance, it could have had 1 Broad "Melee" skill with branches "1 handed weapons" and "2 handed weapons". In turn, "1 handed weapons" would have had sub-branches "1H Sword", "1H Mace", "Dagger", and "1H Sword" would have had "Short Sword", "Broadsword", and so on... So, a fighter could have had Melee 3, 1H Weapons 2, 1H Sword 1, Broadsword 3, Short sword 1, totalizing 9 levels when fighting with a broadsword, and 7 with a Short sword. Neverheless, it's too fiddly for my tastes and I prefer to only have "trees" with only one level of specialization.
  22. Glorantha + RuneQuest definitely outsells RuneQuest. But like every game, some people like it, some people don't (for example, most of my players HATE every incarnation of D&D and won't touch a D20 system to save their life). If you ever try again, start small. Promise them they don't need to know ANYTHING to start with - you'll learn it all as you play. Start with them all being members of the same community. Then ease it in with something like Rainbow Mounds or Cattle Raid. And build on that.
  23. For what it's worth, I was rummaging through RQ3 Elder Secrets recently and yes, fetches attuning to a second crystal is supported in that text. P.36 of the "Secrets Book".
  24. IIRC both Teleportation & Guided Teleportation only allow the transported being(s) to carry up to their ENC. Now, if the matrix just happens to be a big ol' rock which they can't carry around... Of course, then there's the problem of getting it into an Orlanth Temple for a recharge.
  25. Yes, a pity. I'll be having a short RQG weekend in about three months, with a couple of people from Northern Germany meeting in a holiday home in the outback for one evening and a full day of gaming. I am to co-GM, and I'll need to come up with a short scenario to illustrate my style of Glorantha gaming in addition to some of the already published scenarios (or possibly published by then, looking into the direction of the Grazelands to see some smoke rising from an EWF ruin). If anybody doesn't mind traveling to Kiel and join the car ride, we still have a place or two. Unlike Middle Earth, Glorantha doesn't have a day's worth of movie to get a glimpse of the possibilities without much insight into the cultures (and whatever one might think about the alterations to the story lines of both the Lord of the Ring and the Lord of the Ring appendixes with The Hobbit mixed in, Jackson and his team did a nerd's job to create the visuals of the cultures). There isn't that much to be learned about the Middle Earth cultures, really. Tolkien did a better job portraying the Beleriand cultures than he did the Ringwar cultures. And you have to be a nerd to know more than three Middle Earth deities (Elbereth, Sauron and Morgoth get occasional spotlight, but that's about all the deity names you get confronted with). Contrast this with the Orlanth pantheon plus the Lunars plus the Trolls. That deities section in RQG stretches on for pages. I hope that these get re-done in the Glorantha starter set as single-sheet each, in the style of Freeform Character info, so a player won't get distracted too much by other stuff. Likewise, the past events could benefit from being shown on a map, and possibly some illustrations of the main actors in those events. Possibly as a special chapter of the Prince of Sartar comic, and with heavy re-use of artwork from other previous publications. But basically, a number of easily accessible cheat sheets for Glorantha. (saves this to his to do list...)
  26. Of course! Uroxi are their favourite roar food.
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