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Magic, not Sorcery, supplements

Mark Mohrfield

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There are multiple power systems in BRP: "Magic" (that's the name), Sorcery, Psionic, Mutation, Superpower

Sorcery seems to be the most popular by virtue of being the single magic system found in the more popular franchise: Magic World (and Moorcock or something).

That said Magic and Sorcery are relatively similar (compare to the other 2).

Personally I like "Magic" more. But I somewhat dislike all D100 magic system, because how they majorly skew power in the hand of wizard right of the character creation phase (as long as one pick any reasonable spell they want). This is the one thing that bother me, not entirely sure yet how to solve it. Though I have some ideas! 🙂 

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On 1/25/2023 at 10:41 PM, Mark Mohrfield said:

Just out of idle curiosity (I’m not running any games right now) are there any BRP supplements that use the Magic system from page 89 of the Big Gold Bookmas as  opposed to the Sorcery system from page from page 122?

Well, there's the original Magic World frolm 1981 Worlds of Wonder, but it's the booklet in which the system was originally published. But I don't know any BRP supplement that uses it.

But, to be honest, the BGB is more a collection of systems that were used prior to its publication than a collection of systems that were used in games after it was published.

Drakkar och Demoner is said yo be based on that original Magic World, so I guess it can count as a game that uses that system.

French game BaSIC, which is a variant of BRP, uses it as the basis of its magic system. 

It also depends on whether you consider that RuneQuest 3 "Sorcery" is just an expanded version of this "Magic" system or not. Then RQ3, RQG use it, and games like Mythras or OpenQuest use modified versions.

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