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Magic World 7E: Anyone, anyone? Bueller?...


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On 5/5/2021 at 12:55 AM, GothmogIV said:

So playing online for the past year, I can tell you that a great part of D&D online is how integrated their resources are. Want a monster? Click. Want to roll an attack? Click. Want to see how a spell works? Click. It's so easy, and it is an enormous time saver for the GM. I haven't looked at the BRP stuff on Foundry, but does it have that level of interactivity? Can you roll from the Golden Book?

If Chaosium's BRP system could be supported on Roll20 in the same way that D&D is, it would be a game changer. The BRP system is better than Wizards for sure, but Wizards is easier to run, and easier to design with, in my opinion. 


I noticed the same thing. The 'click to roll' thing is very useful when playing online. Fortunately it's not restricted to D&D, although D&D has the most sophisticated player and GM tools. I started a Coriolis game which has a similar feature built into the character sheets. I'm sure there would be BRP versions too. I've been using roll20.

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On 4/30/2021 at 4:21 AM, Jaeger said:

CoC in general had a decent presence in Japan. I believe it was with 6th edition that it started to really take off and put fantasy games like Sword World firmly in the rear view.

I am no expert as I have never been to Japan or speak the language - but I found a few place that track things over there, and I Like to read up on it because I find it fascinating how some RPG's can sometimes beat out D&D in different countries.

FWIW - Evidently in Japan they play CoC a bit differently than is common in the US. A strong bombastic Anime-esqe vibe with black humor seem to be the norm. But that is natural as their frame of references for certain things is different than ours

Last time I visited Japan in 2018, I went to 2 stores that were selling RPG books (the "Yellow Submarine" shops), and in both half of the shelves were filled with CoC products. Just like if you entered a hobby store and the D&D books had been replaced by CoC books. Sword World was reported as #1 sales, but a new edition had just been released.

There were even scenarios that looked like national small press releases, which I think were to be used by 2 players (1 GM plus 1 PC). They seemed pretty dark, judging by their covers, and nothing like the "R'lyeh School" books, which seem to be very humoristic.

I my first trip to Japan in 2001, it seemed to me that GURPS was much more popular, with Japanese language sourcebooks dedicated to anime-inspired settings.

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On 2/13/2021 at 5:20 PM, Nick J. said:

"Choose location" special effect in Mythras is pretty neat-o. 

On 2/13/2021 at 5:24 PM, Zenith Comics Presents... said:

Can you elaborate? Pretty please? 🙂

Nash & Whitaker -- whose current iteration of the rules is Mythras (but they began that branch of the BRP/d100 Family Tree with MRQ2, so that game, and MongooseLegend, are also very-similar) -- looked at the varying results and "exception cases" of Specials/Criticals/Fumbles, and turned the whole thing into its own subsystem of "Special Effects."

They have you compare a "margin of success" ...

It's based around the same core RQ/BRP mechanic of   Critical > Special > Normal Hit > Normal Miss > Fumble

You get one Special Effect for every level of success BETTER than your opponent (yes, you can get Special Effects on "normal" hits, if the foe rolls badly)... so long as you HIT them (i.e. you get no SE's for Missing, even if they Fumble their parry/dodge).  You get to CHOOSE your Special Effect(s).

Many of these SE's -- Ignore Armor, Maximize Damage, etc -- will be essentially the same as the good ol' "Critical Hit" and/or ""Special Hit" from RQ & BRP games.

One of those SE's -- that you asked about -- is "Choose Hit Location."  The head is a popular target (because of the possibility of a KO or insta-kill, if you zero the Head location, or drive it very-negative).  But intentional disables (legs, weapon-arm, or any previously-hit Location) can also make for good tactical choices sometimes.

There are a GREAT MANY other SE's, such as "Covered" -- your blade at their throat or other vulnerable point, you auto-roll damage if they don't follow directions.  Some are linked to specific weapons (e.g. a "Trip" or "Entangle" SE, for whips/nets/etc).  Others might be linked to specific training (Mythras call this "Combat Styles").

