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  2. The Guide page 699 says: it goes on say on page 670
  3. That really isn't how HeroQuest works. First frame the contest "What do you want to do?" "Summon Dragons From Across the Cosmos to tear down the Moon." "How are you going to do that" "After many years I've gathered my powerful friends who embody those aspects to this one place in time. They have been my dragon powers while I have left mine untouched their potential fuelled by my other side." "That sounds cool, and" "We stand in the Sacred Dragon Eye form chanting the Summoning Strike. I raise my lefthand and form the mudra of the Dragon Move. The 10000 souls of Ourobos course from my fingers, the sky turns dark, shadows race across the Moon" "So which one is the augment" "10000 souls of Ourobos 13, so a fixed augment of +2" "and what do you want to use a your main ability?" "My Dragon rune of 3W5, with it's breakout of Dragon Move +1 and the +2 augment" "So 7W5, the Moon resists at 10W4, Masteries cancels so 7W vs 10" "You've rolled a 7, that's a critical, I roll 5, a success, bumped down to a failure by your mastery. That's a major, not a complete victory, so..." "and left behind is the faint glow of a white Moon". "Cool. perhaps I could accent there?"
  4. I've never been The Keeper (and only have two sessions under my belt), but if I DID get the chance to rum a game... either Melbourne, Berlin, or Harlem. So, anywhere with an official 7e book in the standard ERA but not the standard AREAS, I guess. Random thought: I want an LA book, now that I think about it. And, yes, I know Trail had 'Filmland', but that's not 7e...
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  6. I mean, look - we're discussing Glorantha here. If I say that the moon is actually green and not red, or that Pavis has a million inhabitants, it's fair if you want to show that I'm wrong, at least as far as published sources go. Official texts about the game world establishes official truths (especially when facts are stated objectively). That people can change things in their games has no bearing on this - there is still such a thing as the official game world, and typically when we're discussing Glorantha, we give different weights to published canonical sources and what people make up at home. It's not equally true in Glorantha that the moon is green as that the moon is red.
  7. Where are they from?
  8. https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-canon/ ergo, unless you are an author writing an official publication there is no canon. I might also add that when writing the Guide we deliberately added contrary views. Finally, is mythogical canon an oxymoron?
  9. "Summon Dragons From Across the Cosmos, As Long As I Don't Otherwise Use My Left Hand, 13W9"?
  10. Me too, and essentially because I think you succeeded at your objective.
  11. The Guide is currently canon, though. YGMV, but that doesn't mean there are not canonical facts about the world.
  12. It's explicit in that book, but that doesn't mean it's always so. In the "What did Greg Stafford think..." thread, if there's one thing I learned from Greg is that it's all about the story, mythology is not objective.
  13. The premise of the discussion was stuff that Argrath does that the rules systems don't support. Like how your left hand gets super powerful if you don't use it.
  14. We are all Arkat. Death to the deceiver, Gbaji!
  15. Many decades ago at Jujitsu class we had a visit from a blackbelt from Trinidad, who wanted to show us what to do if someone pulled a weapon on us. Trinidad is a dangerous place, so over the years there were plenty of confrontations between members of his dojo and muggers, rapists and other scum. He said walk with confidence - muggers tend to target frightened people who they think they can intimidate easily. But if you are attacked, and there is no opportunity to run away, you have to get control of the weapon. All of his techniques focussed on getting control of the weapon. His advice about a gun was a gun is an overwhelming advantage, even in close combat, but if someone is really close to you, the moment the gun isn't pointed at you, you try to seize control of the gun - if you do nothing else, grab the gun, and stop it from being pointed at you. He also showed us something which *might* work if someone puts a gun to the back of your head, execution style. Obviously in a game setting you might want to soften the rules a little, but the reality is if someone points a gun at you, and they aren't a complete imbecile, you're at their mercy.
  16. Never forget you're talking to a fanatic. Quoting objective truths he doesn't like won't work. Hasn't living through 2016-2020 taught you anything?
  17. A bit off topic, but just a question about disengaging from close combat, as per the rule on pp 109: Escaping Close Combat - A character can use their action to flee melee combat on their turn in the order of combat, providing they have an escape route and are not physically restrained. From the use of the word 'flee' I took this rule to mean that if you want to leave the combat scene or transition from combat to chase, then you spend an action. Or is it intended that if you are in close combat with an opponent you can't just step back without spending an action? So a character can't just attack in close combat and then step away so that their ally with a pistol doesn't suffer the 'firing into melee combat' penalty.
  18. As long as the goblins have webbed feet and bills...
  19. You remember well. It was 0, because you need a roll of 1D100+mod of 100 or more to increase. Same in RQG.
  20. Your comments have been passed on to the web team.
  21. it also puts a limit on skills if it's negative. If your "bonus" is -X, you can't go higher than 100-X. If your bonus is +1 (or 0 ? I don't remember) or more, there's no limit to your skill.
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