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On 11/16/2014 at 6:26 PM, tooley1chris said:

My Alchemy and Artifice book should (hopefully ) be ready to post in a day or two.

In the mean time I've been working on my Mega-Dungeon. I'm going with RPtools Maptools for the mapping and will make it ready to use with that Virtual Table Top including NPC /Critter Tokens with MW stats attached to each token.

If any of you are looking for a VTT, I can't recommend Maptools more highly. What a powerful tool!


I've generated a (hopefully ) unique background for why the "dungeon " exists and I Hope you good people will tell me what you think and/or ideas you may have to make it even better.

The story is this: hundreds of years ago a convocation of Mentalists built a monastery atop one of the mountain ranges of the southern Copper Mountains, east of Carmenel Pass. They were nearly deified by a tribe of primitive humans living at the base of the mountains. One of these mentalists, a powerful Clairvoyant, had a premonition of a great calamity to take place. An extinction level event to happen within the next two generations. So strong is the vision that his brethren agree to a mighty task.

They enlist the humans living below to carve great chambers into the mountain.

The mentalists devise a power that causes creatures to enter a suspended animation of sorts. Turning them to living statues, locked in unmoving unaware stasis.

Creatures from all over what is now the Southern Reaches are brought in mated pairs, sometimes several pairs, and placed within the carved halls and natural caverns of their mountain. Here they wwould remain in stasis until the apocalyptic event passes and then be re-released to repopulate the World. A Noah's Arc, if you will.

The mentalists are a majority of Balance in Allegiance so, in order to maintain neutrality, they pick every type of creature that can reproduce. Humanoids and monster. Wildlife and magical beasts. Refusing to rule on what species lives and which do not, they pick indiscriminately. For nearly two hundred years the mountain is hollowed of rock and filled with the living statues of hundreds of different species. Then, when the foreseen time of troubles arrives, they seal up their ark, confident they will usher in the new world.

Like many doomsday prophesies the sun sets and rises on a new day. Then weeks. Months. A year passes and the world ending event never occurs.

Fighting breaks out among the brotherhood. Some becoming anxious to leave the false safety of the arc while others call for more and more patients. A disease starts to spread through the arc. Many die, causing civil strife. First harsh words, then fighting, then murders take place among them. The disease decimates the mentalists, turning their stone halls of hope into their tomb.

Now a couple hundred years later, the powerful enchantments that held the creatures of the Ark in stasis is waning. Hundreds of creatures are waking up in the dark tunnels... and they're hungry.

That sounds awesome. I love your work Chris, many thanks.

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