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Gloranthan Treasure from Gen Con


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My Great Treasure from GenCon was kinda personal.

I'm a long time Glorantha fan [played RQ2 and RQ3, had a hell of a time with HeroQuest], and I wanted the new edition the instant it was on sale. A friend of mine was going and I gave him the cash to buy one at the Chaosium table and I asked for signatures if he could get them.

He came home with the new edition with Jeff Richard's and Greg Stafford's autographs.

And then Greg passed away. :(

So that book is now part of my personal 'voodoo stuff' [keepsakes, memorials, that sort of thing]. My heirs will never understand it [I don't have children and my nieces and nephew just don't get gaming that isn't gambling or on a screen], but while I live that book is a treasure.


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I would contact them directly; a quick look-see doesn't find these coins on their website (yet). 

I would not expect them to monitor these forums, and Chaosium probably doesn't keep close tabs on every licensee who is still in pre-production ...

Also:  new expressions of customer interest is likely to raise these in the priority queue!   😎


C'es ne pas un .sig

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