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For straight gold book BRP there is Operation Ulysses and Outpost 19. If you expand  For a little less straight BRP there are scenarios for Cthulhu Rising, M-Space, and at least one for Mythras. I think New Horizon also comes with a scenario.

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Check out our homebrew rules for freeform magic in BRP ->

No reason for Ars Magica players to have all the fun!

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13 minutes ago, DreadDomain said:

There are also a few scenarios for M-Space DriveThruRPG.com - FrostByte Books - The Largest RPG Download Store!

or go straight to Frostbyte:  https://www.frostbytebooks.com/
(n.b. M-Space runs on Mythras, from the Nash/Whitaker (or is that Whitaker/Nash?) branch of the d100 family tree ... Grab the free "Mythras Imperative" PDF for a system Quickstart)

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I'd seen looking all over for this, turns out I'd bought it already 😁

This is a d100 conversion for space adventures. It's very raw and has a certain 'written on a word processor in college' feel to it. But what do you want? It was written in Golden Age of Game Fan Press... the 80's.

Anyway, enjoy.


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It's not pure-BRP, but the "d00Lite" core engine from DwD studios is so close to BRP (skills-driven d100 roll-low) as to need only minor modifications.

And they have a Sci-Fi line (Frontier Space), with several adventures that I bet could be run on-the-fly.


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I'm really liking what I've found for BRP Space. M-Space, Rivers of Heaven, New Horizon and what I'll call its companions: Spaced Marine, Mythos Buster, Dark Harvest (this is a New Horizon campaign), Merchant Venturer and The Expendables (campaign). There is so much for New Horizon. Great content, I would pay for this in hard back!!

But to your question, besides what's already been mentioned, there's Darkness in the Void and Salo's Glory (both by Stygian Fox). Back to New  Horizon, there are many scenarios. Spaced Marine has Surface Tension, Tenants of Hell, The Abbadon Key, The Dig and The Stars Also on Fire (it's a campaign). The Ganymede Job... there's just so much. I'm still trying to read it all. I'm very very impressed with it.

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5 hours ago, Sigtrygg said:

Hmm, Outpost 19, and Operation Ulysses are missing from a search of the Chaosium store.

Anyone know what's happened to them?

It turns out that Chaosium has retired the "Monographs" line in favor of the DTRPG "Community Content" programs:

Unfortunately, this seems to leave some of the BRP monographs in "limbo" -- if they're not attached to CoC(to come out under MU) or RQ (to come out under JC -- but AFAIK there never were any RQ monographs), they don't appear to have a venue anymore...  😞

I wish Chaosium would open up a Community Content program for BRP!  Since the "BOGL" is so limited in scope -- specifically:  since the BGB is explictly not included in the BOGL -- there's quite a bit of room for fan-creators to use the broader ruleset in a DTRPG CC context.

<looks pointedly at the .99c  BGB sale on DTRPG>
ADAMINTINE best seller, @Chaosium...  a "Monographs Revisited" CC-program might do much better than you think.

Just sayin.

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