The big downside of this system, IMHO, is that some players or groups report substantial "Analysis Paralysis" slowing combat-rounds.

Other players love the crunchy-tactical feel.

I'm in the appreciators' camp... but none of the rest of my gaming-group is, it was a hard-pass from them.  😞

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On 5/6/2021 at 3:39 AM, g33k said:

I always look at random-roll "Hit Locations" not as "throw a punch or kick or swing a weapon... but blindfolded ! " (which, I agree, would be garbage)  so much as it's "the place you intended to hit, because it's where you spotted  (or figured you could best make) an opening."

It's "random" (i.e. outside of your control) because it depends in large part on what the foe is doing.


Same for me. I had 12 years of fencing, and with foil, you are allowed to hit only the torso of your opponent, so you can have to wait a long time for an opening. In a real life combat, you don't have a problem hitting your opponent in the arm, because in the long time, it is an advantage, so you take every opportunity to hit, wherever it is (and in fencing, Epee is very much like this).

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  • 1 month later...

I'm not a huge fan of Magic World as a product - preferring its predecessors (Elric!, RQ3) to the lets throw all the BRP shit in a pot and stir it up, slap on some ugly art and layout, and then not support it approach. But I'd be even less likely to use MW if it leveraged CoC7e mechanics.

Most of the reason is that I found 7e to be an absolute missed opportunity, when it came to the evolution of BRP game mechanics. It didn't include anything that would "update" or improve my CoC gaming experience. And, rather than improve on prior editions, it felt like it threw the baby out with the bathwater, all in the interest of change for change's sake. 7e was wrapped up in a pretty package - who can complain about sturdy, full-color core books? - but many of the mechanics just seemed borrowed from more successful systems. Combine that with general rules bloat, and it would make it my least favorite edition of CoC, and BRP overall.

The other reason is that 7e hardly seems like an update to BRP, when it comes to Chaosium's publishing practices. I've seen many gamers cheer on the changes that came with 7e - and if you like them, and they improve your gaming experience, more power to you. And I can understand fans wanting to homebrew updates based on BRP variants that they enjoy. But, it doesn't seem that Chaosium has embraced 7e as the next evolutionary step in BRP, and given the indication that it would be used for an upcoming non-RQ fantasy Rpg (if they decided to do that).

RQ: AiG's development and release came years after the release of CoC 7e. And at the time, I expected it to follow on the coattails of 7e's mechanics. Instead, it went further back into the history of BRP development, and then tacked on setting-specific mechanical changes. Hell, it still appears to have the Resistance Table?! Have any of 7e's mechanical additions shown up in RQ:AiG? That's not clear from just looking at the Quickstart.

The BRP SRD was released, what, a year ago? I don't see any mention of 7e mechanics in it. The template for future 3rd party BRP releases looks like the BRP of 20-30 years ago! Can we also assume that it's the template for future Chaosium BRP releases? If/when a new version of Mythic Iceland is released, will it follow in the footsteps of CoC7e's mechanics? Or will it more resemble the SRD? I suspect the latter.

Anyway, I went down a tangent there. But, besides the point that I wouldn't use 7e mechanics for MW; it hardly seems likely that Chaosium would reboot MW, or produce a new, non-RQ fantasy Rpg using those mechanics.

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On 2/11/2021 at 3:13 PM, Chaot said:

I've never liked Hit Locations. As I said, it may be an allergy.

I've been of two minds when it comes to Hit Locations, for years.

On the one hand, I like the tactical grittiness that I was first introduced to in RQ3. And I still liked it as it was re-introduced in MRQ2/Legend. I'm a big Legend fanboy, and love to use it as the core for sword & sorcery campaigns. The "narratives" that have resulted from the combats in these systems have been amazing. They've been exciting and dramatic, and also reflected the themes of the genre.

