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Elf Bow Hero Quest

Erol of Backford

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Does anyone have suggestions for a hero quest linked to enhancing an elfbow? Maybe they gain a special seed that will grow into something other than the standard elf bow or something that would enhance an existing one with some special power?

If not, is there is a hero quest that could be adoted to be along these lines and if so what book would it be in?

Thank you in advance.

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If you want to have some fun, you could send them into the Elder Wilds of the Griffin Mountain supplement, there to search for the “Treetop Mountains” where is found the “peak where Shanassee was first planted, before he walked down slope and resettled himself and began his forest uncounted ages before.

So the Treetop Mountains could be considered the place of Shanassee’s youth, where he, uhm, discovered himself before venturing into the wide world.  A considerable amount of...pollen was left behind, something that the Aldryami consider to be of great power in their magicks.

Part of the fun is that the Treetop Mountains are not actually named on any map of the Gloranthaverse AFAIK, nor are the Treetop Mountains mentioned anywhere besides in Griffin Mountain.  Details on Shanassee are hard to come by as well.  So the GM has a lot of flexibility in where exactly to place their location (I’m thinking back behind Vivamort’s Castle in the Er’oring Wilds), as well as in what kind of things you could do with potent plant god pollen (like maybe grow or craft a self-healing, POW-dealing, matrix-weaving superbow).  Perhaps the Treetop Mountains are beyond the veil of time, so have to be heroquested to once their mundane world equivalent location is found.  Though frankly the journey there would itself have been a heroic quest.

Not sure how that might fit in with the Hero Wars, but could be a fun adventure

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I would imagine some quest back to the green age.

Where / When genert, aldrya or any elfic deity is fighting ennemy / plague / what you want. The god send the heroes to a dangerous mission

After some exploration, in a cave, or any dark part where green life is in danger, the bow is ill, but the group succeed to fine a solution

back to camp, the deity welcomes the heroes, happy for their success, but sad for the bow (after all there is a spirit inside it is not only wood)

The bow dies, and then is burried with the blessing of the divinity and its minions

But the power of growth is big in green age and a new little sprout appears.

Some dances around and hey here your new bow more powerful !

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7 hours ago, GMKen said:

Treetop Mountains

Maybe the Treetop Mountains (possibly the red arrow in clip below) are only visible from the top of Griffin Mountain far to the south somehow? The Eston Forest Great Tree is visible as well but (if its not really there in say 1605) its a specter, visible when looking from the top of Griffin Mountain?

Will look for any info on Shanassee as well. Not sure where Vivamort’s Castle is but I like the ideas!

Hero Quest for the pollen up a trail given by the elves of the Eston Forest which may be found and then utilized to fertilize the growth/rebirth of the elf bow...

7 hours ago, GMKen said:

beyond the veil of time

The journey up beyond the tree line and into the mist on the Treetop Mountains (maybe a trail up the mountain where the red arrow is) takes one to the other side and is where the pollen is found? The Bilini River runs through the High Woods which would have been Eston Forest? Does it pass the Eston Great Tree?

Eston: This forest was part of the Council of All Races of the Elder Wilds.

image.png.3e4819371886962031920a04e23cb395.png image.png.2f255cde4f8d0edda1260c23deacf5e2.png

Thank you both!

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High King Elf.

Or, the Aldryami Yelmalio.

Both are archers, and so you could go that way.

Personally, I might suggest you ask what you want to happen to the bow before you decide on the HQ. Because you want something appropriate. "Bow special powers"...??? Extra range? Auto Multimissile or Speedart on command? Recharging Sureshot? Or Arrow Trance? Or Chameleon? Or a bound allied spirit that has those spells? (these are apart from the obvious extra damage... Or a Legolas quiver that never runs out? Or a power to make all arrows fired from it hit spirits or other creatures with particular in/vulnerabilities (eg, acts like iron on trolls))


From those, you could decide which way you want your HQ to go.

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On 9/18/2022 at 6:04 PM, Erol of Backford said:

Does anyone have suggestions for a hero quest linked to enhancing an elfbow? Maybe they gain a special seed that will grow into something other than the standard elf bow or something that would enhance an existing one with some special power?

Aldryami almost certainly have HeroQuests for this.

They might be of several types:

  • HeroQuest for a power that you put on your current Elf Bow, but this is lost when you lose the Elf Bow, i.e. It is specific to your Elf Bow.
  • HeroQuest for a power that you store in something that you put on your current Elf Bow, but this can be moved to another Elf Bow when you change bows
  • HeroQuest for a power that you store in the seed from which your Elf Bow grows, so your current Elf Bow doesn't get it but new ones do
  • HeroQuest for a power that you store in the seed from which your Elf Bow grows, but your current Elf Bow also gets it, as it grew from that seed, and new bows also keep the power
  • HeroQuest for a power that affects you and your Elf Bow, so it affects whichever Elf Bow you have

There are, potentially, lots of ways to do this:

