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    Started playing DnD 1e right before 2e came out. Played a bunch of 2 and 3e. Quit playing for a while until 5e came out. I'm now an Adventurers League DM and branching out to other systems. Playing some Savage Worlds now and hoping to get Cult of Chaos going locally.
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  2. It is a small, very fixable issue in a large book of cool stuff. Not really a sticking point, more of a “hey look at that.”
  3. I can see how this is confusing though. As a new player, and having played with some power gamers in the past, if I had sufficient strength, I’d just choose Battle Axe (the 1H option) so my base skill was 10, then I could 2H if I wanted with the higher skill or use any of the weapons of the two categories covering battle axe at half my skill. If I read that right, it seems battle axe is a good choice for a lot of options with one skill. It appears dagger got it right, if you’re skilled with a parrying dagger, it makes sense that you may not be as good at striking or throwing with a d
  4. aries04


    I’ve heard that Robin Laws was commissioned to help with the Sartar book, but as far as timetables, no idea.
  5. I'm new to the games and worlds Greg created, but my only regret was not finding them sooner. He'll truly be missed.
  6. Very new to the system and I've been thinking of picking up the pair of Sartar books, but the Companion seems to be in either the pre-order PDF stage or the 'reprint some time' stage. I know these are updates to the older books, but did I miss the boat on the companion or is it on the way?
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  8. So, can I get it yet? Really and truly just excited to get my hands on it. This is my first foray into Runequest and if it’s anything like the great work we’ve seen on the Call of Cthulhu line, this thing is going to be great.
  9. Somehow, I knew as soon as I asked l, it would pop up. Thanks, already in the cart
  10. Any idea when the pdf will go on sale? I’ve been eagerly checking the web store. I’ve tried throwing my money at it to no avail.
  11. I was actually prepping for a deadlands game since it's one of the only options. I wanted some investigation though. In swings Chaosium to the rescue.
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  13. Any word when us poor Yankees in the States have access to the new books?
  14. Really looking forward to this since DnD has lost some of its luster for me and I'm on the hunt for a good fantasy system. I'm already planning on running The Derelict on Free RPG Day, but I'd run RuneQuest later in the day if giving the opportunity.
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