But, I've also been fond of the abstraction and speed provided by systems like Elric! for years, as well - with its variable armor protection, major wounds, and more primitive DEX ranks based initiative system. Sometimes speed and abstraction can be more key to the experience, even sacrificing more dramatic combats.

I learned a harsh lesson 4 months ago, running a Legend campaign over Roll20. Somehow I ended up with 6 characters in a campaign that was originally going to be targeted towards 4. As the sessions progressed the bookkeeping and the work required for detailed tactical combat became overbearing. I started flailing to keep up with the demands of combat, and started to tweak rules on the fly just to tread water. Working within Roll20 didn't make matters any easier.

As much as I love Legend, I don't think I can go through that complexity again. With 2 to 4 players, detailed tactical combat is manageable; any more players than that and the experience - and I - wilt as a side effect. 

I'm planning another fantasy campaign, and I'm seriously thinking about using Elric! instead because it'll be easier to GM. And there is the likelihood that I could have that number of players again. (Though hopefully we will be face-to-face instead of VTT).

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3 hours ago, K Peterson said:

I'm not a huge fan of Magic World as a product - preferring its predecessors (Elric!, RQ3) to the lets throw all the BRP shit in a pot and stir it up, slap on some ugly art and layout, and then not support it approach.

Um, you are aware that Magic World is just Elric! with a couple of ideas and some creature stats from prior editions of Stormbringer and RQ3 and without the Moorcock IP, right?

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1 hour ago, NickMiddleton said:

Um, you are aware that Magic World is just Elric! with a couple of ideas and some creature stats from prior editions of Stormbringer and RQ3 and without the Moorcock IP, right?

I know exactly what Magic World is.

I was being a little hyperbolic when I said "all the BRP shit in a pot", true. I prefer those predecessors (Elric / RQ3) as they stand on their own rather than a cocktail of them blended together. To me, the parts don't hang together cohesively and felt too kitchen sink.

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@K Peterson if I understand correctly, CoC 7e handles ties in skill opposition by giving victory to the highest skill, which is the default method in BRP SRD (page 12 : "If the rolls are successful and tied (same quality of result), the character with the highest skill rating is successful.").

And, honestly, it's perhaps the worst existing version of skill opposition, as even a 1% difference gives a huge advantage.

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  • 5 months later...

Sorry to revive this thread, but I like this idea the more I read Cthulhu Dark Ages 3e and CoC 7e. I LOVED Stormbringer in the 80's and Magic World scratches a lot of itches for me. I do like the modernization of CoC though.

So, anyone want to tackle this? 🙂 

Visit the Zenith Comics Patreon

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On 2/13/2021 at 9:45 PM, SDLeary said:


Spears and missile weapons, normal location table, though my preference for these is the RQ3 missile location table (it favors the core over the limbs).

I'm with you on that. In melee I can see how the arms tend to get in the way of strikes aimed at the body, but with missile weapons that isn't the case.

BTW, I really liked how Flashing Blades handled hit locations, in no small part becuase ti could be ported over to RQ or BRP. IN FB you pick an aiming point and roll the hit location die (a d20) twice, and strike the location rolled that is closest to what you were aiming at.

IN RQ terms if you were aiming at somebody's head, and rolled a 4 (right leg) and 18 (left arm) you'd hit them in the left arm. One of the nice side benefits of this method is that it justifies aiming dead center of mass as it results in a better chance of striking a vital location. 

It nice becuase hit location is not quite so random as in standard RQ, while it still factors in for what openings you get in a fight, or when a  partial parry shifts the location struck.  

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Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just curious, would it at all be possible to do a new edition of Magic World - new font and art, preferably in tone and style like Elric! rather than colourful - that was just for fans and could be printed by fans at their own cost from a master PDF? 

Basically, to just make it more visually appealing as a book. Just wondering. 

I think it’s a brilliant system. It’s just in need of a makeover. 

I’d happily pay to print and bind such a nicer version.

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