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Moon Design Publications transfers ownership of the HeroQuest trademark to Hasbro

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It's worth bearing in mind that we have never been able to get the HeroQuest entry on Wikipedia, because Wikipedia regards the boardgame as what everyone knows the brand applies to. That brand confusion is not a great position for us.

If we change the generic name to QuestWorlds then, because outside of Glorantha our use of HeroQuest has no brand recognition, we are faced with the question of what to do with HeroQuest Glorantha.

It remains likely that we will want to bring QuestWorlds players to Glorantha to grow our numbers, over bringing existing BRP Glorantha fans to QuestWorlds. They have RQG and it's going to be a low number that look over the fence to see what their neighbour is up to. So I don't think the HeroQuest branding really helps us grow our base. Better to bring them via QuestWorlds to Glorantha. And that means the brand identity works in our favour. "Oh look another QuestWorlds genre pack. Oh and it is set in the world of Glorantha that I heard about," is more likely than "HeroQuest is just another name for QuestWorlds, and not the MB boardgame, so I will pick that up."



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So if I read this correctly, HeroQuest Glorantha will be republished (and possibly re-worked) as QuestWorld Glorantha?

Similar approach for The Coming Storm and The Eleven Lights?

What about Sartar:Kingdom of Heroes, the Sartar Companion and Pavis:Gateway to Adventure?

Or is it more likely, that the PDFs of these product will be moved the HeroQuest and Glorantha Vault, and only new Glorantha products for QuestWorlds will get the new brand?

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On 9/23/2020 at 12:32 AM, David Scott said:

Many companies trademark a word for branding purposes, but it doesn't stop anyone from using the word in a sentence. Think Amazon, apple, coke (a form of coal), etc. You copyright intellectual or creative works not single words.

Famously, DC Comics hold a trademark for "Death".

(Slightly less well-known, DC and Marvel hold a joint trademark for "super-hero", which actually does have consequences when other companies are forced to use terms like "meta-human" or suchlike.)

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