  • HeroQuest to Yelmalio to get a really powerful Sunripen effect that gives your bow some light magic
  • HeroQuest to Flamal to bump the power of your Elf Bow Seed
  • HeroQuest to High King Elf to make your Elf Bow better
  • Steal abilities from archer deities on a HeroQuest, so you might steal Multimissile from Golden Bow, Sureshot from Hunter, or whatever

Abilities gained could be varied and could stack with other abilities

  • Elf Bow can store more Magic Points (Maybe an extra 2D6)
  • Elf Bow becomes a Spirit Magic Matrix (Speedart, Multimissile, Light, Heal)
  • Elf Bow becomes awakened (3D6 INT, 3D6 CHA, Magic Points become POW)
  • Elf Bow regenerates any damage taken, at 1 HP per round
  • Elf Bow gains more Hit Points
  • Elf Bow puts Speedart, or Multimissile 1 on each arrow fired (Extra points gets you Multimissile 2, 3 and so on)
  • Elf Bow allows you to add your Missile Damage Bonus to the damage done, through a longer pull, stronger bow, or something
  • Elf Bow fires arrows that ignore vegetation cover Penalties
  • Elf Bow fires arrows that ignore Range penalties
  • Elf Bow fires arrows that do double penetrative damage against a certain kind of foe
  • Elf Bow fires arrows that do double penetrative damage to a particular Hit Location
  • Elf Bow fires arrows that never miss, impale, critical or fumble, they only do a Normal Success.
  • Elf Bow fires arrows that increase their Damage Rating by one level, so from Normal Success to Special Success, from Special Success to Critical Success and so on

If you gained the same ability more than once it becomes more powerful. So, Multimissile Matrix increases by a point per time, regeneration increases the amount healed, and so on.

How would the HeroQuest work? You go to a God Time event and replicate a Hero getting special bow magic or powers. You steal an ability from a Hero. You ask Aldrya/Flamal/Whoever for a boon for your bow, they only agree if you defeat their sworn enemy, or do something spectacularly heroic.



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Simon Phipp - Caldmore Chameleon - Wallowing in my elitism since 1982. Many Systems, One Family. Just a fanboy. 


Jonstown Compendium author. Find my contributions here

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16 hours ago, soltakss said:

Elf Bow becomes awakened (3D6 INT, 3D6 CHA, Magic Points become POW)

Bestiary p25 - the Elf Bow already has POW... they're not a "POW" storage crystal (which really needs a name change!) which only has MPs.

But, an awakened plant bow (with spells) makes a lot of sense.

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12 hours ago, Shiningbrow said:

awakened plant bow (with spells)

This sounds nice but adding that doesn't die by someone touching it? Maybe it only takes some damage? I always felt that was pretty harsh for any elf/part elf character.

Thinking on what Mr. Svensson said "We have two examples of Heroquesters who were successful in their quests and are described by RQG statistics: Queen Leika of the Colymar and Sarostip of Jonstown. Both of these worthies have legendary items in their possession, but both have inherent abilities granted by their questing." I like the inherent abilities as they cannot normally be stolen, used up or destroyed.

Thanks once again!

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Seems to me easier to get an allied spirit (aka a spirit existing in the god plan) bound into the bow than go on heroquest to awake the bow (aka a spirit from scratch born into the bow) *

When I say easier…. Well will you go in dangerous heroquest (as it is about weapon there should be  some fight or other dangerous situation) before you are rune master (and if you are rune master you probably get the allied spirit)

but that could be  an unexpected  benefit to hear your bow after the quest

you go to get some seed to save / renew the forest and you are so successful that your bow is blessed by the mother goddess. 


* i say that but I m not sure if, in glorantha spirits can be created or if there are here since the beginning

awaking an object = binding a spirit with a « past » ?


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You could add some interesting twists to this quest.

For example, the Hellwood elves would be able to provide some pretty interesting elf bow seeds, through their secret connection to chaos - maybe your character earns the gratitude of a Hellwood elf (rare!) and receives a rather special gift, or simply finds the bow by the body of a dead elf.

Another possibility, the Elves had a special connection to Nysalor in the First Age. Maybe somewhere out there in a distant part of the hero plane is the secret of building a bow which is associated with a special kind of light which does terrible harm to foes, especially trolls, as Nysalor used light to injure Kyger Litor at the Battle of Night and Day.

Both scenarios would lead to a bow which was terribly powerful, but metaphysically harmful, and could put all sorts of people on the trail of your PC - Hellwood elves who are furious at the leaking of their secret, and want to tie up a loose end, Lunars who want to learn the secret of creating a uniquely powerful bow, Storm bulls who sensed something bad in the woods, Trolls who want to find out who is using horrible magic to scorch and kill their friends, and make the corpses smell so bad they don't feel like eating them.

The solution of course is to destroy the bow, and get as far as possible from the pile of ash - but your PC would need to figure this out.




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An ability that sounds quite aldryami to me woudl be coating the arrows with a poison - probably wiht an MP cost to fuel it. The aldryamis are quite fonds of poisons - the Poisonwood aldryamis in Dorastor are probably the most experts at that game, but I'd expect any forest worth it's leaves to be able to concoct unpleasant surprises for their ennemies.

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